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Passing the torch

Posted on Sun Sep 8th, 2019 @ 6:53am by Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant Yasmin Cortez

Mission: Death in Paradise
Location: Chief of Operations Office
Timeline: after "New Day at Midnight"

After his meeting with Nyx and now taking the chance to complete some of his duties before attending the dinner and then taking some leave, Owen realised that it had been quite some time since he'd taken a tour of the ship whilst it was quiet.

The recent missions had tested both ship and crew and Owen could tell be the looks on the faces of the various officers he passed in the corridors that there was a sense of relief. Something that was very welcome on board.

His recent paperwork had included the addition of a new Chief Operations Officer who transferred on board. Owen was very fond of his first tour on board the Pandora as Chief of Operations and glad of the chance to be back on board for another tour. Having a full-time officer on board would ease the workload on both he and Nyx, so Owen made sure he wandered by her office.

Having completed the necessary formalities expected of a new joiner to the ship and crew, Yas found herself in her office busily studying the PADD of work the Captain had so kindly given her. She had no problems with getting right to work, on the contrary, she loved it, but it seemed like the picture of her first day from her trip on the Palatine to the reality of being in the position now, were different. She supposed it was one of the classic clichés where the reality trumped the dream. Still, at least the reality confirmed this ship and crew were perfect fit for her given the adventures only recently that she learned off. What else could this ship and crew possibly get up to that could top that?

As he rounded the corner of the corridor, Owen smiled as he found his old office. He came to a halt as he pressed the door chime.

"Enter." Yas really hoped this wasn't the Captain, all due respect, coming with more work.

Owen made his way into the office and could see that the new Lieutenant was already into her workload. He knew that Nyx had a list a mile long and more waiting whilst the Pandora made her way back to Federation territory.

"Greetings, Lieutenant, I'm Commander Owen Nash," he said as he introduced himself. "Executive Officer. I understand you're our latest Chief Of Operations... I thought I would drop by." Owen made sure he didn't look too imposing to the crews newest addition, knowing how bad an impression it could make.

Yas observed the man, the officer who entered her office and she smiled when his introduction revealed who he was. She put down the PADD of work she was accessing and moved around her desk and extended her hand to address her superior and also make a good first impression; "Lieutenant Yasmin Cortez."

"Its a pleasure to meet you, lieutenant," Owen answered as he shook her hand. "Its also good to see that that this office has a new more permanent occupant now as well... Its been a while since I was sat in that chair and occupying this office."

Seeing the slightly confused look on her face, Owen decided to explain further. "This is my second tour on board the Pandora. I was the original Chief Of Operations when she was launched several years back under Commodore Merith. Back then I was a Lieutenant and still learning the ways of how a Luna Class starship worked." He stopped for a moment. "When the chance came up to serve on board again, I couldn't turn it down, except now I'm the XO."

"I see, guess that means this ship has a lot of memories for you Commander. I hope good ones more than bad?" Yas always liked to hear little briefs on her new colleagues because it allowed her at this early stage to build some basis of rapport with them. She also knew that this ship had some bad times recently, and given the Commander just revealed his length of time, twice serving, he seemed the most informed individual she had met yet.

Owen smiled as he took a seat opposite her desk. "There are always good times and bad when you serve on board any starship, that's a given," he started. "I take my victories where I can, as I have done through my career in Starfleet. The Pandora is home for me and I have many good memories here."

"However, I can say that the crew has been through a rough time recently and that its good to see we're heading back to Federation territory and hopefully some normality. We've seen some things out here in the Expanse." Seeing the PADD on her desk, he did smile. "It already looks like the Captain has given you a long list of work that will require completion once we're back in friendly space. If you need anything, please let me know."

"I will do sir, thank you." Yas didn't mind the offer of support and it was rather refreshing to her a visit in person by her new XO. This assignment was so far not a bad one and she couldn't hide the fact she was eager to crack on and get this ship squared away for its next mission. However Yas was still trying to make peace with the rather spectacular events she had recently been updated on. "The Captain did mention a few things about the recent events in the Expanse. I have to admit sir that I find them...shocking."

Owen nodded in response. "Its not been an easy time out here in the Expanse. The Pandora has been on the... Has been the frontline of exploration for Starfleet and we've had some difficult missions recently," he explained.

"We've gone from making allies to making enemies out here as well as coming across strange phenomena that caused a Bubble Universe to created which affected a large number of the crew...and still does in some cases," he said, pausing for a moment. "However I can say that you have joined one of Starfleets strongest & steadfast crews. You can never say that its boring here..."

"Thank you for saying sir, I definitely feel like I won't be without excitement, if not work." Yas smirked and gestured to her PADD on the desk. It wasn't a moan or anything like that, just a friendly like comment at how interesting things had been lately. She knew this crew must have been a solid and reliable bunch to go through a murder and then an attack without any visible signs of it eating away at them. "Any advice for a new Ops officer?"

Owen smiled as he knew what he was going to say already. "Always be prepared for anything and remember that you are a Starfleet officer. Miracles are your pine of work," he told Yas. "I was once told that by a former Captain and its stayed true, at least for me, ever since."

"Well, I don't want to hold you up any longer, I can see that you have plenty to be getting on with," he said as he got up from his seat. He could see that Yas was raring to go and he knew that the Operations department was in good hands from now.

“Thank you sir, and for the advice as well.” Yas replied with a smile. She knew her job but little pieces of advice like that were priceless, especially when trying to find even footing onboard a new ship. She stood at a matching stance to her superior.

Owen nodded as he made his way out of the Operations Office and headed off towards the Security Office, happy that Yas was capable in her duties already and knowing that he needed to have a chat with Lt. Griffin...


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