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The time has come

Posted on Sat Aug 10th, 2019 @ 3:14pm by Commander Owen Nash
Edited on on Sat Aug 10th, 2019 @ 3:45pm

Mission: Death in Paradise
Location: XO's Office
Timeline: En route to Carwennan station

With the Pandora headed back to Federation Territory and his workload up to date, Owen had taken the chance to enjoy a quiet few moments in his office after recent events. Pandora's recent missions had taken its toll on the crew whilst they had explored deeper into the Inconnu Expanse and this had also presented its own challenges.

With the Luna Class starship on its way back to friendly territory, Owen decided to take the time to put one matter to rest that had been playing on his mind. Whilst he was still unsure of Janet's whereabouts within SCIS, he was certain of one thing: With Krys and James now married and the celebrations winding down, it was time to resolve a matter that needed closure.

It was time to introduce Krys to her Father, the man who had not known for many years that he had another child out in the big wide cosmos, in fact, another child that was also serving in Starfleet.

Owen knew that after his many years of heartache after the loss of his wife and Owen's mother, his father Andrew had started to become a little less concerned about family and more about his twilight years as a Starfleet Captain. His concern for his son was still there, but Owen had noticed subtle changes in his father each time they spoke. Taking a sip of his tea, Owen keyed in the secure comm channel that he and his father had been using since the Pandora had been out in the Inconnu Expanse.

Owen smiled when he saw the acceptance of the message and then saw his fathers face appear on the monitor before him.

"Owen, is that you? how are you? are you well??" Andrew Nash asked with a very concerned tone. He was happy to see his son but also worried as they hadn't talked in a long while. Pandora's time in the Expanse had meant that they were virtually cut off at times.

"I'm fine, Dad, I wanted to check in with you and see how you were," he replied.

"Worried to the blue blazes of hell is how I've been!" Captain Nash answered and it was clear to Owen his dad needed some reassurance on the matter of his safety.

"Look, I'm sorry I haven't been in touch of late. The Pandora has been on some sensitive missions that have kept us out of comm range with Starfleet unless we have absolutely had to get in touch. We've often been on radio silence at times due to the nature of things out there. Needless to say, I'm fine," Owen explained.

He saw his father relax on the monitor. "Well thank god for that! I even got in touch with Tobias Rao to see what was happening, but he's been sworn to silence on the activities of the Pandora as well. I don't know what's happening out there, but I'm glad you're okay." The relief on the older Starfleet officers face was clear as he knew his son was aright.

"So, what can I do for you? I'll admit I wasn't expecting a call from you. Is everything ok?"

Owen sat up squarely before approaching his next subject. "It is and also it isn't. Several months back, we took on some new crew before heading further into the Expanse and one of the officers was an Operations transfer who had requested to serve on board. Her name is Krysia Kaleri. She's currently our Chief Counselor on board."

"Very well, its great to hear that you've had new crew taken on, its always good to have fresh faces on board and also a good rotation, but Captin Temple is fully aware of this," said Andrew. "What does this have to do with me? Do you have an issue with this Krysia Kaleri? If so, you really should take this up with your Captain Owen," he father explained.

"Ok, I'll take the direct route," Owen said. "Sometime ago, can you confirm that you were on Drax Prime for me?"

Andrew sat back for a moment. "Well yes I was, The Maiden was there towards the end of the War on a Diplomatic mission for the Federation to open ties with the Drax peoples. What does this have to do this Krysia Kaleri again?" asked the older Nash.

Owen sat forward. "Krysia is the daughter of the Drax Ambassador Marina Kaleri who came aboard the Maiden during that mission. She claims to be my stepsister and also your stepdaughter. Krysia explained to me when she came aboard about the telepathic bond that Marina shared with you..." Owen paused for a moment as he saw a sudden dawning of the light on his fathers face.

"My god... Marina... My god, I remember now..." he said, his voice trailing off as he recalled the memories of that trip. "She was such a special woman, it felt like we clicked straight away. She made me feel at ease and also helped me to reconcile my guilt over losing your mother..." Andrew explained. A small smile appeared on his face.

"We spent one night together, having dinner and getting to know each other. I fell for her Own in a very big way, however, her duties as Drax Ambassador and my own as a Starfleet Captain in charge of a vessel with Exploration as its mandate mean that we were never able to get in contact again..." Andrew paused. "Does this mean what I think it means?" he said, leaning forward to the monitor on his side.

Owen nodded. "Yes it does. Natasha and I have a stepsister and you have a stepdaughter in your life now. She's eager to meet you too," he explained. "We're on our way back to Federation space after our most recent mission, it will be good to get back within the safety of their borders to be honest."

"I want to meet her Owen, do you think that Captain Temple will spare you some time off to do that?" Andrew asked him. Owen's smile grew further as his father made the request before he could. "If need be I can send him a request to spare you some time away."

"Leave it with me. We're due to be at Carwennan station within the next few weeks, I'll get this sorted with the Captain..." Owen replied. "It will be good to see you again Dad."

"You too. Bring our newest family member safely to the station, we have some catching up to do," Andrew said, before wishing his son his best and closing off the channel. Owen sat back and smiled as he realised that just for one, there was some good in the Universe and that his family would be a part of that good feeling. He sat back for a moment to take in the call before starting to prepare Krys for the news and how he would break this to Nyx...


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