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Objects in Space

Posted on Mon Feb 5th, 2018 @ 4:22am by Lieutenant Kalin 'Shae' Brennan-Griffin PhD

Mission: Into The Wild


Many Officers took for granted just how much space was out there, or just how dangerous it was. But floating through space as Shae was now, she could truly appreciate the depth and beauty of the inky black that surrounded her. And looking back at the Pandora as it grew smaller, then to the Carnage as it grew larger, it lent a manner of introspection to the Chameloid woman, about who she was and what she was doing; perspective, that's all it was, and seeing these ships through such a naked view, just objects in space, helped to put it all in perspective. This was simply who she was, a woman of the stars playing one of many roles, but in the end she would always be Shae.

As she neared her landing point, Shae put away her thoughtful introspection and focused on her task. She was coming in a little steep and hot, so she fired off the maneuvering thrusters to correct her trajectory so she wouldn't simply glance off the tip of the spike. She really didn't have much to work with, but Fick had done his job well and given her the best possible chances of success, so now it was up to her. She reached out her arms, breath held for the long moment as she glided closer and closer... Then she made contact with the spike protruding through the shields, and quickly she grabbed hold, pulling herself in so her boots could make contact and magnetize. When she felt her boots sticking to the metal plating, she finally released the breath she had been holding, savoring the rush for a moment before finally standing. She took one last moment to look back at the Pandora; oh, she was a beautiful ship outlined by the stars as she was...

Shae finally turned her attention to the shield she had to pass through; it was barely visible, just a slight shimmer dancing several meters before her. Checking the tricorder-like unit built into the interface on the arm of her suit, she began to scan the hull's polarity as she walked closer to this shimmering barrier. After many attempted permutations to match the polarity with her suit, she finally reached the barrier and once again she held her breath in the hopes that she was close enough to the frequency to pass through unharmed. She started first with one hand, and while she met some resistance, it didn't seem to be causing any damage. Releasing a sigh of relief, she continued her trek forward; walking in this suit was already like treading through mud, but the barrier made it nigh impossible! Were it not for her strength, Shae doubted that she would have been able to make it through! Perhaps if she had more time to match the shield's frequency as well it wouldn't have been so tough, but time was something she had very little of.

Once through the shield, Shae activate her beacon to alert the Pandora that she had made her landing and was now safely inside the shield, but the beacon chimed with an error, unable to send the signal back to the Pandora. For a moment, Shae pondered if she should try to exit the shield and resend the signal, but she reminded herself that time was a precious resource and she would just have to trust Cailus to do what he felt was right. So she continued forward, looking around to find a point of entry. Her eyes fell upon a maintenance hatch, and she demagnetized her boots and launched herself towards the hatch, turning mid-flight and magnetizing her boots just as she made contact with the Carnage's hull. Now to get a look at the access panel to see what kind of security she would need to override...

Had Shae not been so intensely focused, she would have laughed at how pitiful the Carnage's security was; add to that, someone had let loose a virus, and she was able to easily exploit it to open the hatch. Opening the hatch and peering inside, Shae saw that it had an airlock system, but on the other side she took notice that she was not alone. There were a couple of Ravagers on the other side of the airlock doors, but they had yet to notice her. Once they took notice, they could easily lock her out, but she had a better idea; reaching onto her utility belt, Shae retrieved an explosive device and tossed it into the chamber, then backed away from the hatch.

3.... 2.... 1!

In the vacuum of space, Shae heard no sound, but she did register a bit of a thump under her feet as the explosive detonated taking out the airlock door, and then the atmosphere vented, sending the two Ravagers out into space. She waved to them as they floated away, then she carefully climbed into the hatch and sealed it behind her. As the compartment pressurized, Shae readjusted to the orientation of the ship's gravity, then her suit alerted her that it was safe. She didn't take the suit off right away, she needed to get out of this room quickly in case anyone responded to the explosion, so she opened the door which led into a hallway. Quickly checking that the corridor was clear, she spied another door just adjacent to the room she was in now, so she made a run for it. The room was not empty, but a quick draw of her phaser and the surprised Ravagers were unconscious on the floor. Shae didn't like phasers, but there was no way she was able to use her weapon of choice in this bulky suit! She got out of her suit as quickly as she could, revealing that instead of her uniform she wore a stretchy body suit with a leather vest around her torso. Inside that vest she carried and assortment of 'things' she might need to help her help the team, and she started with zip ties, pulling a pair out of the back of her vest. She disarmed the Ravagers she had disabled, then secured their hands together behind their backs, stowing the men and her EV suit in a compartment where they would not be immediately seen if someone came around to check this room.

Once again, Shae peeked out into the hall. Some men were investigating the hatch she had entered through, but had yet to look her way, so carefully she exited the room and continued down the hall and did what she could do like no other:



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