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The Gates of Hell

Posted on Thu Feb 1st, 2018 @ 4:39am by Captain Nycolas Temple & Balek The Butcher & Lieutenant James Smith & Tisar Zemel

Mission: Into The Wild
Location: The Carnage


There was an intense silence within the cabin of the Ravager Scout as it slowly approached the Carnage. The Pandora had made off in the distance and now the undercover team were completely on their own. Closer and closer the Scout approached the Ravager command ship, and every metre of space they crossed was another step closer to being completely obliterated by the Carnage if they discovered the Scout was not filled with their fellow pirates, but instead a team of Starfleet officers on their way to take Balek out of action. If they could convince the Carnage they were pirates, they would be let onboard and the plan could proceed. If not, they were about to be another pile of space debris.

As the Scout approached the nearest possible proximity to the Carnage, on queue the Ravager vessel sent a signal to the Scout. Sitting in the second helm seat next to Tisar, Nyx eyed the flashing light with a nervous glare.

"You're up." He said quietly, placing a firm hand on the Cardassian's shoulder.

Tisar took a deep breath and switched open the comm channel.

"WHO IS THIS!" Balek screamed so loud he probably didn't even need the subspace comms.

Tisar winced at the volume, but kept on. "Your Majesty, this is Tisar," he said calmly. "My ship was knocked out of attack by the planetary defenses, but this scout found me and brought me back. Permission to come aboard?" He made a face. He was glad that their communications weren't visual. He muted the comm channel. "Is there anything I should add Captain?"

"The less detail the better," Nyx replied softly. He looked back to the panel and frowned. "He seems charming."

"TISAR!" Balek came through once more. "I thought you were dead. This Scout was rescuing you, huh? It was supposed to come through the nebula. Where is Gav'Roche? He must answer to his insubordination!"

Tisar nodded to Nyx. "Yes, he's lovely. Just the kind to take home to mother." He flipped the comm back on. "I thought I was dead too, sir. I have no idea where Gav'Roche is. It was not my day to babysit him."

After a long pause there was a deep laugh from the other side of the comms, and Balek replied, “See, I knew this mission would make a pirate out of you Tisar. There may be hope left.” And without bothering to take himself off the open channel he yelled to his Bridge, “OPEN THE GATES!”

“See you soon.” Balek smirked as he finally switched off.

Smith smiled once the channel was closed and said, “Remember to stay in character, one wrong move could be disastrous. Once docked the shuttle's computers should automatically link with the Carnage and upload a little surprise.” Looking around the ship you could almost cut the tension with a knife.

Nyx gave the Chief of Intelligence a firm nod, "Good work, Smithy. We may need it if we're going to get down that corridor again."

As the Scout turned around to the port side of the Carnage, the Shuttle Bay doors were slowly opening. Like everything else hastily welded together by the Ravagers, the doors seemed to be made from several different pieces of thick metal of multiple origins; each panel was a different colour and one had half of a Cardassian ship’s marking on it. Despite this they slowly opened and the Scout entered into the Carnage without incident.

Nyx leaned over the console to peer out of the forward window as the Scout passed into the Carnage, trying to take in the sights as one would do when being entering the belly of the beast. The Scout travelled down a long corridor of exposed pipes and cables, as the Carnage’s landing bay appeared to be in the very centre of the vessel. There was something intentional about this, as if Balek intended to give any new arrivals a lengthy and anxious wait before finally touching down.

As they continued down the corridor, a mechanical arm appeared on a track running down the left wall. It rotated around and suddenly the entire cabin of the Scout was flooded with a bright spotlight.

Tisar looked over at Nyx. "It all makes me a little ill," he said softly.

"Me too." Nyx replied before he stood up and raised his middle finger to the light and suddenly it turned off and folded away. Nyx shrugged, "I felt like it was something a Ravager would do."

Tisar chuckled. "Yes, yes it is. Just remember that it's Your Majesty and not Captain. He seems to think that is more complimentary and don't argue with him," he warned.

Nyx nodded to him, "Good idea."

After a few more minutes the Scout came towards a large metal grate with "LAND HERE" roughly painted on in misshapen letters. The Scout settled down onto the pad without much fanfare. As the craft powered down, Nyx turned to the others and took a deep breath again.

"No turning back now," he said gravely. "Remember to stick to your characters and don't be afraid to unleash your inner Ravager. The more convincing we are, the better."

Tisar nodded a took a deep breath. "Back into the lion's den..." he said softly.

Smith nodded and readjusted a couple of crud shaped swords that were strapped to his back, he missed his other weapons but these would do enough damage if necessary. Smith enjoyed undercover missions and was happy that Nyx was along. They had been on several undercover missions together and always seemed to come out unscathed for the most part.

"Let's go." Nyx replied as he stood.

The Scout's boarding hatch opened and the team slowly made their way onto the Carnage. Nyx had two phasers strapped to the inside of his ridiculous jacket and he was fighting every urge he had to reach for them. The landing zone was completely deserted, and Nyx wasn't sure whether that was a good sign or not. There was only one exit from the area - a single large metal door and no sooner had the team approached, it opened suddenly. The Carnage's chief pilot Dekker appeared, a short scowling Kzinti male with particularly sharp fangs on display, and he gave the group a quick glance over.

"Tisar? The Butcher wants you." Dekker huffed, looking at the Cardassian and the others with a superior sneer. Dekker was used to being in the Bridge with Balek, and thus looked down at the lesser Ravagers. It was a very small pecking order on the ship, and in truth Balek cared just as little about all of those below him, but to Dekker he was still more important.

"Were you expecting other company?" Tisar looked around sarcastically at the shuttle bay. "Alright. I would like to introduce him to our friends here." He gestured to the group with him. He had already stopped thinking of them as Federation.

"Just you." Dekker sighed. "Balek wants the others to remain here. We've picked up the Federation ship again on long range scans and we're going hunting."

A chill passed through Nyx and he twitched his neck nervously. The Ravagers had detected the Pandora and although he was confident their ship could defend themselves, it only added more urgency to their plans.

For a moment, Tisar thought he might blow everything in bright colors down the front of what passed for Dekker's uniform. Had they spotted the Pandora afterall? Was this plan even going to work? What was he supposed to say to Balek? Then he took a deep breath and wondered when he'd gone soft. "Alright. Just me then. Not even one friend?" The question was more to annoy Dekker and deflect his own nervousness.

"Yesss, why don't I go back and just question The Butcher's orders, shall I?" Dekker scoffed, pointing a clawed finger at the Cardassian. "Do you want to see my head mounted on Balek's wall." The Kzinti paused and ran a tongue over his fangs. "Maybe you do, Spoon face? Maybe you want to pilot the Carnage?"

Tisar scoffed. "Maybe I do, fuzzy."

Sensing the Ravager was getting increasingly agitated and moving closer to Tisar, Nyx stepped forward suddenly. His size loomed over the Kzinti with a fierce dominance. "I want to see Balek. He wanted to know what happened to Gav'Roche and I will tell him."

Dekker recoiled slightly, his nose and whiskers twitching as he studied Nyx's face. "Who are you to seek an audience with his Majesty? I have not seen you before."

Nyx retrieved his phaser from his pocket and menacingly waved it in front of Dekker's face. "I killed Gav'Roche for his treachery. And I will do the same to you if you don't let me see Balek."

The Kzinti gave a low guttural hiss before taking a step back. "Fine. But it was my idea to let you come. The others must stay."

With this, Dekker sauntered out of the room, mumbling something to himself. Nyx sheathed the phaser in to his jacket once more and let out a deep sigh. He turned back to the Security Team and nodded, "Wait until we're clear and find your way to their Engineering. You have to stop this ship from reaching the Pandora, meanwhile Tisar and I will distract Balek. We will await your signal and take the Bridge."

Tisar watched Dekker go. "Sorry, sir. Can't back down now. We must follow him. The Butcher is not a patient... man."

"So far so good." Nyx remarked to him as the two exited. "Let's just hope the Butcher falls for this too."



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