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Giant Leaps

Posted on Sat Jan 20th, 2018 @ 5:14am by Captain Nycolas Temple & Lieutenant Mindo & Chief Petty Officer James Frost

Mission: Into The Wild
Location: Shuttle Bay


Starfleet was getting more and more used to sending new crew members to the Pandora via high speed shuttles. Given the ship’s remote location and infrequent contact with Federation outposts, these arrivals were becoming like regular people deliveries. And so, no one was surprised to receive word that another new crew member was due to arrive as the Pandora returned to the dark matter nebula.

As the transporter landed gently on the floor of the Pandora’s Shuttle Bay and powered down, the ground crew waited in anticipation to see who would be joining the ship today.

Frost had been sleeping in the copilot chair of the shuttle when the sensor panel beeped to let him know he’d arrived at his destination.

The sound started him awake and for a moment he was unsure of where he was. Panic gripped its way into his chest and started to constrict his breathing when suddenly a warm weight pressed down gently on he left leg.

He looked down to where Rosie was resting her head on his leg and looking at him with slight concern on her face.

He patted the black poodles curly haired head and whispered “it’s ok girl. Thank you”

Then he looked out the window and watched as the shuttle bay to his new posting grew closer and closer.

Mindo arrived in the shuttle bay just on time to watch the shuttle set down. He stood beside Captain Nyx and the security team. Just in case, he had brought a tool belt. He was only now aware he fit the stereotypical description of a starship engineer.

Looking up at Nyx, Mindo asked, "What exactly am I doing here, sir? Is the shuttle broken?"

“Protocol, I believe. NCO Chief Of Boats generally report to Engineering or Ops and you were the lucky chosen one.” Nyx replied nonchalantly. “But now that you mention it, the Shuttle could do with a once over before we send it back to Carnwennan Station.”

“She pulls a little to the Starboard when coming out of warp,” Frost said as he stepped out of the shuttle. “I took a look at the nav system between naps. She’s going to need a full system overhaul.”

He whistled and Rosie ran down the ramp behind him and sat patiently at his heel.

“Captain,” Frost nodded politely once he noticed who was waiting with the engineer. “I wasn’t expecting to see you in the shuttle bay. I was planning on checking out engineering and a quick tour of the ship before I came to see you.”

Frost reached out to shake the Engineer and Captains hands. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m excited to be back in the uniform.”

Nyx smiled down at the gorgeous black dog that had accompanied Frost, and his every urge was to kneel down and give her the most loving belly rubs he possibly could. But he had to remind himself that he was a Captain, on duty, and Rosie was a service dog, so that would have been entirely inappropriate.

“I can imagine,” Nyx replied knowingly, as he instead shook the man’s hand. “We won’t have much time for a tour, I’m afraid. It’s all hands on deck at the moment, hence why I’ve met you here myself.”

“Ah.” Frost replied. “Crap.”

He pointed to the Engineer in front of him. “You. Beer later? Talk shop?”

"Sure," replied Mindo. "I'm Lieutenant Mindo, by the way." He hovered up to Frost's height and extended a hand.

“Good to meet you Mindo!” Frost shook the outstretched hand and then turned to the Captain, guesturing towards the corridor.

“Sir if you could lead the way and fill me in on our current situation I’d be much obliged.” Frost made a face. “I wasn’t told much about your mission. Only that you needed a Coxwain and that with my bumpy record I shouldn’t ask questions and take what I can get yadda yadda yadda....”

Nyx nodded with a slight smile, "Bumpy records are our speciality."

He indicated with his arm for them to start walking, or floating in Mindo's case, and proceeded towards the exit. "We are currently on stand-by patrolling the area for Ravagers. We have captured one of their scouts and we are trying to prevent them from finding a nearby secluded planet, Salvaxe. Luckily, we have a dark matter nebula blocking the Ravagers from getting through. That's the good news."

James raised an eyebrow. “Well that’s..... good.”

Nyx continued, "We initially travelled through the nebula in order to escape detection from the Ravagers, but it took a lot out of us. We are awaiting contact with the USS Palatine to help us but they are going the long way round. Until then, our energy supplies are being rationed to ensure Shields and Warp Drive is fully powered at all times, however obviously that puts a strain on other operations. It will be up to you to keep our limited resources organised and functional as best we can. Your priority will be ensuring that Engineering has everything they need."

Mindo smiled. "We'll try to go easy on you."

Frost grinned. “Kid I know a lot about engines. I was pride of the SCE back in my officer days. So don’t be afraid to ask me for help.”

He turned to the Captain. “In the meantime I guess we should head to the bridge. Try to hit the ground running.”

Nyx frowned, "Kid?" He wondered if Mindo would appreciate that nickname or not.

"Help?" said Mindo, more offended by the implication that he would need it.

"We're heading to deck three," Nyx explained as they arrived in the Turbo Lift. "Because on further good news, our Chief of Ops-slash-XO is now on an away mission to Salvaxe, so I will need you to get straight to work helping out Ops."

Nyx looked to the new officer with a slightly apologetic grin, "I'm sorry the introductions will have to be so brief. You're not so much taking a small step back into active duty, but a giant leap. But when all the dust has settled, we'll get you properly acquainted with the ship."

He slapped the Chief of Boat on the shoulder reassuringly, "Welcome to the Pandora."



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