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Making A Beginning

Posted on Sat Jan 20th, 2018 @ 5:23am by Captain Nycolas Temple & Tisar Zemel

Mission: Into The Wild
Location: Deck 5 - Recreation Facilities

Tisar was still feeling a little awkward about being a Ravager and now being on a Starfleet vessel. Of course, his own personal loyalties had never changed despite the time he had spent amongst the Ravagers. He had been a loyal Cardassian soldier and now he was a loyal member of the Federation. The Ravager experience was not a change in loyalties. It had been a fight for survival, but explaining that to an entire crew was not really possible and he still got dirty looks in the hallways and mess halls. Not that he complained. He understood their lack of knowledge about who Tisar was as a person and not just someone who had stepped off a Ravager ship.

One man had seen beyond all of that and had consistently treated him with kindness. Captain Nycolas Temple. Tisar had been both relieved and impressed that the Captain had been so understanding. Not that Tisar's story was unbelievable or unconfirmable, but the Captain had not been obligated to listen or check and yet he had done both. Tisar felt, for the first time in a long time, that he could trust this Captain. Having served years as a military man he recognized something about Captain Temple that he wasn't sure a man without his experience could appreciate. Temple was the kind of leader that a soldier could place his faith in and follow to the ends of the universe and beyond. It wasn't often that a leader could inspire these feelings in their men, much less often that it could be recognized across species, but Tisar could feel that Nycolas was one of these leaders.

He was certain that the Captain had also noticed the tension between Tisar and the crew. It wasn't all of them, just a few and none of it had escalated into anything more then exchanged looks, but that sort of tension was often palpable to people sensitive to it. Tisar had been hiding in his room a little, to avoid any sort of upset he might be causing. So when the Captain showed up at his door with an offer of a tour of the ship, Tisar, of course, agreed. It might help his reputation to be seen freely strolling with Nyx. It was also very welcome company.

Nyx didn’t do anything by accident. He was aware that the crew had misgivings about the Ravager turned ally, and while he was disappointed that members of the Pandora crew hadn’t been entirely welcoming to Tisar, he could understand why. For the past few years, all of the Federation had been hearing about the growing threat of the Ravagers. They knew about the hunting parties, the swarm attacks on civilian vessels, the horrible things that were done to prisoners, and the loss of Deep Space 7.

It would take time for everyone to entirely warm to Tisar, but Nyx just wanted them to see the man that he had seen in that Brig on the first day they had met. A man that had endured the worst of the Ravager’s abuse, a man who likely believed he would die on the Carnage, and yet also a man without rage or menace. A resilient strength that was nothing short of inspiring, somehow he found the power to endure and survive. Nyx wanted everyone to know this, and so taking a stroll around Deck 5 was of course intentional.

“This is the Luna Eclipse.” Nyx commented as they passed the lounge. “The view is amazing in there, and there may even be a bottle or two of kanar behind the bar.”

Tisar raised his eyeridges and smiled a little, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "It's been a long time since I had kanar. Terrible smell, but the flavor..." He had a look of nostalgia on his face when he turned his gaze back to Nyx. "This is a very big and amazing ship, Captain. Is this whole ring filled with places like this?" Tisar asked, indicating the bar.

"Yeah," Nyx replied with a casual smile, "There are different stores, cafes, holodecks. It's not normal for Starfleet ships to have facilities like these, but given we are going on a long term mission, it was thought that it might help with crew morale. A little piece of home for everybody."

Tisar stopped in front of an empty shop. The gate was pulled down and locked, but they could still see inside. "Good for crew morale," he repeated. He laced his fingers through the slotting in the gate and tried to peer into the darkness of the shop. "What was in here?" he asked. The Pandora was everything Tisar had been looking for when he started his journey almost a year ago. He had put in an application to serve as a shopkeeper for a ship just like this one. He wasn't exactly sure that it wasn't this one. His application had been approved and he was just awaiting the arrival of the right ship. He had been travelling to purchase some merchandise when the Ravagers had attacked. Of course all that merchandise was lost now, but that didn't mean he couldn't rebuild.

Nyx stood back and watched the man peering into the empty shop space, a smile on his face. "We left port with a couple of vacant properties so that we could adapt the district as we went, depending on what the crew needed. And in case we came across a merchant in the Expanse who we could bring on board." He paused, the smile growing. "Someone like you, Tisar."

Tisar twitched and turned his head around to look at the grinning Captain. "Me?" he questioned, as if he hadn't just had a similar thought. He looked back into the empty shop, his mind a blur of thoughts. He had no stock, it would take him months to replace everything that he had lost, but it could be done. He had already accepted that he would probably be returned to Earth where he would start over again, but this was a much better option and he believed that the Pandora crew might benefit from some music in their lives. He turned his gaze back to his astounding companion with a distinctively Cardassian tilt to his chin. "Do you think you could make that happen, perchance?" There was a little surge of hope in his chest when he asked the question.

Nyx nodded, “We have an industrial replicator in Engineering, it could be enough to get you started. We can’t use it just now but once we’re out of trouble with the Ravagers it should be okay. That’ll give you time to plan and prepare.”

Tisar turned away from the empty store to look at Nyx. "Captain. I would be honored. I don't have the words to express my gratitude." He put his hands together in front of himself and bowed deeply. "Thank you, Captain."

“There is a condition though,” Nyx added with a wry smile, “Everyone on board the ship is expected to contribute in some way. I was wondering if you would be able to assist our school by teaching music to the Pandora’s kids?”

Tisar chuckled. "You didn't even have to ask, Captain. I would love to teach the children. Teaching is my passion, but to teach young minds is even better. Of course, it would be for free. I believe that teaching your children is well worth you rescuing me from the Ravagers."

"Wonderful," Nyx exclaimed, clapping his hands together. "Then it is settled. I have already approved your permits to Ops and will send the Federation all the necessary details when we're back in contact."

Tisar's eyes widened and his mouth fell open a little and he stared at Nyx, seemingly unable to move or say anything at all.

Moving over to the small panel by the shop's door, Nyx tapped at the screen and spoke, "Computer. Recognise store owner, Tisar Zemel. Authorisation alpha alpha one two three."

The computer chirped brightly and responded. "Ownership recognised."

Standing back again as the doors automatically began to roll upwards, Nyx held out his hand for Tisar to enter. "It's all yours, my friend. You can change the authorisation code to something you'd prefer and, more importantly, come up with a name."

Tisar tipped his chin down and eyed the Captain with a little grin. "I don't even know what to say. I definitely wasn't expecting this... today... right now." He chuckled and shook his head. "Thank you Captain and thank you for having faith in me. I was certain that if I could convince you to check the records you would find who I was... but trust is not something that is so easily given, even if all the correct answers are there. I appreciate you giving me yours. I promise you, you will not be sorry." He really couldn't believe what had just happened. It was the last thing he had been expecting, but he was definitely glad that it had.

"Please," Nyx shook his head, "You have proven yourself to us already. And to be honest, we did do checks when you were in the Brig, everything was as you said it was." He paused and shrugged, "I'm not a man of science, not entirely any way, nor am I one of religion. I do believe that life has a way of working out sometimes. You were supposed to join the Federation and open your store, and I am merely facilitating your... purpose. It's my honour to do so, Tisar."

Tisar didn't know what to say for a moment. Instead of words he placed his hands over his own heart and bowed deeply to the Captain. When he straightened he seemed to find his voice again. "I would have to say that I agree with you and I am a believer in kismet as well. Thank you, Captain." He seemed about to ask something else and paused and then reconsidered. "Do you have children?"

"Yes" Nyx replied, and begin to wonder why his eyes suddenly got a little misty. "One daughter..." He smirked a little and leaned in, "For now."

Tisar chuckled. "Oh. I see. For now..." He smiled wistfully. "I never did find a mate myself... nor did I have any children. Sometimes I wish things had been different and sometimes I am glad that I have been alone." He shrugged a little and stepped away from the empty shop, back toward Nyx. "Will your daughter be joining a music class?" he asked with a warm smile.

"You're starting a new life now," Nyx replied supportively. "You never know what could happen on the Pandora. It's never too late for love."

Nyx grimaced at the thought of his darling tearaway Katrine in music class with loud, ear-piercing instruments. The flute? The violin? DRUMS?! Oh it was too much thought to bare. He looked to Tisar with a sigh, "We'll see."

Just then, Nyx received a message on his PADD that the Intel and Security Teams had thoroughly investigated the Ravager shuttle. It was time to start making their preparations to defend against the Carnage and Nyx decided he wanted to bring Tisar along to assist.

"Come, there's something I want you to see." He said, and the two headed back towards the Turbolifts.



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