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A Look into the Future (A Glimpse of the Past Part III)

Posted on Tue Jan 30th, 2018 @ 3:24pm by Lieutenant Cailus Griffin & Huyo & Lieutenant K'Laus & Lieutenant Kalin 'Shae' Brennan-Griffin PhD & Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick

Mission: Into The Wild
Location: Various
Timeline: Lieutenant K'Laus' Birthday


The day had almost arrived. Fick had a little over 48 hours to finish preparing for K'Laus' birthday and he was having second thoughts. He had planned a surprise party, but he was starting to think that it might not be such a good idea after all. K'Laus didn't seem much like a surprise party kinda guy and Fick wanted him to have a good time, not humiliate him in public. The problem he had with dialing back the party was that the party only dialed back to zero party. Fick wasn't sure he was so into no party at all, so he was feeling the pressure of his inability to decide. Of course the only way he was probably going to get his crabby boyfriend to go to any party was to surprise him.

Originally he was going to have the surprise party in his quarters, but he was starting to think that if they did have a party maybe it would be better to have it at Pandora's Box then K'Laus could escape to his quarters if necessary and wouldn't be surrounded by people trying to wish him well. Fick was headed to the Box now. He knew it was short notice, but if anyone could help him with a short notice party it would be the Head Chef at Pandora's Box, Huyo.

He walked through the doors of the Box and headed straight to the bar, on the lookout for the Deltan female.

Huyo was indeed at the bar, gossiping happily with a young blonde crewman. The Box was nearly empty with the Beta shift having long since retired to other activities and the Gamma shift still on duty, and the cheerful chef was enjoying the opportunity to socialise. As always she wore an elegant long dress (soothing cyan today), and as always, she was smiling. Even so she wasn’t so distracted as to not notice Fick’s approach.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Cappie,” Huyo apologised to her conversation partner. “it’s so much fun talking with you that I completely lost track of the time. Don’t you have chess club tonight?”

“Yeah,” the crewman said dismissively, “but that’s not for another... oh crap, is that the time? I’m going to be late! Dang it! I won’t have to time to change, Yin hates it when we’re in uniform...” Cappie jumped out of her seat and sprinted for the door, narrowly avoiding Fick en route.

“Sorry Huyo!” she shouted over her shoulder as she ran through the doors. “We’ll talk tomorrow!”

Laughing, Huyo turned her attention to Fick. “How can I help you, sweetie?”

Fick beamed. "So... like... not today, but the day after tomorrow is my boyfriend's birthday. I sort of want to have a party for him and I was going to have it in our quarters... but he's like... really shy and I want him to be able to escape the party if he needs to. If we have it in my quarters then he can't really escape. So I was wondering if we could have it here?" He looked up at her hopefully, because most people were taller than Fick. "I mean... I know it's kinda short notice, but I already have the cake picked out and we can just do replicated stuff. You don't have to cook anything..." he rambled on.

Replicated?” Huyo said in mock outrage. “Not in my establishment! Such an occasion as K’Laus’ deserves proper cuisine, not something so pedestrian.” She paused, tapping her chin thoughtfully. “I did pick up some Talarian ingredients lately... do you know what likes? His favourite food?”

Fick made a face. "Well... that's the hard part. I'm always trying to get him to eat Klingon food.”

Huyo smiled in understanding. “Oh, not to worry honey, I’ll be sure to make something he adores. If we have the party at... oh, let’s make it late, 2100, then that means you can both leave whenever you like to go to bed. Who would you like to invite?”

"Well... I kinda want to keep it small, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings..." he started.

Later that evening...

Fick found himself outside of Shae and Calius' quarters again, and much like last time he had a million things running through his mind. He stood there at the door, paralyzed by everything he needed to do and hoping that the patch was all done. He was nervous. He didn't remember ever having been so anxious so much in the past. Finally, after several moments of pacing back and forth he pressed the buzzer to Shae and Calius' quarters.

It took a moment for anyone to answer the door, and when it finally swished open it revealed a rather sweaty and thoroughly disheveled looking Shae wearing a bathrobe, and even though it was securely belted at her waist, she held the top together for extra security, as if that could prevent anyone from figuring out that she was wearing nothing underneath the robe.

"Oh, Fick, hey..." Shae said with a nervous laugh, running her fingers through her messy hair as though she suddenly felt the need to tidy her appearance. "What, uh... what are you doing here?"

Fick didn't have to be told what had been going on in Shae's quarters before he'd pressed the buzzer. A broad grin spread across his face. "Heya! My apologies to you and the Security Chief for the interruption." He wiggled his eyebrows, still grinning. "I won't keep you... I was just wondering if the patch was done maybe? I've got a really nice box for it and I wanted to get it wrapped. I can also come back later? Maybe a couple hours?" He was still grinning.

Shae blushed; of course he would figure out what they had been doing... "The patch? Uh, y-yeah, let me go get it for you. J-just stay here for a moment, please," Shae said awkwardly, letting the door close behind her as she returned to the bedroom. "It was just Fick," Shae said to Cailus who was still wonderfully indecent on the bed. "He just wants the patch I made, then he will be gone and we can finish what we started," she said to appease him as she found the finished patch in the dresser; Fick had already come by a couple days ago to get the baldric once she no longer needed it. But seriously, the one afternoon they had off together in what felt like ages, why Fick, why?!

Cailus simply grinned as he lounged back on the bed, raising his arms to either side of his head and resting it on his hands, as if showcasing what Shae was missing out on. “Quickly,” he urged her, waggling his eyebrows in a teasing manner.

"Oh, not you too!" Dammit, why did everyone have to tease her about being shy about... intimate... things... Shae returned to the door with the patch in hand. It turned out beautiful, just as she knew it would, and it was fixed to a base of the same metal as the baldric and designed to snap right to the links.

"Here you go," Shae said once the door opened once again, handing the patch to Fick.

Fick took the patch and then jumped up and down, holding it and grinning. "It's perfect! Thank you! Thank you!" He bounced forward and hugged her suddenly, quickly and tightly. "Thank you! Thank you!" He started to bounce off down the hallway, then turned for a moment. "Enjoy the rest of your... AFTERNOON!" He waved and ran off.

Shae's back went rigid in sheer surprise of the hug and how tightly Fick was squeezing, but she smiled and laughed nonetheless. "You are most welcome," Shae replied with a wave as she watched Fick bound off down the hall, but then he dropped that last bomb and Shae blushed crimson; it was a good thing that no one else was in the corridor to hear that last bit...

The badge Shae had done for K'Laus was more than Fick had ever expected. He was so excited he nearly bounced all the way back to his own quarters. Once he got there he immedately pulled out the baldric and snapped the patch into place. He held it up, staring at it. He was really proud of it. He couldn't take all the credit, but it was his design and his idea, so he felt he could still be proud of it. He just hoped that K'Laus would like it.

Birthday Day!

A Chal flower was laying on the first console that K'Laus always went to first on his shift. There was a tiny note tied to the spring blooming flower with a piece of dark green ribbon. It was rolled up and the ribbon tied around it.

When K'Laus arrived on duty for the begining of his shift, he made his usual rounds and started with his usual console to start his shift with. Though the console was especially welcoming today with a Chal flower resting upon it with a piece of dark green ribbon dressing its stem. Something told him that the Chal flower was not a little something special from the Captain or Lieutenant Griffin. This had a certain boy from Risa written all over it.

K'Laus picked up the flower and caressed it as he brought it to his nose and took in the airy floral scent of the Chal flower with an almost intoxicating whiff. He felt a sensation come over his body, and his cheeks had a quick flush of warmth reach them as he read the handwritten note.

Once unrolled, the small handwritten note read: "Happy Birthday! Lunch time in the arboretum." and there was a little heart.

The Klingon had a pleasant low purring growl in his throat that he just had to get out. He looked around and clentched the note to his chest before shoving it into his pocket. His noise had drawn some attention, but his death glare at those around him vehemently told them in less words than needed to mind their business and tend to their stations.

Fick was waiting in the arboretum with what appeared to be lunch from the Box, but instead of what Fick usually offered him when he brought food, the food today was strangely familiar. "So... Talarian food!" Fick said with a grin to no one in particular. The Risian often talked to everything around him in lieu of real people and a disparaging need to talk. "So... this is a stew of some sort and there's this chunk of bread... and I think this thing is a vegetable."

The Klingon had entered the arboretum and stalked his prey for a few minutes, watching and observing Fick prepare their little picnic in the arboretum. K'Laus watched as Fick spoke to the vegetables and stew. Swiftly and silently, the Klingon crouched and moved closer and closer to the seated Fick. He ony a few feet from the Risian, stalking him from behind a tree and some bushes. K'Laus waited for the right moment and moved closer and closer once more until he was inches away from Fick. The helmsmen's back to the Klingon.

K'Laus leaned in over the young helmsman's shoulders and gently pressed his lips to the other man's neck and pulled on the sleeve of Fick's shirt, exposing more of the Risian's neck and shoulder. His scruffy facial hair tickling the ensign. "Didn't your mother teach you not to play with your vegetables," said the Klingon. "Well, you are Risian so perhaps not. Playing with vegetables makes sense if you are Risian."

The Klingon stole his breath away. For a moment Fick was powerless to react at all, his body breaking out in goosebumps. When Fick could breathe again he didn't want to let go of K'Laus. "I love you so much..." he whispered. "Happy birthday. I hope you're hungry."

"I love you too," replied the Klingon. It was still incredibly odd saying it, but slowly it was becoming second nature. It was not that he did not feel the same way that Fick felt. It was just not something expressed in words in Talarian culture so much a it was in physical expression, certain touches and movements. K'Laus looked at the food and then at Fick. "That depends... I am a little wary of Risian boys bearing vegetables."

After he managed to talk himself into letting go of the Klingon, Fick grinned wickedly and looked at K'Laus coyly. "You should be wary of Risian boys bearing vegetables... You never know what they might be wanting to do with those vegetables. Although, they're honestly not much fun after they're cooked. Of course smearing them is always an option..." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and smirked. He also started to plate the food he'd brought. "I was thinking when you got off shift you could come to my quarters and we can change and get dinner?"

"Smear vegetables on me and this picnic will quickly escalate into a food fight, and I do not lose fights," replied the Klingon Supply Chief with a smirk. "I can swing by your quarters after my shift. I would like to get dinner with you," added K'Laus. "Everything looks good by the way. Very traditional Talarian by the looks of it. Maybe next week we can have another lunch date and I will prepare us some food from your culture?"

Fick chuckled and leaned against K'Laus to eat his food. "But... I like it when you win," he said teasingly with a little whine in his voice. "You're going to be hard pressed to find any traditional Risian food. We have drinks, but we're so invaded by so many other cultures that we cater to, that we don't have a lot of traditional anything. I guess that's what we get for living on a planet with nice weather most of the time." He leaned a little closer to him and kissed his cheek. "I think we should dress up fancy for dinner."

"You are bound to have something," the Klingon replied. "Your world pre-dates the Federation, which means it has a history where you had lesser contact with other species. There had to be times before you became a frequented hotspot for shore leaves and vacations, a time when Risa was populated by Risians and they ate Risian foods, drank Risian beverages, and had a culture that was their own," he stated. "Dressing up is fine, but I do not want to wear any sort of dress uniform," he added swiftly.

"Oh hell no! I'm trying to have a nice evening, not torture you." Fick chuckled. "Although, if you ever put a dress uniform on, I want to see that." He shrugged a little. "Not while I was growing up, but I'm sure you're right. I should do some research or ask my mother. Maybe she would know. Risian schools don't really teach a lot about our history or culture. They teach Federation history." He chuckled. "Sort of ironic." He took another bite of his food. "You know, this vegetable thing is good... I don't know what it is but I like the way it tastes and the texture is also interesting. You know we do have some fruit that only grows on Risa... I remember my mother making meat with fruit on it or in it..."

Fick looked over at K'Laus. "You know I'm not just Risian... right?" He pointed to the ridges on his nose. "My father is Bajoran... they have lots and lots of traditions and food and stuff." He chuckled again. "I just don't really know what they are."

"Crap," replied K'Laus. "They lived like rodents for so many years thanks to the Cardassians. I would not eat most of their dishes. Though some of the older more traditional pre-occupation things are alright. It's a lot of fruit and vegetables. Oh and this burrito type thing that is meant to be super spicy," he said with a smile. "We can look into making some Bajoran food also."

After shift...

Fick was nervous. He'd begged to be allowed to end his shift a little early and when granted he bolted for his quarters. For him this was the most exciting and most terrifying moment of the evening he had planned. He dressed for dinner quickly in a sharp, tight fitting, cool grey suit. He even styled his hair, which was no something he usually did, preferring to let it just be everywhere. He wanted everything to be perfect for the gift that was in a long box on the bed. Fick had wrapped it himself. It was tasteful, not too over the top. He wanted to be ready for anything, just in case it all went wrong.

He had thought about decorating the room, but he didn't want to inspire K'Laus to want to stay in the room. Afterall, the party would be awaiting them soon. So somehow he had to give him his gift and keep him wanting to go to dinner. He had run the cake by the bar earlier. He had selected a dark chocolate whiskey cake that he was sure the Klingon would enjoy.

Lieutenant K'Laus arrived dressed up in something that was considered formal attire for a Talarian. The colors were rather muted and pale in shades of browns and goldenrod. He said that he would dress up, but he was not going to wear one of those Starfleet dress uniforms. Though he was thankful that Starfleet had over the years phased out the long gown dress like uniforms for formal attire in exchange for extravagent whites and gold accented and adorned formal wear, K'Laus felt that these looked far too 'royal' for his liking. He approached to door and waited for Fick.

Fick opened the door and blinked at K'Laus. He hadn't expected the Klingon to be standing just outside. "Hey! There's a really hot Klingon outside my door!" He looked around K'Laus into the mostly empty corridor. "I was supposed to meet my boyfriend here. Have you seen him?" He pretended he didn't recognize K'Laus. "You're terribly attractive though. If he doesn't show up do you wanna be my boyfriend?" He grinned innocently, putting his hands on K'Laus' chest.

The Klingon let out a low frisky growl. "You are cute, but don't be stupid, Do you want Engineering to happen again? Because, that is how Engineering happened in the first place," he teased in response. "You flirting around with any guy that stops outside your quarters and you invite them in for a while," he said referring to when he had seen Fick invite Mindo in one night. "Now, I believe you managed to get me here dressed up under the pretenses of food... that is after all the way to the warrior's heart."

Fick laughed. "I love you and you know I haven't invited any other boys into my room since I have you." He stood on his tiptoes to kiss the Klingon on the chin. "We're definitely going to get food... but I have something I need you to come in here and get first. Would that be okay?" He took one of K'Laus' hands and pulled on him a little. "It won't take but a minute..." he pleaded.

K'Laus blushed and nodded. He may have mistaken the ensign's intentions or rather what Fick wanted him to come in for, but these things were unavoidable. "A minute?" he said taken aback. "That only happened a few times. Klingons and Talarians have excellent stamina. I can assure you," he said shaking his head. "I cannot help that sometimes you are just so irresistible," he added trying to excuse himself.

Fick actually giggled. "You have perfectly fantastic stamina. I am more than happy with your stamina. I'm also super flattered that you sometimes find me irresistible... I bet the other times when I'm not I'm probably talking..." He led the way back into his quarters and then back to his bedroom. "Actually... I'd like to save the seduction until after dinner, but I do have a present for you." He gestured toward the large box on the bed.

"I swear... so help me if you bought me one of those Tribble things as a gag gift," he said grunting. Then it hit him. He got me a gift? He looked at Fick. "You honor me with a gift? You shouldn't have troubled yourself with the anniversary of my birth," added K'Laus, but he was pleased that Fick had. It was a kind gesture that he was not anticipating. However, Fick was always full of these sorts of surprises.

"Of course I honor you with a gift! It's tradition to get gifts for your birthday!" He was grinning. "At least on my planet and no... no Tribbles. Although, they are rather adorable. I'm not really sure that I want to compete with something fluffier and cuter than I am. I also thought about getting you your own Targ... but I settled on this... which you should open!" He bounced a little on his toes, something he did often when he was really excited about something. When K'Laus didn't jump forward to open the present, Fick started to worry. "You're gonna open it now, right?"

Opened it he did. Like an old Earth child on 'Christmas' morning he had practically dove for the gift and began to unwrap it with eagerness. "Targs are for children. They make okay pets, but are better for eating," he said with a chuckle. It took a little time, fighting the thing open, but K'Laus did eventually get his birthday gift exposed and held it in his hands. They trembled as he felt the baldric. "It's... KLINGON. I AM KLINGON!" he said with a deep roar and a smile swept up his face as a warmth of joy washed over him.

He looked at the helmsmen. "You got me a Klingon baldric, Fick? These are worn by Klingon warriors. I have never had something so sacred from the Klingon culture. I used to take my mother's shawls and drape them over me, wrap them across and pretend they were my baldric," he said, revealing a little bit about his childhood. "This gift.. this is the greatest gift anyone has given me."

Fick clapped his hands and blushed. He was very relieved that K'Laus liked it so much. "I have an admission to make. I couldn't find your house... so I sort of made up the family patch myself. See..." He stepped toward K'Laus and pointed to the patch. "Two bat'leths for strength and the Klingon Empire symbol for power and the letter in the middle is a "K" for K'Laus and Dr. Brennan sewed the patch for me."

K'Laus grunted, pleased by the craftsmanship and the sincerity of Fick's heart. This gesture was not one that was going to be unnoticed by the Klingon. As many years as he had spent being raised a Talarian, the Klingon culture had always occupied a special area in his heart, tucked away from other Talarians as he was so often teased growing up in a peculiar way. Their teasing was not picking on him so much as it was singling him out as different. However, the Talarian boys did not call him ugly or anything for being Klingon. Rather, they idolized and admired him, but that was still something that made K'Laus feel different. He was always faster, stronger, and had better endurance than his friends growing up.

"Family is more than blood. In the Klingon culture, family are those whom you fight for and fight alongside in the name of honor and the Empire," he said looking at Fick. "You and this crew are my family," added the lieutenant. "Do not feel ashamed nor embarrassed for failing to find my Klingon House. You will not be successful no matter the amount of hours you spend. My mother has kept a lot from me over the years and I feel as though she herself does not know very much. She fled the Klingon Empire after the death of my blood father. He came from a house tarnished and hunted down into obscurity."

Fick sat down on the bed next to K'Laus, nodding as he spoke. "I found the ship... but the only records are from the Klingon side of things. They had a record of her leaving, even what ship she was on, but that ship sort of... just disappeared and the Talarians have no records of her at all. I couldn't even figure out why she left the colony. You had more information than I was able to find." He put a hand on K'Laus' arm. "Maybe someday we'll figure it out..." He squeezed his arm and grinned. "So... I did good?" Fick posed this question often when he wasn't sure of the Klingon's reactions.

"You did VERY good, Fick," replied K'Laus. "The Klingons, as far as I am aware, have tried to purge the history of my family. A lot of it was done by rivals who came to power in the High Council. My mother has told stories of how she was chased through the stars, several systems by Klingons who wanted to kill her and end the family line. The Talarians had rescued her from her damaged ship, and my father.. my Talarian father was high up in the Talarian military. In Intelligence and was able to scrub and bury records of the rescue. It threw the Klingons off her tracks. Some probably know she is alive and well, but it's been a long time and the Federation isn't currently at war with the Klingons. Sometimes, it is best to let the past be the past."

Fick was blushing. He crawled over into the Klingon's lap and hugged him tightly. "I'm just glad you love it. I was afraid I wasn't going to get it done on time. I like... did everything, but couldn't figure out how to get it actually made. Then I caught Dr. Brennan sewing little fishies on her daughter's dress... so I showed her what I was planning and she agreed." He covered one side of K'Laus' face with little kisses and then got off his lap. "We should go eat before it gets much later... I want to get back here with enough time to see you try that on."

K'Laus blushed a little. Very unwarrrior like, but when it came to Fick...the ways of the warrior often went out the airlock. "Perhaps later you can take it off me," teased the Klingon. "Ensign," he added playfully.

Fick took both of K'Laus' hands in his own and leaned forward to kiss the Klingon on the nose. "Mm... I want to see you in your baldric and nothing else..." he grinned wickedly.



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