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A Nyxmas Carol - Part Three

Posted on Sun Dec 31st, 2017 @ 1:07am by Captain Nycolas Temple & Emilie Temple & Commander Owen Nash & Lieutenant Kalin 'Shae' Brennan-Griffin PhD & Lieutenant Cailus Griffin & Aoife Brennan & Huyo

Mission: Into The Wild
Location: Pandora’s Box


Taking a slow stroll around the circular promenade, Nyx reflected on his evening with a somber tone. He saw his reflection as he passed a window, his shoulders drooped down and posture forlorn. He stopped in the empty corridor and stared at himself. He’d never been one to sulk before, and he wasn’t sure why he seemed so down at the moment, but he knew it had to stop. Every Christmas, even those yet to come, would only be the same if he continued this spiral.

As he kept walking through the quiet Rec deck, he began to notice the sounds of music and laughter up ahead. He thought he was imagining it at first, but soon realised it was in fact real after he stopped a listening for a moment. There was a pace in his step now, an eagerness to locate the source of the sounds. He practically began to run the closer he got, passing around the Crescent shops quickly and soon stopping just outside The Pandora’s Box. He remembered running like this when he was a child, towards something brighter.

The doors were opened and Nyx could see there was a collection of people inside. Talking, laughing, drinking; some hanging decorations and others passing out presents. Nyx slowly walked in, bemused as he was surprised, to see the revelry before him.

Standing off to the side, arms crossed, was the ever-stern Cailus. Still clad in uniform, albeit without his usual phaser, the lieutenant at the captain as Nyx walked up next to him.

“Captain,” Cailus said wryly in greeting as someone in the crowd began a cheery rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’. “Welcome to...this.”

Shae couldn't remember the last time she had been so excited! The banquet layout had been Huyo's idea, but the fireplace and tree crowning it all was hers! Until the Engineers could get the Environmental Controls, well, under control, someone had brought down a heat generator to keep people warm while on their lunch breaks, and Huyo had reworked the Box so that she could lay out heated platters of food and warmed drinks to help thaw the chilly Officers coming and going, but everyone ended up huddled around the space heater until it was able to fully heat the room. And then an idea struck and Shae decided to channel the indomitable spirit of her mother and do something about all this mopeyness! So she got a holo-engineer design pad, brought it down to the Box and tapped into the shipwide holo-emitters (yeah yeah, those were for the EMH, but she was fairly certain he wouldn't mind them using one or two emitters so long as it was for morale) to display a roaring fireplace to hide the heat generator and a grand Christmas tree to help everyone get into the spirit of things. There was even an illusion of snow fluttering around the deck where it was still cold!

And then things just started happening! Like a snowball going down a hill, it just kept building; one song started and then another and suddenly Officers were coming out of the woodworks with decorations and gifts! Huyo and the cookstaff were working overtime to feed them all, and before either of them knew it the whole Rec Deck was decked out with holiday cheer!

"Cailus, Captain!" Shae said with excitement when she saw them. She waved with unbridled enthusiasm to get their attention, then jingled her way over to them dressed as an elf; where the outfit had come from, Shae wasn't quite sure, but she was more than happy to wear it! "Isn't this wonderful?!" she said to Cailus and Nyx once she'd caught up to them. Under the tree, Aoife was dressed as a reindeer with her little nose painted a bright red, and she munched on a cheerful gingerbread Santa with Rebekah, who was also dressed as an elf, nearby stringing up some lights and garland, and someone had given Huyo a sexy 'Mrs Claus' outfit and she was proudly wearing the skimpy outfit as she brought out more food to feed the hungry masses that had gathered.

“Where... when.... how?” Nyx stuttered as he took in the festive scene. It was truly heart warming, seeing the crew come together in the impromptu celebration. Even Griffin was present, though not entirely participating, and this brought the Captain no end of joy.

Owen walked over and shook Nycolas by the hand and let loose with a big smile as he saw the Captain had arrived to join in the festivities. "Surprise!" he said in a very large and extravagant way. "We thought that this might cheer things up a bit at what can be such a happy time of year...and hell why should we all miss out when I guarantee you that other starships are doing just the same thing!"

With a smile that couldn’t fade, Nyx nodded to the others. “Thank you for putting this together, it means so much.”

Owen patted Nycolas on the back gently. "Its been a team effort and everyone is getting happier and more merry by the moment, this is going to be a great night," he explained.

Temple smiled at the thought, excited about the turn of events. However, he quickly remembered he was forgetting a few people and excused himself for a moment. =/\= Nyx to Emilie. Please report to the Pandora’s Box =/\=

There was silence for a few moments and Nyx considered she might be busy with Katrine. So instead he tapped his badge again, =/\= Temple to Crewman Crotchitt =/\=

“I’m here, Captain,” Came a voice from outside and Nyx stuck his head out of the restaurant to see the young officer had been walking past. “I was just finishing my rostered break, sir, I’m heading back to Deck One now.”

Nyx smiled, “No need, Crewman, I’m declaring the area unfit for duty until the environmentals are fixed. Please, join us here in the warmth.”

There was a noticeable relief in the boy’s eyes as he looked to the festivities inside. “Thank you, sir, I would have caught a deadly cold if I had to go back up there. Many thanks, sir.”

“Please, in here you may call me Nyx,” Temple replied with a smile as he grabbed a cup of warm eggnog for the Officer.

Crotchitt received the drink gratefully, “Call me Tim.” He said as the two returned inside the room.

Making his way back inside, Owen grabbed a non-alcoholic drink for himself and then picked up another two non-alcoholic drinks and put them on a tray. He walked over to where both Shae and Cailus were standing and offered them both a beverage. "Lieutenants...actually no, lets drop protocol. Its Christmas for crying out loud," he said. "Shae, Cailus, would you both be kind enough join me in a toast?" he asked them both.

“Well, if you’re going to twist my arm,” Cailus said, accepting his glass with his eyebrow raised in amusement, and Shae followed suit.

"There's something I've learnt during our time serving on Pandora together," Owen started raising a glass to them both.

"You can meet people and make good friends regardless on which starship you serve on...however I've been lucky enough to meet two people whom I'd like to consider as best friends," Owen said. "With your kind permission I raise a toast to two of the best officers, people and friends a guy like me could ever have." Owen meant if from the heart and hoped that he didn't offend.

“Here, here!” Nyx called out, raising his glass as well.

Shae blushed at this toast which seemed to be aimed at herself and Cailus, but then raised her glass with a rosy, albeit bashful, smile. "If we are such good friends, then it is because we have found an equally profound friendship in you," Shae said warmly. "Owen, Nyx, you've both made it effortless to forge a strong connection. Thank you."

“I’ll drink to that,” Cailus added solemnly, raising his own glass. “It’s not just my honour to serve with you both. It’s my honour to call you both friends.”

Appearing from the doorway, Emilie came behind Nyx and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around to see a beaming wife and daughter standing there expectantly. Katrine was dressed as her favorite snowman, the one who “liked warm hugs”, and Emilie was holding a small present.

Nyx gushed over his daughter’s attire before wrapping her up in a tight hug, “My gorgeous girl.”

“I’m no girl, I’m a snowman!” She protested, as she pointed to her foam carrot nose.

Nyx and Emilie laughed, and he replied, “Well, I think you’ll find a reindeer near the Christmas tree.”

Katrine immediately ran off to find Aoife and the parents could hear her introducing herself with a warm hug. Nyx turned back to Emilie and immediately pulled her close to him, and she allowed herself to be enveloped into her husband, as Nyx leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

“Wow,” Emilie remarked at the tender public display, “Long day?”

“Feels like a I’ve travelled twenty years,” Nyx remarked with a smile, as he noticed the small parcel in Em’s hands. “What’s that?”

“For you.” Emilie replied as she handed over the carefully wrapped gift. She saw the momentary look of confusion on his face and laughed, “Don’t worry, it’s not a Christmas present. Well, not originally anyway. I had Ignatius make it for me before I knew about this party.”

“Ignatius?” Nyx questioned before soon remembering their earlier encounter, “Oh! You were the special order he was working on? No wonder I couldn’t see it.”

Emilie nodded enthusiastically and encouraged him to start unwrapping. Peeling back the decorative paper very carefully, as he was never one to rip the wrapping, Nyx was puzzled as he uncovered a small white woven blanket. Nyx gave a laugh, “So you heard about the environmentals in deck one?”

“Noooo. Unfold it.” Emilie teased.

As he held the blanket by one end and let it unfurl in front of him, Nyx was greeted by the image of a small wooden doll that had been sewn onto the front. Nyx looked at the familiar image for a moment, recognising it as the same doll that Emilie’s mother had given her father to announce her pregnancy, and the same that Emilie had shown Nyx to announce her first pregnancy.

Nyx looked to Emilie, Emilie smiled at Nyx. Nyx looked at the blanket, and then back to Emilie. There was now a small little tear in the corner of his eye. “Oh?”

Emilie leaned up and kissed him on the cheek, “Yes, my love.”

Nyx swooped in and held Emilie close to him again, and the couple kissed each other passionately, faces beaming with pride.

[Copenhagen, Earth]

The son had wrapped his arms lovingly around his father again. After a moment, the older Temple stood back and in one swift motion, lifted his son up onto his shoulders, so that he could see above the crowds of people gathered to watch the Christmas tree lights. The boy gave a giggle at being hoisted up in the air but was soon mesmerised by the red and white light display in front of them. The tree shone brighter than ever, and Nyx believed it had managed to get even taller than before.

“I used to come here with my parents,” the father spoke, “Well, when they could make it.”

“I know Dad.” The son replied distractedly. He held out his hand in front of his face as if he could almost touch the glittering lights.

The snow had started to fall again but father and son continued to watch the lights together. The crowds had swelled and continued to grow, the annual tree ceremony always a massive attraction. They had been standing there for a while before a voice called out from amongst the bustling audience...

“Nyx?” Called out the mother as she made her way through all the people, “Nycolas?”

“There he is!” Shouted another familiar voice.

Nyx turned around and smiled as Emilie and Katrine approached through the crowds towards them. “We’ve got a good spot!” He called out to his wife and daughter.

From up on his shoulders, Nyx’s son turned and waved. “Mummy it’s snowing!” He cried with delight.

Emilie smiled and kissed both her boys on the cheek, “Yes my darling, William.”

“It’s busy. And cold.” Katrine commented, that typical teenage tone in her voice.

Nyx used his free hand to pull her lovingly closer to his right side, and replied proudly, “Far better than a hologram. This is the real thing.”

“Like you remember it?” Emilie asked as she slipped her arm around Nyx’s and leaned her head against his shoulder.

Nyx looked around to his family, and to the tree, and the snow coming down. “Better.” He replied with a smile.



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