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Striking Back

Posted on Mon Jan 8th, 2018 @ 8:59am by Balek The Butcher

Mission: Into The Wild
Location: The Carnage - Killing Fields

“It’s gone.” The young pilot Dekker mumbled into his view screen, well aware that the news would not be taken kindly by his Captain.

The Butcher snored loudly in his throne, his robust frame slouched lazily in his chair as he dreamed of revenge and power.

“What’s gone?” Whispered Silas from across his console, casting a careful eye across to the dozing Butcher.

“Our Scout.” Dekker replied in an urgent hiss. “I’ve been trying to keep a track of it while she were repairing. It was there one minute and then... gone.”

Balek snorted loudly in his sleep, muttering a soft but somehow still devilish laugh from his subconscious.

“Get it back!” Silas growled, “Before he wakes up.”

“How do youse expect me to find a small craft through the nebula and in unchartered system?” Dekker responded angrily, still trying to keep his voice down.

“Find a way,” Silas replied testily, “Or he’ll shoot you out the torpedo bay with a tracking device.”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Dekker hissed.

Silas pointed his finger, “Your problem! I ain’t taking the blame. And stop shouting before he....”

“Wakes up?” Balek interrupted, body still slouched in his chair but eyes now fully open and filled with a bemused menace.

Both Ravagers dropped their heads down like children caught misbehaving. For his part, The Butcher pulled himself back upright and tried to comprehend this latest set back.

“Do you have the last coordinates?” Balek barked as he smoothed out his crumpled jacket and readjusted his breathing mask properly onto his face.

“Yes, sire” Dekker responded from behind his screen.

“And what about the Starfleet warp trail?” Balek asked.

“Just fragments really, the nebula has chewed it all up.” Silas replied.

Balek sat for a moment as he contemplated the news. The Scout was his only connection to the planet, the planet was his bold strike against the Federation that would guarantee him power and glory. He was not about to let this nebula stand in his way any more; he had to move quickly before anyone else found it. He believed he’d come too far to let some dark matter stop him now.

With a smirk, he commanded, “Deploy the claw.”

Dekker immediately slammed his hand onto his console and a gravely siren sounded across the Bridge. Balek sat back with a satisfied grin, he loved giving that order. In the silence of space, two cargo doors opened on the underbelly of the Carnage and from within the ship came a mechanical contraption of decidedly evil intent. On the end of a long robotic arm there was a claw with five thick sharp fingers, with the pneumatic power to crush even the strongest hulls. It was Balek’s favorite toy to play with. He loved to listen to the screams of a crew as his Claw ripped their ship apart.

With the Claw unleashed, Balek gave quick instructions and the maniacal device reached out across space. In it’s vice like grip, the claw grabbed onto a piece of nearby ship’s debris and gripped it tightly. Then, with the sudden jolt of a whip, launched the debris into the nebula.

“Target fired.” Dekker responded with a proud tone.

The debris flew through the empty space and into the dark matter nebula. It twirled and twisted amongst the invisible forces of the gravitational storms before disappearaing into nothingness.

“Again!” Balek growled, slamming his first down onto his chair.

Dekker repeated the commands to his console and the Claw again reached out to grab another piece of debris. Like a shot it was whipped out into the dark matter. This time the debris seemed to float peacefully for a moment before once again getting swallowed by the storms.

“AGAIN!” Blake screamed. “Aim for that spot there!”

The Claw was once more deployed and followed the same steps, hurtling the debris into the nebula. Now, the floatsam seemingly hung in the centre of the storm, just languishing in the empty space.

“There!” Balek cried as he stood from his throne. “We have our first marker. Keep throwing garbage into the storm to make a trail, until we can pick up the Starfleet warp signature." He looked to the crew with a pleased smirk. “And then the Carnage will break through the nebula!”

A series of cheers and laughter emerged from the Ravagers onboard until Balek once again slammed his fist down and screamed, “SHUT IT! We’re not through yet.”



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