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Gotta Catch Em All

Posted on Mon Jan 8th, 2018 @ 8:57am by Captain Nycolas Temple & Balek The Butcher & Lieutenant Mindo & Lieutenant James Smith & Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick & Ensign John Logann & Ensign T'Kemi & Tisar Zemel

Mission: Into The Wild
Location: Bridge


The Captain was pacing around the command seats of the Bridge as the Pandora travelled back towards the dark matter nebula. He was anxious, unsure of what to expect when they arrived and whether or not they were about to engage the Ravagers in a fight for the planet Salvaxe. It was an uneasy situation and he didn't like not being in control of their circumstances.

"Mr Fick, how much longer?" He asked testily.

Fick eyed the Captain over his shoulder and thought momentarily about correcting him regarding his Bajoran name, but he did enjoy being Mr. Fick. "We're almost there, sir. Just a little bit longer," he placated. He also thought about telling the Captain to keep his pants on, but that joke was getting old and it wasn't funny the last time he told it.

"Yellow alert," Nyx replied as he moved to stand next to the young helmsman and the overhead panels illuminated into their bright colour. "Raise shields and perform constant scans of the area."

Logann, who had taken up at the Security/Tactical station, immediately raised the shields, and began one of his programs to conduct scans, and to alert him to any changes.

"Aye sir, shields up, scans ongoing."

"Thank you," Nyx replied as he started at the view screen.

The nebula loomed before the Pandora, spanning across open space like an opposing border wall that had - until they found a way through - protected the Mendazians from the Ravagers. It was just one of those magnificent anomalies that the galaxy created that could both impress and terrify even the most experienced travellers. For Nyx, he was still keen to explore the dark matter and discover its secrets and so protecting Salvaxe from the Ravagers would be worth it, if it meant the Mendaz gave them the keys to navigate the nebula safely.

So lost in this thought was the Captain, that it took him a moment to realise that Ensign Logann had spoken again.

"Can you repeat that?" Nyx asked as he turned back to Security station.

"Sir, it looks like the third Ravager scout is back." Logann said, repeating what he said. "I have a lock on it. The nebula is providing a bit of interference, but I think we can hit the target if we need to."

There was a small, coy little smirk on the Captain's lips, as an idea sprouted and took root in his mind. It was possibly a very bad idea, or potentially the best he had ever considered as Captain. But after days of confusion and being left in the dark amongst the mysteries of the Expanse, they finally had an opportunity to regain control of their situation. And it made Nyx almost gleeful.

"No." Nyx replied firmly, "We can use that Scout to infiltrate the Ravager command ship. Ensign Fick, maintain our distance but keep a constant lock on the Scout."

Fick nodded, his eyes locked on the view screen and the Ravager scout ship. He tapped his console, slowing the Pandora's progress forward a little to better maintain speeds with the scout. "Aye, Captain."

Logann nodded to the Captain, but kept a weapons lock on the scout, just in case the plan should go south.

The Captain moved back to his seat and tapped a few buttons on his console, "Mr. Zemel, please come to the Bridge."

Tisar wasn't sure if he should push some sort of button to respond to the Captain's request, but he said, "On my way, Captain," to the room before rising from his seat and heading for the door. When it opened he eyed the security guard in the hallway. "I suppose you will make sure that I find the bridge?" The guard nodded and led the way.

Nyx then tapped his badge, =/\= Lieutenant Smith, meet us in the Cargo Bay in 15 minutes. We've got the Ravager Scout in our sights. =/\=

Smith had just finished reading over the daily reports from his department when he heard the Captains voice ove the comm. Smith his badge =/\=Aye Sir, I’m on my way.=/\=. Heading out of his office Smith started to make his way to the Cargo bay.

=/\= Lieutenant Mindo! =/\= Nyx cried into his Comm Badge, =/\= I'm going to need every spare bit of power to the Tractor Beams. We're about to haul in one heck of a fish, the size of a Ravager Scout. =/\=

=/\= Like a Ravager Boy Scout? =/\= asked Mindo.

Nyx couldn't help but smirk as he leaned over Ensign Logann's console to get specifications, =/\= More like a mid-century Ferengi shuttle craft, with what appears to be an unattended tilt in it's vertical axis. Clearly the Ravagers aren't big on maintenance. How quickly do you think you could pull that in?"

=/\= Give me a second... OK ready. =/\=

=/\= That's what I like to hear. =/\= the Captain exclaimed, practically buzzing with energy.

"Mr Fick," Nyx returned to the helmsman, "How's your brake foot, Ensign?"

Fick grinned over at Nyx. "It's in perfect shape, Captain. Peak braking capacity." He had an idea of what Nyx might be asking him to do and it sent a little thrill down his spine. These were the moments that a helmsman lived for.

Nyx patted him proudly on the shoulder, then moved back to his seat and addressed the Bridge and Engineering, "Alright everybody. This would be a lot easier with Transporters but we're going to have to improvise. When I give the signal, Fick is going to warp us towards the Scout and pull up right besides her. Before those Ravagers can even think about crying to their mommas, Mindo will unleash the tractor beam and snap them up. Logann I'll need you and Smith to board the Scout and detain the crew."

[Cargo Bay]

Logann signaled for a replacement for his station, and left the bridge. He tapped his combadge as the turbolift took him to cargo bay.

=/\= "Logann to T'Kemi. Put together a 5 man team, get armed and meet me in the cargo bay asap." =/\=

=/\=Yes sir,=/\= came the crisp reply from the Vulcan woman down on Deck 17. While Lieutenant Griffin was still onboard, he had decided to let Logann take the lead to assess how managed the boarding action, and so the striking Vulcan ensign hopped to her deputy chief’s orders without hesitation.

Logann exited the turbolift and walked into the cargo bay, looking around for Smith.

A scarce couple of minutes later, T’Kemi and a full security team arrived, all armed with rifles. T’Kemi handed Logann his weapon but didn’t say a word. Soon behind them came yet another security team, this one led by Lieutenant Griffin, but true to his word to trust Logann, Griffin stayed with the backup team in the corridor outside the cargo bay, not saying a word either. Regardless Griffin’s attitude was obvious, even at a remove. He was trusting Logann a great deal to lead the boarding party, but he expected only the best results in return.

Smith arrived in the cargo bay, and noticed that Logann and his security were already there. Nodding to the team as he adjusted his own weapon he said, “Once the craft is secure Logann and I will enter first, the rest of you follow and cover us. Don’t take any unnecessary chance I want them alive for questioning, if they attack defend yourselves.”


Nyx gave a nonchalant shrug, "So. We all five by five on this plan?"

Fick nodded. His anticipation and excitement almost palpable as he bounced impatiently in his seat and his fingers flew over the console in front of him to make sure everything was in place. In a starship this size it was important that all the calculations were correct. Of course, Fick would have to manually make the small adjustments all the way through the process, but the main controls he could set to simple button presses. When he had finished all of his calculations he looked up at the Captain and waited for the word.

With a nod to the Helmsman, Nyx raised his eyebrows, "Let's roll."

Fick gave a little whoop like he might be getting ready to wrangle cattle. "Hang on!" The Pandora shot forward, almost like a trap door spider would shoot out from out of it's hole and swallow it's prey. Although the maneuver looked and felt flawless for the Pandora crew, it was less than perfect for the Ravager ship, whose stabilizers weren't all that great anyway. It got a little shaken in the wake of the much larger ship, the Pandora's tractor beam was the only thing that saved it from further disaster. Fick made a little bit of a face. "Martini served Captain, shaken not stirred?" he looked hopefully at Nyx.

"Your skills are to be commended," Nyx replied as he tapped his badge, =/\= Mr Mindo, do we have it? =/\=

=/\= They're not going anywhere, sir. =/\= came Mindo's reply.

[Cargo Bay]

Gently, as if carrying an egg, the tractor beam guided the Ravager Raider into the large cargo bay. While the Raider was large, comparable in size to a Starfleet runabout with multiple rooms and weapon emplacements, the craft was no match for the raw power of the tractor beam of the much-larger Pandora, especially when caught completely by surprise. The Raider’s systems were completely shut down, its systems overwhelmed by the sheer onslaught of energy. The design, curiously, was completely alien: a blunt dagger-like shape, with four aggressively angled nacelles at the aft corners and two obvious hatches on both sides.

Finally the Raider was deposited on the deck with a shuddering thud, but the internal tractor beam maintained its shimmering blue hold on the craft. Safely in an empty cargo bay far from any critical areas, the Raider was a sitting duck for Lieutenant Smith and Ensign Logann to assault.

Smith Looked to Logann and his men as he brought his phaser rifle into position and said, “are you ready.” Smith heart was beating in excitement he enjoyed moments like this.

"Ready as ever." Logann said as he hefted his rifle also, moving towards the raider, taking up a position next to the entry door.

Nodding to Logann and his team Smith entered first, lights in the craft were flickering and gave no signs of life. Looking around he said, “there are very few places that they can hide search every compartment, and lets send a few men to check their cargo hold.” Smith his comm badge =/\=Captain the ship itself appears abandoned, however, we are continuing our search of this vessel. I’ve noticed that their is some sort of dampening field that is blocking our tricorders. Have the ships scanners run a scan as well maybe 5hey will have better luck.=/\= Smith nodded to Logann and said “ this ship may be small but it may be hiding a few surprises”


Nyx had moved to the Tactical console, still well-versed in it’s functions, as he quickly tapped away at the screen. “Investigating the Scout’s core systems... it’s old Ferengi tech but stubborn as all get-out.”

He cast an eye up to the conn, “Mr Fick, let’s get some distance from the nebula. Long range scans show the Carnage is close by and I would like to avoid a confrontation.”

Fick nodded. "Aye, Captain," he replied and turned them away from the nebula and warped them a fair distance away. He didn't want to get too far, but far enough to stay out what might be the range of the Carnage's sensors.

Nyx ran his hand through his hair, as he glared at the console with a frustrated look. “This doesn’t make sense. The ship’s system are disabled already but the dampening field is apparently running independently. It’s as if it was triggered by the ship going offline? A final defensive trick... Oh.” He shook his head as he figured it out. “Of course, stolen from the Cardassians!” The Captain laughed, “Alright, I’m sending a series of covariant pulses through the tractor beam to disable the field.”

=/\= “Hold tight,” =/\= he called to the Security Team as he prepared the fix.

[Cargo Bay]

The shimmering blue light over the Ravager scout flickered for a moment, before being bathed in a series of a brighter yellow pulses. The strobing beams of energy washed over the craft until finally the dampening field was completely disabled. What the Ravagers lacked in sophistication, they sure made up for it in creativity. And thievery.

Nyx smirked as life signs began to appear on his screen, =/\= Bridge to Cargo Bay. The Ravagers are located in the scout’s nacelles, there must be a crawl space in each one.” =/\=

Smith smiled as the report came back from the Captain, turning to Logann and T’Kemi he said, “Let’s split up, Logann you and T’Kemi take some of your men and take the left nacelle, I’ll take the right one with the rest of the men.” Smith turned to everyone as he continued to speak, “ locate the crawl space it may be hidden so pay attention to anything out of the ordinary, and when you are in position notify me we need to move at the same time.”

Logann nodded, scowling at the idea of taking too many people into the interior of this confined space. "T'Kemi, Johnson, and Soler with me. The rest of you with Lt. Smith. Keep frosty. They probably won't come as willingly as our last guest."

“Yes sir!” came the chorus of replies, and the security officers duly split to either side of the Raider, their rifles at the ready the entire time. The Starfleeters were taking no risks, especially after fighting the Ravager pirate down on Salvaxe. Even if there were more Ravagers in the Raider who were clad in that formidable, mysterious armour, the Starfleet officers were ready to face them.

Logann worked his way through the shuttle with T'Kemi and the other two officers. Sweet mother of all that is holy. I am really taking a dislike to these ravagers. Logann thought as he approached the left nacelle. Looking at the tricorder that Soler had out, Logann pointed to a seemingly innocuous pile of junk. He reached up to activate his comm badge, but paused as it chirped.

Smith approached the nacelle and started his scan of the area, the crawl space was covered in debris and looked liked a junk pile but upon further examination he noticed that the pile moved aside to allow access to the nacelles crawl space. Hitting his communicator he said, =/\=Logann are you in position.=/\=

=/\= Aye, waiting on your order. =/\= Logann said, bringing his phaser rifle up to bear on the entrance of the hiding space. He watched as Soler and Johnson took up positions outside of the space, waiting for the order to open it and pull the individual out.

Nodding to his security team he hit his combadge =/\=Move in now=/\=. Smith watched as one of the security personnel with him opened the hidden door. With weapons at the ready Smith started to move as a shot from a energy weapon flashed past him. As him and his team took cover he looked around to make sure everyone else was ok. Without saying anything Smith readjusted his rifle for a wider beam and set it to stun and fired several shots into the nacelle. Looking at one of the men with him he said “Move in”. Smith followed and was relieved to find two unconscious individuals. Looking at them Smith said, “Take them to the brig.”


Nyx had been watching the operation from the Bridge and let out a deep sigh when he saw the security teams emerging from the Ravager craft with the unconscious crew. He gave a small smile to himself, knowing this was the first important move against the pirates, and would potentially open the door for them to surprise the Carnage in the future.

Standing, Nyx looked around the Bridge and opened a comms to the Cargo Bay too. He tried to be professionally stoic but he couldn't help but show his pride in his tone. =/\= Mission accomplished. Good work everyone. =/\=



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