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Field Trip!

Posted on Mon Jan 1st, 2018 @ 7:28am by Emilie Temple & Lieutenant Kalin 'Shae' Brennan-Griffin PhD & Lieutenant Katniss Wakefield & Lieutenant Cailus Griffin & Aoife Brennan

Mission: Into The Wild
Timeline: Morning

The Mendaz had graciously handed over some of their research regarding the technology that allowed them to create mass hallucinations on unsuspecting visitors, so the Science team had their hands full figuring out how to protect themselves against this new technology. Shae was in Astrometrics updating their star charts with the locations of these strange phenomenon, all the while wondering if they could use the metaphasic shielding to block this effect.

Katniss entered the Astrometrics lab, she had brought coffee and Crewman Daniels with her. "I come bearing gifts," she said extending a cup of tea to Shae. "I also brought Crewman Daniels along to help you, because sadly I'm going to be busy in my lab all day." she said with a smile on her face

"Oh thank you," Shae said with a smile as she took the cup, holding it close to savor the scent for a moment before taking a cautious sip. "You're a life-saver, I could definitely use the assistance today. I noticed some unusual undercurrents in the dark matter field; I need to double check my work to ensure that the charts I've drafted for navigation remain relevant, so having an extra set of hands of deck is just what I need to ensure the rest of the department doesn't get backlogged," she explained somewhat distractedly, completely unaware of the surprise field trip that was about to interrupt her work.

"Happy to be of assistance," Crewman Daniels replied.

"IT'S HEEERE!" Came the not-so-angelic cry of an overexcited four year old girl as she bounded down the corridor. Katrine stood at the doors to the Astrometrics lab and when the doors refused to open, she stamped her foot and knocked loudly on the door. "Maaaaaaamm" She cried.

Emilie quickly followed behind, a scowl evident across her face. "I told you not to run off, Katrine. Any more misbehaviour and we're turning right back around and going to our quarters."

Katrine stuck out her bottom lip. "Sorry."

Emilie sighed and turned to Lieutenant Griffin, "I'm glad the doors don't just automatically open here."

Walking at a more sedate pace with Aoife in his arms Cailus nodded in solemn agreement as he caught up. “Indeed.” He hesitated, wondering just how insane he had to be to bring children to the laboratories, before sighing and pressing the chime anyway. “Hopefully they won’t mind the disruption.”

Shae's ears perked up before the chime even sounded. "Enter," she commanded to allow the visitors entrance. She glanced back at the doors as they opened, expecting the Captain or maybe a work crew who had some reason to be here, but instead she saw Cailus and Emilie and the children!

"What is this?" Shae said with delighted surprise. She set down her teacup on a console and removed her reading glasses. "What are you doing here? Children aren't supposed to be in work areas!" She said with excitement as she opened her arms to receive Aoife.

“Rare exception,” Cailus said with a small smile, walking over and handing Aoife to her mother. “Aoife and her new friend were getting bored with the play area.”

Shae gasped, smiling at Katrine. "A new friend!" Shae exclaimed softly, to which Aoife chirped in response. "Oh, well tell me all about it!" Shae said excitedly, eliciting more excited chirping that Shae gave every indication that she understood as perfectly as regular speech. In reality, Aoife's little noises were little more than exclamations of excitation, but it was a first step towards real communication and Shae listened with rapt fascination, a warm smile in her eyes for her daughter and for the delightful child who had made friends with her.

Emilie was holding tightly onto Katrine, though she could tell the girl was yearning to pull away and touch every panel and button in sight. Every single one. Emilie smiled at the thought of Katrine becoming friends with Aoife but wondered if her rambunctious child would be just a little too much of a friend.

"Sorry for the intrusion," She smiled to Shae, "We were hoping you could demonstrate how the holographic mapping works for the kids."

"It's quite alright, I'd love to demonstrate," Shae replied with a smile. She turned her attention back to her console to save her work session and open a new task, one that wouldn't cause any harm if a rambunctious child decided to push all the buttons. Then she settled Aoife on her hip and stood up, moving her stool a little closer to the console and giving it an inviting pat for Katrine to hop up so she could see things better.

After pulling herself up onto a stool, Katrine marvelled at the console in front of her and how the important lady’s fingers danced over the screen.

"Lieutenant, I know you said you've got lab work to do today, so you're excused if you need to get to that now," Shae said to Katniss while Katrine climbed up. "And thank you for bringing help around, I'll be sure to put him to good use."

Katniss had frozen like a statue, luckily for her, Shae knew the situation, but her eyes couldn't help but look at the children, that dark void began to open up in her stomach and without even replying she rushed for the exit, her breathing becoming a little more laboured.

Once Katrine could see the console, Shae started showing the children what everything did and how she scanned new, unexplored space to chart the stars. Everything was displayed on the large holoscreen, but also in the large holo-tank off to the side of the room, which Shae would show them in a bit. But she would never get around to showing the children much of anything as both Shae and Aoife's ears stood erect at the sound of Katniss hyperventilating.

"I'm sorry girls, you'll have to explore the lab some other time," Shae said, striding over to Cailus to hand Aoife to him. "Take the children elsewhere, I will call medical to assist Lieutenant Wakefield," she said discreetly to Cailus.

Aoife was now downright truculent, seemingly sensing that she was missing out on a treat, but Cailus took her in his arms with the air of a man already long used to it.

“I’m sorry, we should’ve called ahead,” he whispered to Shae, trusting her hearing as always. Then, raising his voice to a normal volume, he said “Mrs Temple, Miss Temple, I’m afraid our time here has been cut short. However...” he paused, plainly thinking fast, “I do believe that Main Engineering might be possible. If everyone is well behaved.”

Shae smiled brightly, or as brightly as she could with Katniss in the state she was. "If Miss Katrine is still interested in Astrometrics and Science, I'll schedule some time to give her the full tour later," Shae said in an apologetic tone, then cautiously approached Katniss to see if she needed anything.

Emilie was flummoxed, feeling like she had made some kind of intrusion that she couldn’t understand, while not wanting to upset the kids too much. “Thank you for trying,” She smiled, casting a concerned look over to Wakefield. “I did ask though.”

“Min mor, can we see Engine hearing?” Katrine interrupted as politely as possible. Without the moving pictures and stars in front of her, she was starting to feel bored again but didn’t wish to misbehave.

“Engineering,” Emilie corrected with a smooth pat of her daughter’s curly hair. “And yes, I think that’s a fine idea.”

She looked to the others, wishing to make a quick exit, “Shall we get this travelling show moving?”

Shae caught Emilie's glance at Katniss, then frowned at the Lieutenant; this was definitely something they would be discussing later! "It's alright Mrs. Temple, we'll just do this another day. Enjoy the rest of the ship," Shae said, then knelt beside Katniss, tapping her badge to call for a nurse to come check her out.

“ONWARDS!” Cried Katrine as she headed out the door.

“Onwards,” Cailus repeated drily, rolling his eyes at Katrine’s enthusiasm. He sighed as Aoife squirmed happily in his arms, plainly spurred on by her friend’s excitement, and he gamely followed along.

Mindo had no idea what was about to him.

Katniss gave a shameful look at Shae, indeed Emilie did ask and she didn't want to spoil the fun for the children. "I'll be fine, no need for medical, I just need to catch my breath."

"No offense, Lieutenant, but I'm going to have to insist," Shae said firmly, no longer speaking as friend but as a superior. It was a good thing Crewman Daniels was here to help pick up the slack, because Shae didn't see herself getting any work done today...


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