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Mindos and Mindont's | Part II of II

Posted on Mon Oct 2nd, 2017 @ 4:03am by Lieutenant K'Laus & Janet Glyndar & Lieutenant Mindo & Lieutenant Mera Richmond MD & Lieutenant Cailus Griffin & Lieutenant JG Vecon Fick & Petty Officer 1st Class Greep & Petty Officer 2nd Class Zo

Mission: Into The Wild
Location: USS Pandora | Deck 11 | Main Engineering (upper level) Catwalk

His Klingon blood pumping through his body via his hearts, Lieutenant K'Laus was more than just running hot. He was heavily intoxicated as he stumbled about the starship. Having boarded the turbolift after Lieutenant Mindo was gone. His anger was fueling him, pushing him further and further over the edge. Jealousy, the icing on this devil's cake. He was not going to just turn in for the night and sleep this off. Pissed beyond words with a blood thirst for a battle, Lieutenant K'Laus took the turbo lift to Deck 10. He staggered and swayed down the corridor as though he was aboard an old sea vessel swaying in the rough waters of a tempest.

The Klingon entered Main Engineering vividly upset, and while most of the engineers cleared the hell out of his way, a young crewmen who knew no better tried to stop him to ask if he needed any help with anything. K'Laus simply straight armed the crewmen out of the way, knocking the man backwards into a console. Lieutenant K'Laus proceeded towards the small engineering lift that could be taken up to Deck 11's upper level of Engineering.

It was up there that Mindo's office was as well as a small network of catwalks that circled around the warp core and went off into maintenance chutes and elsewhere. Lieutenant K'Laus took the small lift straight up to the upper level of Engineering and headed directly towards Lieutenant Mindo who was outside of his office at an Engineering console. "YOU" growled the Klingon. His chest was puffed out and his tone was deep, gruff, and unquestionably angered. "I should slash your throat. I should dig my nails into your chest, slice your chest open, rip your heart out and let you watch it take its last beats!," shouted K'Laus.

Mindo turned toward the Klingon with an inquisitive look on his face, as if he were wondering if the gigantic beast was really there or not.

From behind the Klingon came a beefy, blue-furred hand on K'Laus' shoulder, belonging to the intimidating Ontarion known as Greep.

"Is there a problem here?" Greep squawked through his large yellow beak. Mindo shrugged.

The Klingon did not appreciate being touched. He quickly jerked forward and turned, forcing the hand of Greep off his shoulder and able to directly address the Petty Officer. "This Does NOT concern you. Keep your beak out of this or it will be smashed to pieces," replied Lieutenant K'Laus, who growled at the Ontarion before returning his attention and hot threats at Mindo.

Lieutenant K'Laus reached forward, grabbing the Chief Engineer by the collar of his uniform and pulled him closer. The Klingon was taller and starred downward right into the eyes of Lieutenant Mindo. "You filthy little PetaQ!" shouted the Klingon as he began to lift Mindo up off his feet and brought their faces closer.

"Should I snap his neck?" asked Greep.

Mindo held up a hand, staying his blue furry friend. "Let's hear him out." To K'Laus, Mindo said, "What's the problem?" With his other hand he shut off the leg apparatus he wore to levitate. He now hung in the air easily suspended and held by the muscular Klingon.

The Klingon was not going to give Greep the pleasure of getting a hold on him yet again. K'Laus, his hands now around Mindo's neck, rushed forward towards the railing of a catwalk above main Engineering below. He had Mindo by the throat and dangling over the edge. "Move an inch towards me, Petty Officer and your Chief falls," threatened the Klingon, looking over his shoulder at the Ontarian.

"And YOU!" said K'Laus, now looking back ahead at the man in his clutches. "I SHOULD drop you right now and watch you die" grumbled the Klingon, squeezing tighter on Mindo's throat.

"By all means," squeaked Mindo, "don't let me stop you."

Even intoxicated, the Klingon could understand the response. It confused him as hell. "WHAT?! You want to die like this? Cowardly? YOU Disgust me," replied Lieutenant K'Laus. "Does your life mean NOTHING to you?"

Mindo struggled to talk with the beefy hand clenching his throat. "Let... me... go..." he managed to say. The Klingon's grip was getting tighter. Mindo was finding it increasingly harder to breathe.

K'Laus did not let go, but he did loosen his grip slightly to allow Mindo to breathe.

Greep's hand came up. In it was a phaser, set to stun. He pointed it about a meter away from the Klingon's head. Deadly at this range, though Greep had never shot a Klingon from this distance before. "I would let the Chief go if I were you," he said.

The tense situation in Engineering had shaken some of the lesser seasoned engineers, the clean shaven baby faced ensigns fresh from the Academy, and the crewmen who had just completed basic training before coming aboard were practically shaking. Though the one crewmen who had been knocked away by the Klingon had darted to a station to silently summon Pandora's Security.

However, before security could arrive, Lieutenant K'Laus had another issue.

"Lieutenant!" came a deep yet still feminine tone of voice that clearly meant business. It was that of former First Officer, Janet Glyndar whom was still aboard waiting further details about her resignation and career change to Starfleet Criminal Investigate Service. She was outside Engineering in the corridor when she heard commotion and headed in to check on the situation, finding all attention below looking upward. What she saw had her immediate find a phaser and quietly make her way upward to the upper level.

She too had a phaser trained on Lieutenant K'Laus, but quickly accessed the situation. She was going to wait until Lieutenant Cailus Griffin arrived. "Security will be here in a matter of moments, Lieutenant K'Laus," she said trying to speak somewhat calmly to the Klingon. Her security training and years of experience told her that the best course of action was to avoid escalating the situation. She could not risk endangering Mindo or the others.

The Klingon snarled back "LET that Barbarian come. He will probably just shoot me," replied K'Laus.

Janet shot a look over at Greep and shook her head as to say 'no, don't shoot him' and she had her reason. In a lowered tone of voice, she addressed Petty Officer Greep. "We can't shoot him" she said calmly. "We fire and hit him, his grip loosens and Mindo falls. Best case scenario, broken bones and a bad concussion, but we are risking paralysis and quite possibly death at this height," she assessed.

"That's why I have these," said Mindo, now placing his feet against K'Laus' chest and activating the LEG apparatus, pushing the Klingon back and loosening his grip. Mindo hovered backward and hit the warp core with his back, only minutely bruising him and causing no harm to the core. Mindo now hovered about two stories in the air, free of the Klingon's grasp.

Janet could not help but smirk. "Clever boy," she said under her breath. She kept her phaser trained on K'Laus "It is over Lieutenant," she said. "I do not want to shoot you, K'Laus, but I have no issues doing so to protect this ship and its crew," she added.

K'Laus was PISSED that Mindo was able to escape his clutches. This was not going as he had planned. He did not want to kill the Chief Engineer, but he wanted to rattle his cage. Aside from partially choking the life out of the small Chief Engineer, Mindo had remained rather calm and not the least bit fearful of his life. K'Laus had no 'bone' to pick with anyone else. He just wanted Mindo. "COWARD!" shouted K'Laus looking up at Mindo. "You are WITHOUT HONOR. You Dishonor Fick!" the Klingon continued to shout several insults at Mindo.

Mindo glanced at Greep, puzzled. "Did he just call me a dishonorable f..."

"Fick," said Greep, finishing Mindo's last word. "He said 'Fick.'"

Mindo looked back at K'Laus, now a safe distance from him.

"What's a dishonorable Fick?" he said, clearly confused.

It was then that the Chief of Security walked in with two security officers behind him, all three of them armed. Cailus had called the counselor upon being summoned by Glyndar, but he didn't wait for Mera to arrive, instead going straight in. He took in everything at a glance: the engineers watching with concern, Mindo hovering in front of the warp core, K'Laus looking like he wanted to murder someone...and Greep with a phaser in hand, quite ready to murder K'Laus first.

Cailus grimly drew his own phaser as he approached the ongoing drama, but he kept it pointed at the floor.

Dr. Richmond entered Main Engineering and rode the lift up to the catwalk slightly out of breath. Years of research and office work had allowed her to forget what it was like to respond to a security risk. After reaching the top she approached the Chief of Security before looking around. "I got your call Lieutenant, what is the emer-" she noticed the phaser in Cailus's hand and looked up and toward standoff. Her tone of voice immediately became serious, her eyes locked on the Klingon. "What is going on here?"

"We have a drunk, violent Klingon," Cailus said succinctly, his eyes never leaving K'Laus.

Fick? thought Janet for a moment. Ensign Fick she thought and backed away from the situation now that Security had arrived. It was not her place any more to get involved. She had resigned and Cailus was head of Security and would deal with this.

However, Janet did slide herself into Mindo's office for a few moments and summoned Ensign Fick to Engineering. If this was about Fick or over Fick, Janet felt a proper course of action was to get the ensign down there immediately. If anything, it might prevent K'Laus from doing anything stupider than he already had.

Engineering? Why engineering? Fick wasn't an engineer. He did however have a strange feeling that something was awry. He pulled on his uniform as fast as he could and made his way to engineering. When the door slid open Fick could definitely tell something was wrong. There were a lot of people just standing around, which was unusual for engineering, which was usually bustling. He looked around, unsure of who called him then he spotted K'Laus.

The big Klingon was doing his yelling thing and posturing and lots of growling. Fick was fairly confused as to what might be taking place, but he couldn't seem to stop his mouth. "What in the hells are you doing?" he yelled at the Klingon and then he saw Mindo floating in the air, out of K'Laus' reach. He didn't remember Mindo saying anything about problems with their Klingon crewmate, so he was doubly confused.

From up high, Mindo shouted, "Fick, you never mentioned you had a boyfriend."

"What boyfriend??" Fick shouted back, then his eyes settled on K'Laus again. "Oh crap," he said softly. The full weight of what was actually going on hit Fick like a ton of bricks. He stared up at the Klingon, never knowing, never guessing that maybe, just maybe the tall Klingon felt the same way about Fick that Fick felt about him. The big brute should have said something, we could have avoided all this...

Fick looked around at the other officers, some of them had weapons out. Fick put his hands up a little. "Please don't shoot anyone! This is all just a misunderstanding!" He made sure to say it loud enough for people to hear him and his gaze landed on Janet.

Janet looked at Fick. "Ensign, this is Lieutenant Griffin's call to make now. It's between him and your Klingon," she said patting Fick on the shoulder. I'm here to deal with the aftermath she thought to herself. That was most certainly true. Regardless of how this went down or ended, she would be dealing with it.

The commotion was getting to K'Laus. He could hear things being said and when Fick arrived things just went from awful to absolutely dreadful. Klingons may have been known to really express embarrassment, but if one thing was evident by now it was that this 'Klingon' was a Klingon in his own doing. He was not the traditional Klingon nor typical Talarian.

"GET HIM OUT OF HERE!" shouted the Klingon when he saw Fick looking up at him. The Klingon grunted and groaned. He wanted this all to just be some terrible dream, but he knew it wasn't.

"I didn't know I even had a Klingon," he muttered to Janet. Fick huffed up at the Klingon and stomped his foot, his fists balled up at his sides. Damn him! It didn't have to be like this! "K'Laus! Just STOP!"

It was then that the Security Chief stepped into the mess, stopping just a meter from K'Laus and Fick as the Risian shouted his plea. Cailus' weapon was holstered, but he looked at the big Klingon with a terrible, cold authority that made his unspoken message clear.

Fick gave Mindo an apologetic look. "Lieutenant, I am so sorry. I had... I had no idea." Fick shook his head. "I mean I flirted..." He crossed his arms over his chest, apparently not going anywhere. "He didn't say anything. Like nothing. He never gave any indication that he might be interested. After a while I was just flirting cause it was fun to aggravate him... but.. I mean... I don't even know what to say." He looked up at K'Laus again.

"It's OK, Fick," said Mindo.

Just then, K'Laus began to sparkle blue, and within seconds, he had disappeared. Mindo turned around and saw Crewman Zo at the pool table.

"This seemed to be going nowhere," said Zo. "So I transported him to the brig."

"You activated the force fields first right?" said Mindo.

Zo nodded. "Of course." He looked around the room at the stunned faces. "I figured this was the safest course of action for everybody."

Caught off-guard by the sudden transport, Cailus looked back at Zo with grim resignation. "Good initiative, petty officer," he said with a neutral, dispassionate tone, although somehow the Security Chief still seemed faintly disapproving. "However, do yourself a favour and stay away from Lieutenant K'Laus for a while. That may have been the safest course of action, but it wasn't necessarily the smartest."

"I'll keep that in mind, sir," said Zo, suddenly realizing what he had done was definitely not the smartest thing... at least, for Zo.

With that, Cailus nodded curtly at the two security officers who had entered with him, and wordlessly they turned and left Engineering. Glancing up at Mindo, he added, "Lieutenant, you'll need to write a full report concerning what just occurred here." Looking at Janet, he added, "Will you be taking over this particular investigation?"

The former First Officer looked at the Security Chief. "Cailus, I haven't even been given my badge or service weapon yet, but this will most certainly be a SCIS investigation. I just don't know exactly where to start with this mess. "I'd advise you have Doctor Richmond do a full psychiatric evaluation of Lieutenant K'Laus," she said looking at the Counselor.

"Of course." the counselor said with a quick nod. She turned to the crewman, "I would have liked to have seen him detained peacefully, but I understand you wanting to deescalate. I just hope that we haven't enraged him more. Please notify me when the Lieutenant has calmed down and sobered up, Mister Zo. I am going to get started on my report"

Janet took a deep breath. "The Captain and XO need to be made aware of this immediately. If K'Laus has any chance surviving this mess, its going to be by taking preemptive measures...wait why am I getting involved in this. I will be investigating, I'm not part of this crew," she said with a sigh. "Cailus, you need to protect K'Laus. As soon as Starfleet Brass gets word of this an SCIS investigation will begin and a Court Martial hearing will likely be called for... and I cannot say anything else," she said admitting some defeat. She did not want to risk her new job immediately before it even started.

A distasteful look on his face, Cailus nevertheless nodded. He didn't particularly like the idea of protecting K'Laus, but regardless, the man was a shipmate. "Understood."

She grabbed a PaDD immediately. Badge or not, she was at the scene of the incident and if she was put on this case... the more she jotted down now the better. "Mindo, did he hit you at all?" asked Janet. Though before he could give his response, her care for her former shipmate kicked in. "Get medical down here," she instructed "I want them to have a look at Mindo, but I need them to take scans and make official reports. I don't want to lose any forensic evidence," she added.

"That's not necessary," said Mindo, lowering himself to about everyone's height. "My throat is fine, and he didn't really do any other kind of damage."

Janet nodded. "Well, that's a good thing...I hope" she said knowing that this was not looking good for the Klingon

Fick was starting to understand the seriousness. He stepped right into the group of officers, despite his rank, and looked up at most of them. "Look... it's not K'Laus' fault or even Lieutenant Mindo's... it's mine. I started all this. I didn't mean to, but I did." He desperately wanted to take at least some of the heat off the Klingon and he really did feel like he was, in part, responsible.

"I understand that you want to protect him, Mister Fick, but Lieutenant K'laus needs to be held accountable for his actions." Dr. Richmond compassionately placed her hand on the young ensign's shoulder. "If you would like to come back to my office we can discuss how to move on from this."

"I totally understand that he messed up," Fick snapped back, starting to sound defensive. "But I just wanted to say that it's not just his fault. I definitely participated. It's not fair for him to take the blame all on his own. Mindo though... it's definitely not his fault." He eyed the counselor. "What do you mean move on? I don't want to move on... that was... really awesome in a not so awesome way..." He hung his head and sighed and made a little gesture with his hands at his sides, indicating that he gave up. "Okay... your office? Now?"

Dr. Mera stepped back, not expecting the ensign's reaction. "I'm not sure if I agree with that, but if you don't think you need to discuss it further then carry on. It's not an order." She straightened her uniform and turned to the rest of the crowd. "Cailus, if we are done here then I would like to return to my office. I was in the middle of a meeting with a patient."

Fick looked a little confused. "Do you want me to make an appointment?" he asked her, unsure of her withdrawal. "I didn't mean to put you off... I think I probably do need to talk about it." He offered a little bit of a hopeful smile.

Mindo raised a hand. "I know everyone's accepting blame for all of this, but I want to make it clear this wasn't my fault for once. We all know that, right?"

"It totally wasn't," Fick reiterated.

Janet clapped her hands together. "Alright, back to work!" she shouted looking at the spectator of engineers. "I may not be First Officer, but I still have the Captain's ear people" she added with a small smile. "Mindo, if you don't need medical then continue as you were. Everyone else, clear out" she said sternly.


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