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Women and War Nog

Posted on Mon Oct 2nd, 2017 @ 4:02am by Lieutenant K'Laus & Lieutenant Kalin 'Shae' Brennan-Griffin PhD & Lieutenant Mera Richmond MD & Huyo

Mission: Into The Wild
Location: USS Pandora | Deck 6 - Recreation Deck | Luna Eclipse

Lieutenant K'Laus was still getting himself sorted and shaking his most recent adventure off. The supply run to Ferenginar had not gone entirely to plan. That was of course was a gross understatement. He and Ensign Vecon Fick had tangled with some Nausicaans and had been on the receiving end of an electrified Ferengi power whip. There were Ferengi, their were Tramps, and most definitely Thieves. As if the shuttle ride there had not been bad enough, the adventure the two had was something that they both would not soon forget. K'Laus was almost certain that had it not been for Ensign Fick's story and official report to corroborate that of K'Laus,' the Captain may have not believed him.

The slim fit yet sturdy Klingon had retired for the evening, relaxing on the Pandora's recreational deck for the past several hours. He had his fair share of synth ale to begin with, but as the hours went on and the 'night' eclipsed the 'day' aboard the Luna class starship, Lieutenant K'Laus had found his way to the bottles of the real stuff, the genuine gin, the burning bourbon, wild whiskey, and his truest weakness: A damn hard Klingon War Nog. He had managed to stumble around the recreation deck and make it into the Luna Eclipse, looking a bit tipsy, but Klingons wore their liquor well. He was not yet slurring his speech when took a seat at the bar and motioned for the bar keep, Huyo over to him.

He grunted at the woman as she took her time to mosey on down his way. "I need some war nog" he said raising the empty stein from a previous glass of beer he had engulfed only a few minutes ago from another establishment. The room was spinning somewhat and the Klingon could hardly tell the difference from one place to another. All he knew for certain was he was at a bar and he wanted dome damn war nog.

Confronted by a drunk (and very, very big) Klingon at her bar, the barkeep was distinctly uneasy, but decided that discretion was the better part of valor. She turned around to the shelves behind her, stood up on her toes and pulled a large, magenta bottle from the top shelf.

"Here you go, honey," Huyo said soothingly as she uncorked the bottle and, after grabbing a large tankard from below the bar, filled it to the brim before sliding it to K'Laus, smiling pleasantly at him all the while.

The Klingon was not too rowdy, just evidently intoxicated yet not quite out of it yet. He was still making sense and had some control over himself. He swung his bar stool around and the stool teetered a bit, two of its four legs briefly coming off the ground and the Klingon quickly adjusted his weight and brought all fours back down to the deck. "Arrg" he grumbled. "Always with the turbulence" he said shaking his head, apparently feeling like he was in the rocking shuttle again.

When he swiveled around in his chair once more, he caught sight of two women at one of the tables, both enjoying something light food wise and by the looks of it maybe some coffee, tea, or a racktachino. Lieutenant K'Laus accepted the Warnog from Huyo. "Two more Warnogs for the ladies over there, on me" he said gesturing towards Doctors Brennan and Richmond, the Chief Science Officer and Ship's Counselor respectively.

Still with a friendly smile on her face, Huyo bowed her head gracefully. "Of course, dear," she said pleasantly. "I'll just go ask if they're interested. Warnog is a touch strong for some species, after all; not everyone can handle a Klingon drink."

With a wild cackle that turned into a laugh deep from his gut, the Klingon grumbled and shook his head. He knew that Huyo was correct in that assessment, but the Klingon still found it amusing to hear. "If they cannot hold down some Klingon Warnog, offer them something more delicate. Perhaps some Betazoid Uttaberry daiquiris or a shot of prune juice" replied the Klingon with a nod.

After being presented with the good Klingon's offer Mera was conflicted. "If nothing else it may earn us some respect." she said under her breath and looking toward Dr. Brennan for confirmation. "I will accept Mr. K'laus's offer of Warnog." she said with a hint of distress.

Shae was just taking a moment to get to know the new Counselor before their first session together, and a pleasant conversation over a meal seemed a nice way to do it, but then there was Miss Huyo approaching with an offer of Klingon War Nog. War Nog? She had never had that! Was it anything like egg nog? No, surely not! But she was curious now. "I will give this brew a try," Shae replied with a nod to Huyo.

Huyo smiled enigmatically, and she was back in a flash with two more tankards full of warnog for Mera and Shae. The drink was deceptively clear, looking oddly like water if not for the strong odor. "Enjoy, but be beware," she whispered mischievously to the two women so K'Laus couldn't hear, before returning to the bar to serve another customer.

There was a moment in which the Klingon was unsure if the women would accept his offer of Warnog. However, this soon passed when the Counselor was first to accept the Warnog. It brought a wide grin across Lieutenant K'Laus' face. To him, this was a good sign. It was a fair indication that he was not going to be shot away by these two women. He did not know either of them all that well, though he had worked around Shae on several occasions. Sometimes, seeing her requests for additional supplies or resources.

Taking his Warnog with him, K'Laus made his way over to the women and respectfully excused himself for intruding on their evening. He grunted a bit at first, but continued on after pulling out a chair from their table and taking a seat. "Doctors" he said addressing them both on their professional merit rather than their ranks. "I was hoping that I could have a few minutes of your time. I know you are both off duty, but..." the Klingon continued, he was unsure exactly how to address the situation or work into a discussion.

It was unusual to Shae that both Mera and K'Laus were using her professional title rather than her ranks; ever since earning her doctorate, everyone she had come across seemed dead set against using the title, so it was refreshing to hear it from the Counselor and the now drunk Klingon supply officer. And she had yet to take a drink of the War Nog offered to her, instead giving it a cautionary sniff; well at least it wasn't blood wine, that stuff could turn her stomach so fast, but this didn't smell half bad, though the alcohol content was through the roof, she was getting a buzz just smelling it! "Please, you're welcome to join us," Shae replied in a strained tone, still reeling from how strong this brew was.

The Klingon locked his eyes onto Shae and a smirk crept up his face. In Talarian society, women were always subordinate to men. They rarely were permitted to join the military forces. This was only a relatively recent allowance and mostly in non-combat positions. They tended to wounded and carried reports. They could never outrank the male among them. If this were ever the case, a higher ranking male would be added or said lesser ranking male would receive an immediate promotion. So, sitting at a table with Warnog and women was something peculiar for this Klingon. However, his past few years aboard Federation starships had him work alongside women. Though he would never willingly take an assignment where his CO was a woman nor his Department Head.

K'Laus was drunk. This is something that aided him well in sitting at this table with these two women. It also was beneficial that they were in the Sciences albeit the Counselor more into Medical Sciences. Regardless, frivolous and medial positions in his mind. However, he did hold a high respect for medical physicians. They saved lives and healed wounded warriors. One of K'Laus' past assignments was aboard a Hospital ship.

He grunted at Shae. "If the Warnog is too much for your delicate liver, I can drink it. We will get you something more appropriate. Perhaps a virgin drink?" teased the Klingon. "Thank you" he said swiftly, joining them. "You are mated to that idiot barbarian Security Chief, are you not?" asked K'Laus.

"I'm Irish and we've never met a drink that wasn't worth drinking," Shae said defiantly, and she was about to rise to the challenge and take a drink from the frothy mug, but then he said something that hit her harder than the smell of alcohol. "M-mated?! Oh, n-no no no no! We're, uh, dating, and yes we are c-cohabitating but we- wait, did you just call him 'idiot barbarian'? That's rich coming from a Klingon!" Shae shot back with a glare. "Cailus is neither an idiot nor a barbarian!" It wasn't her place to fight Cailus' battles for him, but neither was she going to stand for this- this- this... person, rude and inconsiderate person, insult Cailus when he wasn't around to stand up for himself. "It's a very small-minded and cowardly thing to do, throwing around insults about people you clearly don't know, especially when they aren't around to defend themselves!"

The Klingon slammed his fist down upon the table. "What would you rather me call him? He is prejudice against me because I am KLINGON" said the drunken lieutenant. "Have you not noticed the tone of his voice, the disgust, the hatred. The way he looks at me without looking at me?!" growled K'Laus. "He only sees what he wants to. He cannot look past his own hatred for my species. Just because I look Klingon, I am his blood enemy" he said sternly. "I did not mean to offend you. I had thought you two were...the way you look at one another. The way you protect his honor. That is what I have read in Klingon poetry and romance holo novels" said the Klingon.

"You will not raise your voice to me, especially not in that tone," Shae said sternly. She didn't often pull rank, but she had no qualms about doing so now. "I have not had the opportunity to notice how he is around you, but I also know that Cailus is a man out of his time; he lived through the war between the Klingons and the Federation, if he finds your presence disdainful then he has a reason for it. But Cailus is also a man of great discipline, he would never allow his personal feeling to get in the way of his duty. That you are allowing your feelings to get the better of you only proves how undisciplined, how barbaric, you are. And I will not discuss my relationship with Cailus any further, at least not with you, not until you've learned a bit more respect for your superiors."

Lieutenant K'Laus looked away from the woman for a moment perhaps a moment longer than he should have. He was unsure what to say to her nor how to look at her. He then brought himself to address her. "I am sorry, Lieutenant" replied K'Laus, not only uncharacteristically Klingon by apologizing, but breaking from Talarian cutoms and his home culture by addressing her by her Starfleet rank rather than her title of Doctor. "I did not know that he was not from this time. I do not intend to intrude on your relationship. I simply seek advice...from both of you" said the Klingon looking at both women.

"Apology accepted," Shae said in a gentler tone, then finally took a drink from her mug. The taste that assaulted her senses! It wasn't bad, just strong, and Shae couldn't refrain from coughing with a wince. "Wow," she said with a raspy voice, but then took another smaller sip to get a better sense of the taste without the alcohol burning her tongue; it reminded her of a German drink, and it was good! "Wow, that is... wow..." she repeated, then took one more experimental swig. "What kind of advice do you need?" Shae asked K'Laus, her voice still raspy, and she still seemed a bit wary of him, but she was willing to help out another Officer regardless.

The Klingon teetered on his seat and swayed a bit, nearly falling over, but was able to regain his balance. "Wow indeed" he said, flashing his teeth and practically smiling. "Good Warnog numbs all" he said before continuing on, cutting to the heart of the matter. "I had thought you and Cailus were mated. So, I am not sure if you can help or not, but perhaps..."

K'Laus finished his stein of Warnog. "What is love?" he asked rather broadly. "How do you know if you are falling in love?" he asked looking more directly at Shae.

"Oh, well, umm...." Shae replied, blushing crimson. She wasn't overly comfortable talking about this with him, but... well, it wasn't like he was going away! "I am, uh, not 'mated' to Cailus in any 'permanent' sense, meaning we are not married, but we, uh, are living together..." she clarified as she considered how to answer his question on love. "Love is not so easy to define; I did not know I was in love until Cailus said he loved me, and it just felt right. A-and... it's more than just biochemistry, the rush of good feelings that come from being with the person you care about, it's about... it's about all the little choices you make to make things work. And there's trust, being with someone you trust so completely, the kind of trust that makes you feel utterly safe and- and vulnerable, but you want that, you want to be... vulnerable... because you know you're safe... with your love." All the while her blush just kept growing until finally she hid her embarrassed expression behind her mug as she took a heavy swig.

The Klingon grunted, but it was a grunt that expressed content with the answer as well as a sense of invested interest. "It sounds complex and confusing" he said in response to Shae. "So, perhaps one falls into love haphazardly" he surmised. "Feelings may be present without one knowing until it hits them. Then, it is too little too late to escape" he said shaking his head. "Sounds like a Romulan tactic to me" he added.

Shae snorted into her mug, then chokingly tried to calm a fit of laughter as she tried to swallow the Warnog burning her mouth. "Well that's one way to put it," she rasped out with a grin and an amused shake of her head. She coughed a couple of times to clear her throat, then spoke again, this time much more clearly. "We knew that there were feelings there: attraction, affection and... arousal... and we chose to foster those feelings, but... Some people believe in 'love at first sight'; I do not, I think love grows over time as you come to appreciate who you're with. And because we weren't expecting love, it did kind of sneak up on us, but that is not to say that you will have the same experience."

To the Counselor, K'Laus let out a sigh. "You understand emotions better than anyone. At least that is what I have come to understand of your position. What does one feel when they are in love? How do you know if someone loves you?"

Mera scoffed, “you make my job sound so simple.” Up until that point Mera had remained silent, trying to hide her grimaces as she sipped on the Warnog. She knew better than to get involved with a shouting Klingon, and it sounded like Dr. Brennan could defend herself. “That is a very difficult question, and a satisfying answer almost entirely depends on the perspective of the one asking it.” She took a moment to gather her thoughts. “Biologically, the feeling of love is the result of your brain releasing a salvo of chemicals, depending on the species of the subject, to raise heart rate and give an intense feeling of excitement. Psychologically, love is the balance of three components: passion, intimacy, and commitment.” She made a triangle with her forefingers and thumbs. “There are different types of love depending on their combinations, but consummate love is an equal balance of the three.”

The Klingon cocked his head a bit as he listened to the woman. "I see" he said in response, but his mind was still trying to wrap around several things. "Passion, intimacy, and commitment" he said repeating the Counselor's words. "I have found myself learning over the years that some species like Denobulans and Bolians are rather....unsettling to me. They take multiple partners in their romantic entanglements. I do not like this" he said rather bluntly. "I know things are different with different species. If love involves commitment, why does Lieutenant Mindo...." K'Laus began, but looked around and lowered his voice.

He looked at both women. "Why does the Chief Engineer....tinker around in so many aft shuttlebays?"

Hearing Mindo's name had Shae once again blushing crimson. "Mindo is... Well you can't hold a Fasarian to our standards, they simply do not view sex the same way other species do. Same with Denobulans or Bolians, even Andorians who still carry on the traditions to marry in groups of four, but at the very least they are faithful and monogamous to the members within their quad."

Mera turned at Dr. Brennan with a troubled look. She was not aware of Mindo's rendezvouses in the shuttlebay, but that was a discussion for another time. "That's certainly true. As with almost every other medical and psychological principle there is a species that's the exception. Even individuals within a species have different needs, but generally the triangle theory stands. Also, love and sex are completely separate concepts. Some species use it only to procreate with no romantic relationship involved."

The Warnog was most certainly taking effect on the Klingon. He was opening up about things he would otherwise coldly brood over in the far corner away from people. His balance was also teetering as a few subtle moves nearly had him toppled over onto the floor.

He looked at Shae with his glossed over eyes and drool practically oozing from the corner of his mouth. He used the forearm of his sleeve to wipe it off. "I should go to them now then? Act now before it is too late?" He said somewhat questioningly.

The Klingon went to turn and get out of his seat, but in his drunken nature, he fell over like a falling tree and went *THUMP* onto the decking below as part of the stool went *Craaaaack*

From the deck floor, he looked up. "Must be made in Ferenginar" he grumbled.

Shae could see the way he was shifting his weight, it was clear he was trying to get up but that wasn't going to happen with his level of coordination, and she got to watch as he fell over, her brain slowing down the moment to an almost gloriously comical level of slow motion; it was like witnessing a train wreck, she couldn't look away! Her ears perked up curiously at the sound of the stool leg snapping under the weight of the tall Klingon.

"I do not believe that either of us suggested this level of expedience, but even if we did, it would be prudent to sober up at least a little bit before making your move," Shae declared as she rose to her paws, offering him a hand to help him up off the floor.

"I could not agree more!" Mera knelt down to help the Klingon get up. She touched her hip for her tricorder and scanner before she remember she wasn't carrying them. "We need to get you down to SIckbay and sober you up." She tapped her communicator badge to call in the emergency.

K'Laus grumbled and growled. "Over my dead body" he countered shaking his head as he got back up and stabled himself. "I don't need Sickbay. Waste of the Doctor's time" he explained dismissing her. "I will sober in my quarters" he said.

Mera begrudgingly tapped her badge again to end the transmission. "At least let us escort you back."

The Klingon waved his hand dismissively. "And look pathetic in front of the crew? I think not, Counselor" replied K'Laus. The Klingon nodded at both women and parted ways with them....a mistake he would soon live to regret.


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