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The Past Returns to Owen...

Posted on Mon Aug 21st, 2017 @ 4:31pm by Commander Owen Nash

Mission: Into The Wild
Location: Owen's Quarters
Timeline: After "Every Little Trick"

After attending the Senior Officers meeting and sending the message to Captain Rao on the Palatine, Owen had returned to his quarters to try and take some time to relax after recent events.

Having left Operations in good hands whilst he went off duty, Owen decided to take a long hot shower and afterwards change into some civvies. After getting changed, he ordered a double sweet Hot Chocolate and sat down in his armchair.

Next to him on the small coffee table were some PADD's that he'd been working through before going on shift. These included the book form of the Deathstalker Saga that he had begun reading whilst on Earth. With eight books in the series, Owen had downloaded all of the books to seperate PADD's.

When his father had enquired at the time why he'd done it, Owen had explained that this gave him a more realistic feel of reading a book when he didn't have the original books themselves.

However what took his attention was the message received alert that was beeping quietly for him to pick up. Upon pressing the receive function, Owen saw a message from his father that had been sent from the Maiden recently.

The message contained a worrying content though. The title gave him chills as he saw "Andrea Madison" filled in. Owen recalled his meeting with the former Starfleet officer turned Typhon Pact operative.

Three Months ago, before returning to the Pandora

After his tour on the USS Adelaide, Owen had spent the next several months on Earth at Starfleet Operations, debriefing with some of Starfleet's best Engineers and Designers regarding various issues and problems he had encountered on the Pandora and the Phobos. As both ships were from the new Luna-Class stable and 10 ships had been launched, Owen's recent knowledge and experience on the class was to prove invaluable in updating and improving systems on board future Luna-Class vessels.

However, with non-stop meetings, debriefings and conferences on the matter, Owen was worn out and feeling like a change of pace was needed. He managed to convince Admiral Rendar that he needed some leave to try and unwind and relax and he granted him 3 weeks return for a favour. Owen was to play chauffeur to an Officer who had been assigned to Starbase 375 in return for then taking some leave on Bajor.

That seemed like a good idea at the time... but Owen didn't realise what was ahead of him and what he would need to prepare for...

Owen sat at the controls of the USS Thames whilst it travelled at Warp 4 towards Starbase 375. Beside him sat his passenger. Lieutenant Commander Andrea Madison, the officer he was ferrying to 375 and a woman of many stories and talents apparently. Owen had been listening as she had spoken of her time on board the USS Perseus and its role in the Dominion War. Owen had listened intently as the War was a subject he was skilled and learned in, spending his time at the Academy and during training learning everything he could about the Jem'Hadar, the Founders and the allies they held.

Owen came back from the replicator with two fresh raktajino's for himself and Madison, handing one to Andrea.

"I have to admit I never thought a Sabre-Class would take that much pounding from a Jem'Hadar Cruiser. A Sabre is just a bit bigger that a Defiant-Class, so you must've pulled off some tricks on the Perseus," Owen surmised.

"Either way, I'm glad that we and the Federation are back to being in peace time and back to being explorers again. I'd love to get my hands on one of the new Luna-Classes," Andrea explained.

Owen smiled. "I'll consider myself lucky then. I've served on two so far, The Pandora and The Phobos. Both of them were exploring in the Gamma Quadrant charting unknown space and they are quite the work of art to serve on," Owen explained. He took more notice of Madison as he spoke, taking in her shoulder length curled blonde hair, her kind looking face and slender figure and wondered how lucky the staff on 375 were to serve with her.

"Well aren't we the Luna-Class expert," teased Madison after taking a sip of her drink. "So where are you headed after dropping me off at 375?"

Owen smiled. "2 weeks leave on Bajor. I've been in and out of briefings and meetings for months now whilst Starfleet's best learn how to fine tune the Luna's and I need a nice peaceful break," he explained.

Madison nodded as she got up from her seat. "Well you picked the right place to go, I hear its wonderful and peaceful there. Admiral Ross often spoke of it well and his time during visits there, you chose well Lieutenant, now if you'll excuse me...raktajino's go through me like water," She said heading to the rear quarters.

Owen smiled as he continued monitoring the course of the Thames. He noticed an increase in background subspace flux and wondered if the Warp field from the Runabout's engines were stable when the ship rocked from weapons fire.

"What the hell?" He cried out....

Owen smiled as he continued monitoring the course of the Thames. He noticed an increase in background subspace flux and wondered if the Warp field from the Runabout's engines were stable when the ship rocked from weapons fire.

"What the hell?" He cried out....

Owen checked the sensors as he increased the Runabouts momentum to maximum warp and was surprised to see that the attacking ship was a Talon Class Scoutship, the USS Jade. His confusion was building as he looked around.

"Cmdr Madison? We're under attack by another Feder..." He started before realising she was holding a phaser to his head.

"Take us out of warp, Owen," Madison said calmly as she pressed the phaser into his neck. Owen brought the ship out of warp and to a full stop. He turned to look at Madison with confusion on his face.

"Why?" He asked.

"Its simple. I was a member of the Maquis before being caught by Starfleet and used to turn out my cell. After the Dominion War and the Borg Crisis, I decided I wanted to join the winning team and the Typhon Pact is now the winning team," she explained, walking back slowly towards the transporter pad.

"Your a Starfleet Officer! How could you?" Owen demanded as she setup the transporter.

"No Owen. I'm an officer of the Typhon Pact. When you wake up, you'll have five minutes to get off this Runabout," she explained before firing her phaser at him. As Owen slumped in the pilots seat, Madison went to the comms console and sent out a central distress call before returning to the rear compartment and setting the bomb she had constructed for ten minutes before detonation.

As she went back to the transporter, Madison took one final look at Owen before whispering "Goodbye Owen, I'm sorry it was you," and then beamed across to the scoutship where her pilot Juno Deveraux was waiting.

"Is it done?" Juno asked as she laid in a course away from the Thames.

"Its done. I have the plans for the Luna-Class Starship and Starfleet's Quantum Slipstream prototype," Andrea confirmed. Juno smiled as she took the USS Jade to warp and back to the Typhon Pact. Their mission was complete and all that it cost them was the life of one Starfleet Officer...

Is it done?" Juno Deveraux asked as she laid in a course away from the Thames.

"Its done. I have the plans for the Luna-Class Starship and Starfleet's Quantum Slipstream prototype," Andrea Madison confirmed. Juno smiled as she took the USS Jade to warp and back to the Typhon Pact. Their mission was complete and all that it cost them was the life of one Starfleet Officer...

Five minutes later, Owen came around from his stun to hear two things. Firstly the incoming beeping sound of a communications hail and secondly a ticking beep. Owen stumbled from the pilots seat to locate the ticking sound. His answer was soon clear when he found an explosive device attached to the replicator system with three minutes and counting...

Becoming more and more aware of his surroundings, he realised there was a hail waiting. Owen moved back to the pilots controls and acknowledged the hail.

"This is Captain Sophie Fawkes on board the USS Atlas, Runabout Thames, please respond," Owen heard the voice say as he looked around the main cabin, realising that Madison was gone. Owen pressed the comm button.

"This is Lt. Owen Nash. My Runabouts propulsion system has been sabotaged and there's a bomb on board counting down to detonation! Requesting immediate beam-out!" Owen urgently explained. Without anymore hesitation, he soon felt the shimmer of a transporter beam and Owen found himself on the bridge of a Sovereign Class Starship. A medic helped him stabilise himself as he looked around to get his bearings. A woman in a command uniform approached him as he was sat down at a nearby station.

"Mr Nash, are you ok?" She asked him. Owen looked up as the medic cleared him.

"All I wanted was a nice quiet holiday... Yes I'm fine Captain, but that Runabout is due to explode in the next 30 seconds," Owen explained. Fawkes turned to her Tactical Officer.

"Reese, raise shields," she ordered and the Tactical Officer followed and complied with her command with a nod. On schedule, the Runabout exploded, with the device reaching its potential. Owen buried his head and sighed for relief. "Captain, I need to speak with you," he said. Fawkes nodded to her XO and took Owen to her Ready Room.

Sophie Fawkes ordered two coffee's from her replicator as she directed Owen to take a seat. He took the coffee from her and nodded thankfully. Sophie took a seat behind her desk. "So, whats going on here Mr. Nash?" she asked him.

"I was on Earth, briefing top level starship engineers and designers on the Luna-Class starships I've served on. Admiral Rendar allowed me some shore leave as long as I transported an Officer to Starbase 375, which made sense as I was headed for Bajor," he began.

"Nice choice. Carry on," said Sophie.

"Once we were underway and entering the Bajoran system, Madison sabotaged my warp engines and she was beamed on board a scoutship that attacked the Runabout. Before stunning me, she explained she was leaving Starfleet to join the winning side... Something called the Typhon Pact," he finished, taking a deep mouthful of coffee and starting to feel better.

Fawkes nodded at him and sat back with a sigh. "This isn't the first time I've heard of this happening...Starfleet Officers leaving to join the Typhon Pact... Its like the Maquis all over again but this time its the Romulans, Tzenkethi, Breen, Gorn and the Kinshaya all tempting good officers away," Sophie explained.

She put down her coffee and got up from her chair and walked around to Owen. "I've heard about you Mr Nash, your reputation is well known in Starfleet. We'll return you to Earth straight away. We're headed back for a refit after charting the Gamma Quadrant for the past two years," Sophie told him,"We'll get you some comfortable quarters though whilst we get this investigated Owen, both on board the Atlas and back on Earth. Your in safe hands," she reassured him.

Owen stood up and smiled. "Good to know, Captain. Although if you need any help on here, I'm able and willing to. I always wanted to get to grips with a Sovereign," Owen offered as Sophie walked him out of her ready room.

"Careful, I may take you up on that Lieutenant," she answered as the Captains Yeoman met Owen and took him to the turbolift and his quarters. Sophie smiled and decided to keep in touch with Owen once he had left. Something about him said he was fun...

After his incident with Andrea Madison and his subsequent rescue by Sophie Fawkes and the USS Atlas, Owen found himself working on board the Atlas as she returned to Utopia Planitia for a refit and upgrades. Whilst working on board, Fawkes had begun an investigation into the incident involving Madisons defection from Starfleet to the Typhon Pact and she relayed her information to Admiral Rendar at Starfleet Command. Rendar had been over seeing the Luna Class debriefings with Owen and he was glad that the young officer was in one piece and safe.

After the Atlas docked, Rendar sent orders for Owen to be brought to Earth to be further debriefed on the matter and Sophie accompanied him. Over the next couple of months, Owen and Sophie grew close as they investigated what turned out to be a growing, concerning issue with Starfleet Officers defecting to the Typhon Pact.

Owen was also assigned to the refit crew to work on the Atlas which meant when he wasn't on Earth, he spent his time on board the Sovereign Class Starship and spending time with Sophie, something they both enjoyed.

About two months later, Owen reported to Admiral Rendar several days after his final briefing...

"Come in Mr Nash, take a seat," Rendar directed as Owen walked into his office. Owen sat down as offered. "Thank you sir."

Rendar took a sip from his tea before starting. "Owen, we've completed our investigation on the incident and I wanted to tell you that we're keeping a more open eye about Officers leaving in the way Madison did...of which her methods are questionable," he explained before carrying on.

"Lt Cmdr Madison is now considered a fugitive and is also responsible not only for the destruction of Federation property, as in the USS Thames, but also the theft of a scoutship, the USS Jade. We also believe a Lt Deveraux has also conspired with her in this matter and Starfleet Security is now working on the matter," Rendar explained.

Owen sat forward upon hearing this and was relieved the matter was being taken seriously. "Sir, may I ask, what happens to me now? I have been enjoying my work in the Atlas during her upgrades," he offered. One thought was the fact he would still be around Sophie, which he was enjoying.

Rendar smiled at Owens comment. "I know, its quite obvious that you and Captain Fawkes are getting along very well," he said with a smile," but I need your talents on a Luna Class Starship that been made operational...and one that you are familiar with: The USS Pandora," he explained.

"She has a shakedown crew working on her at the moment but I need someone on board with knowledge and after all our meetings here on Earth, added to your previous experience on board your the man for the job," he finished.

Owen felt a shot of excitement flow through him at the chance to serve on a Luna again and he was hard pressed to say no to another opportunity to serve on one. "When do I leave?" He asked enthusiastically.

The Admiral smiled from behind his desk. "You leave in one weeks time. You'll report to the ships CO, a Commander Nyx, as the Pandora's Chief Operations Officer once on board," he explained. He passed Owen a PADD with the confirmed orders and other information stored on it. Rendar stood up and shook Owen by the hand. "Congratulations Lieutenant and good luck."

Owen shook his hand after standing up to leave the Admirals Office. "Thank you sir," Owen said before turning and leaving the office. He headed for his quarters to read the PADD and prepare Sophie for the news...

Once he was arrived at his quarters, Owen found her waiting outside the door. He half smiled as he walked up to Sophie and kissed her on the cheek. "Hey you," he said.

"Hey...are you ok? You look like someone just kicked you in the gut," Sophie observed as they walked into his quarters. Owen sat down on the sofa.

"I've just been given new orders from Admiral Rendar... I've been assigned back to the Pandora. I sign on board as the new Chief Operations Officer in 2 weeks time...," he began.

Sophie could tell that there was more. "But..."

"I thought I would get more time with you, together and on board the Atlas..." Owen whispered.

Sophie took him into her arms. "Hey, listen, this isn't the end of you and me. This is just the beginning. We can keep in touch via subspace and from what I'm hearing the Atlas is headed to new territories once her refit is done," Sophie whispered to him, holding Owen tight.

"I was worried I was going to lose you that's all," he said to her. In that moment their embrace tightening and they shared a lingering kiss together. "Never," Sophie said after they broke the kiss.

2 weeks later, Owen was aboard the shuttle Orion as he made his way from the Atlas to where the Pandora was berthed. He couldn't hold back the smile on his face as he circled the drydock where she sat and he took in all her features, realising with a tinge of excitement how much he'd missed being on the Pandora again. Minutes later Owen had docked the shuttle and was on board the Pandora, looking for his quarters...


Owen read the message from his father. The time stamp on it showed that it had been received after the Pandora had cleared the Dark Matter trap and he knew that it had been sent a long while before.

He pressed play on the message.

"Owen, first of all I hope you are well on board the Pandora," he started. "Those who served with you on the Maiden miss you and ask me about how your doing out there in the Delphic Expanse."

"However the reason I'm contacting you is very serious. Andrea Madison was spotted in the region of Carnwennan Station several weeks ago along with her accomplice Deveraux," he explained. "I have the sad duty to report that they are responsible for the death of two security officers from the USS Atlas which was in the area at the time."

"Starfleet has assigned the Atlas under Captain Fawkes to the pursuit and capture of these two Typhon Pact agents, however be on your guard. The USS Jade has been seen in the area and we suspect that they are looking to capture of more information about the Luna Class and any officers that are experienced in serving on them."

"Keep your guard Owen. Captain Nyx is a fine officer and your damn lucky to have him...but keep a guarded eye over you and those that you trust and keep close."

Owen pressed two fingers to the screen as his father closed off the message. "I love you son. Your mother would have been so proud of you where she still around and trust me when I say, I'm proud of you too. Take care Owen. Maiden out."

Owen sat back for a moment as he took in what his father had explained about the two officers killed that were Atlas crew members. It was obvious that both Madison and Deveraux were looking to send him a message, knowing that he had been close to the crew of the Atlas and shared a relationship with Captain Fawkes for a while.

What was also obvious was that they were local to the Pandora...and he had too many friends on board to see any of them hurt by these lunatics. Owen swore to himself that he would re-double efforts to make sure they wouldn't get to the ship but there were always ways that could happen.

Sipping on his hot chocolate, Owen sat back and considered about when would be the best time to speak to the Captain about this potential threat to the ship and crew...


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