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New assignment

Posted on Tue Feb 13th, 2018 @ 11:48am by Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith

OOC: Hi all just a quick one, jp to follow.

I've received details of my new assignment from Starfleet, I got the ship I requested and will be serving with Owen again only this time it's me who's the Chief of Operations!! I have to admit it's a scary thought being the Chief of a department but I aim to do it to the best of my ability.

I'm transferring to the USS Pandora via the USS Palatine, I've got to report to Captain Tobias once I get onboard and I'm all settled in. It's going to be fascinating being aboard a starship with a quantum slipstream drive I've never encountered it before so I aim to learn what I can about it whilst I'm there it might just come in handy.

I'm looking forward to serving with Owen Nash again, the last two times I was the junior officer and he was the head of Ops now he's the XO, I just hope I get a chance to speak to him about our family I know very little except what I manage to find in Starfleet records about them and I want to know all there is to know. I'm not entirely sure how Owen will react when he finds out the truth about me either I guess that remains to be seen.

As far as my Drax heritage goes I haven't tried using my telekinetic abilities yet, mother tells me that at my age I should be able to use it but I've always been too busy doing other things to worry about besides last time I tried I could barely move the old earth coin I had lying on the table and it was only a penny coin one of the many souvenirs I have from my archaeological digs. I'll have to practice with it more often when I get time but for now it can wait.


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