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Off duty time

Posted on Sat Oct 21st, 2017 @ 8:57pm by Ensign John Logann

Ensign John Loganns quarters
Morning, several days before the main storyline starts
Into the wild
Ensign John Logann

Ensign John Logann took a deep breath as he stepped into his new quarters.

~It's amazing really.~ he thought as he looked around. ~You can step into new quarters on a Miranda-class, and they still smell like they just came off the production line.~

"Computer, upon further air refreshes, release a small amount of additive. Logann 1." as the computer chirped its acknowledgment, Logann moved over to his crates and began to unpack.

He moved one of the crates near his desk, one into his bedroom, and one into the common area. The fourth he set into the closet in his room. His hand rested on the lid for several seconds as his mind traveled back. Shaking his head, John stood up and closed the closet. Opening the crate in his bedroom, he pulled out a small stand and assembled it. John pulled an authentic bat'leth out and set it on the stand. He pulled out several other personal belongings, and set them about the room. John nodded and walked out of the room, lost in his own thoughts. He moved with purpose and swiftly unpacked the other two crates. Johns thoughts though, remained with the contents of the crate in the closet.

"Computer compose message:

To: Lt. Griffin
From: Ensign Logann

Lt. Griffin,

I am on board the Pandora and am unpacked. I was given about a week to get settled, but would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience. I am anxious to get started. Thanks.

Ensign John Logann

Computer, send message."

John sat down in his office chair, and began to contemplate his future with Starfleet.

OOC(CC): I don't need any reply on this one Suliac, this will be the start to JP.

Ensign John Logann
Security Department
USS Pandora


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