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Personal Log 002 - USS Palatine

Posted on Thu Oct 19th, 2017 @ 12:49am by Crewman Kyper T'voren

I've been working in a temporary capacity as a Weapons researcher aboard the USS Palatine. The assignment came down from the Research/Science Departments on board the USS Pandora.

Apparently they had a team dedicated to researching the possibility of a new kind of torpedo. I don't do teams.

I decided to throw them a bone, tossing out an idea for a Anti-graviton torpedo, with an EMP device on a secondary detonator. As we all know, Gravitons are their own antiparticles. Oscillate their structure correctly and you turn it into it's antiparticle. Therefore, these torpedoes would annihilate the graviton field generated by a ships shields in a finite area. The EMP secondary device would then temporarily take the ships systems offline.


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