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Personal Log 001 - USS Palatine

Posted on Tue Oct 17th, 2017 @ 1:18am by Crewman Kyper T'voren

First official day as a Crewman aboard a Starfleet vessel. Can't say I'm too impressed. First off, I was introduced to the research team aboard this ship as a way of familiarizing myself with a typical Starfleet research laboratory and group setting.

Idiots. Most of the 'team' wouldn't know the difference between EPS conduits and EPS taps. Let alone how the Romulans are able to generate an artificial quantum singularity in order to harness a greater magnitude of the energy within the warp cores in order to power warp flight. How can these people call themselves Research Officers if they never attempt to expand their fields of focus to include greater possibilities for research?

I'm wondering if all Starfleet research officers are as dull and dimwitted as the Palatine 'chimps'. Am I doomed to a miserable existence surrounded by those of lesser intellect than I? Maybe the Research team aboard the USS Pandora will prove to be more up to par. Only time will tell.

I need to see the ships medical officer to get my prescription refilled.

-End Log-


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