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Posted on Fri Sep 22nd, 2017 @ 3:36am by Lieutenant James Smith

Personal Log-Encrypted Entry

Since coming on board things have been going smoothly. I’ve enjoyed meeting the crew and catching up with Nye and his family. However, their are times that I feel alone, I don’t sleep well. I also have noticed that my nightmares are coming back. The meditation techniques that I learned from the Vulcan healers have helped but I’m finding that I’m needing to do it more often.

Ever since coming into this region of space I have been uneasy. Learning that the Ravengers are here only makes me all the more ready to see them pay for the lives they have taken. I continue to work on my hand to hand fighting style and have logged many hours in the gym and holodeck. As we get closer to the planet maybe my questions will be answered. However time will tell.

End Log


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