Tour - Medical Deck

Tour - Medical Deck

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Sickbay is the main medical center aboard Federation starships. Sickbay was presided over by the chief medical officer (CMO), a senior staff member. The CMO was supported by various doctors and nurses. The area was also used for certain analyses of new lifeforms a starship might encounter, and for developing treatments for unknown diseases or illnesses. When rendering aid to a stricken planet or spacecraft, the sickbay staff treated and cared for the wounded.

Med Deck also includes the Ship's Counsellor's office, Research Laboratory, storage facilities, and a medical training room with library.

Additional Information

Location Deck 6
Description Med Deck has a pristine, white concrete floor, glass panel walls up to the ceiling, bright lighting, and a wide main passageway between the different departments. Immediately to the right of the lift is the main Sickbay, and to the left is a research laboratory and Surgical bay.

Sickbay has 6 Biobeds, an Intensive Care pod, Chief Medical Officer and Medical Staff offices, and supply and storage facilities.

Down the very end of the main corridor, facing out to the bow of the ship, is the Counsellor's office, which is much more homely and sophisticated space. It has wood panelled walls, leather couches, and a bay view of the galaxy outside. Counsellor's Office is decorated to the Ship's Counsellor's personal preferences.