Tour - Crew Quarters

Tour - Crew Quarters

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Crew Quarters are divided into multiple sections of the USS Pandora. Larger quarters exist on Decks 2 for Command Staff (CO, XO, 2nd Officer), and Deck 3 for Senior Officers (Department Heads) and Guest Rooms for visiting dignitaries. Medium size quarters are located on Decks 8 and 9 for Assistant Department Heads, Department Staff, enlisted and non-enlisted officers. Small quarters are located on decks 12 for junior officers and civilian use.

Cargo Bays, Holodeck, and Recreation Deck can be utilised in an emergency to accommodate additional personnel, up to an extra 350 individuals.

Additional Information

Location Multiple Decks
Description Large quarters comprise a sleeping area (bed, personal storage, walk-in closet), a living area (lounges, LCARS screen, table), a work area (desk, personal storage, LCARS screen) and a bathroom (sonic shower and toilet facilities).

Medium quarters comprise a sleeping area, living area, and bathroom.

Small quarters comprise a sleeping area and bathroom.