Tour - Pandora's Box (Mess Hall)

Tour - Pandora's Box (Mess Hall)

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Pandora's Box is the ship's main Mess Hall, dining area. It is an artistic, dramatically decorated room with interesting wall architecture and bold black and white furniture and tableware.

Additional Information

Location Deck 5
Description The sleek, dramatic space was especially designed by interior decorator Phillipe Gerard and won the 2388 Starship Beautification Award by the Federation Design Academy. Unlike the sterile, metal Mess Halls of previous Starships, the Pandora boast a dramatic eye-catching wall design, matched with elegant black tablecloths, pristine white table wear, comfy low-back seats, and an impressive open air Chef's Box in the centre of the space. There's also three private VIP booths that must be booked in advanced.

The walls explode with panelled shards of an historical Earth facade, backlit by a series of light installations that change in colour and vibrancy as the day progresses. The 150-seat restaurant delivers high quality fresh foods, local and seasonal dishes, and plenty of space for special events. Situated at the stern of the deck, Pandora's Box is your main Mess Hall for the ship, where crews will hold their main meals.