The Sim

The Sim

Welcome to the USS Pandora

Ship Class: Luna Class, Deep Space Explorer
Year: 2389
Task Force: Bravo Fleet Task Force 72
Unit: Athena Group
Location: The Inconnu Expanse
Captain: Captain Nycolas Temple
First Officer: Commander Owen Nash
Designation: NCC 80114

Current Mission:
"Death In Paradise"

The Alrakis Pact has declared the Inconnu Expanse as their sovereign territory and ordered all Federation vessels to leave the area within three months. Taking a lead from the information they gained from the Ravagers, the Pandora arrives at the famous Paradise Outpost, the Expanse’s favorite trading station. Not long after, the station is rocked by the cold blooded murder of a security officer and the blame is clearly placed on the Pandora crew! As the Pandora investigates the murder, it becomes apparent the culprit was betraying the crew and working for the Alrakis Pact. The hunt is on to find the traitor before they can succeed in their plans and the Pandora is left exposed to their powerful new enemy.

The Pandoran Way:
Here at the USS Pandora, we are a simulation game that is all about the writers. Whether you're a novice or an old hand, you can write with us. Whether you like intense action or the humdrum of daily life, you can write with us. Whether you are a Trekkie or a technophobe, you can write with us. The universe that Roddenberry created is yours for the making.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: We just want you to write. Mission Post. Personal Logs. Joint Stories. Write them long, short, everything in between. You can write a post detailing your character's daily routine, or create a long-reaching personal character arc that reaches the depths of his/her soul.

We want all your posts and stories. We want you to have a 360 degree, 24/7 experience of being on board this ship, sailing with this crew, venturing into our mission, and creating a living, breathing character. It is a wonderful thing if you have several posts waiting to go, if you've got Joint Posts with every one else on board. We want to see you enjoying the ship and the more you post, the more fun you will have.

If you check out the Ship's Tour and Deck Listing, you will see an extensive list of departments to venture to, as well as our impressive Recreation Deck for all your off-duty entertainment. Don't be afraid to explore every aspect of the ship and discover what your character loves or hates. You've written them a bio, now write their lives.


And of course, we will keep coming with the exciting missions and sim storylines as we dive into the unknown of the Inconnu Expanse. If you just want to write some classic Trek, you can do that here. If you want action and adventure, you can do that here. If you just want to write, then goodness gracious can you do that here.

Join Us:
We are seeking bold explorers, curious scientists, brave warriors for a brand new deep-space mission into the unchartered and dangerous territory of the Inconnu Expanse. Join us as we face new and undiscovered world, investigate the secrets and phenomena of the region, and fight to bring peace to this lawless, unclaimed region.

If you think you're brave enough to join our crew, fill out an application today.

Trek Into the Wild!