Deck Listing

Deck Listing

Deck 1 - Bridge · Deck 2 - Briefing Room / XO's Office · Deck 3 · Deck 4 · Deck 5 - Recreation Deck · Deck 6 - Medical Deck · Deck 7 - Science Deck · Deck 8 · Deck 9 · Deck 10 · Deck 11 · Deck 12 - Main Engineering · Deck 13 - Cargo Bay · Deck 14 · Deck 15 - Shuttle Bay · Deck 16 · Deck 17 · Deck 18 · Deck 19 · Deck 20

Deck 1 - Bridge

Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room

Deck 2 - Briefing Room / XO's Office

Main Briefing Room, XO's Office, auxiliary conference room, Command Staff (CO, XO, and 2nd Officer) quarters.

Deck 3

Operations Department, Tactical Department, Chief of Ops and Tactical's Offices, Senior Staff Crew Quarters, Guest Staterooms.

Deck 4

Intelligence Offices, Chief of Intelligence Office, High Security Brig, Departmental Offices, Computer Core, Training Rooms, Senior Staff Dining Room, auxiliary meeting room.

Deck 5 - Recreation Deck

Due to the Pandora's deep-space, long-haul missions, the vessel boasts an expanded Recreation Facilities Deck, that encompasses the outside rim of Deck Five. The recreation facilities are divided into three sections. The Pandora's Box at the rear, the Crescent shops circling around to the left, the Luna Eclipse spanning around to the right, and the Gifted gymnasium looking over the bow of the ship. In the middle of the Deck are the ship's Holodecks, Staff Quarters, Supply rooms, maintenance rooms, and training rooms.

- The Pandora's Box is a 150-seat restaurant, delivering high quality fresh foods, local and seasonal dishes, and plenty of space for special events. Situated at the stern of the deck, Pandora's Box is your main Mess Hall for the ship, where crews will hold their main meals.

- The Crescent is located on the port side of the Recreation Deck's outer corridor, a circling boulevard of luxury. Pick up an indulgent gift, stop by a cafe, or enjoy our entertainment facilities. The Crescent is open between 10 am and 12 am every day.

- The Luna Eclipse is located around the starboard side of the Recreation Deck's circular corridor, and acts as the Pandora's main Bar/Lounge, or ten-forward. Enjoy our low-light atmosphere with comfy white lounges and grey marble tables,while facing a panoramic view of the space outside.

- Gifted, named after the legend of Pandora, is the ship's 24-hour fitness centre, bringing top of the range exercise equipment, lap pool, and dedicated trainers to help keep the crew in peak condition. More social and available than a holodeck program, the Gifted gym is pivotal for maintaining physical fitness during the long mission.

- Daycare, a supervised play and education centre for young passengers onboard the Pandora, including an infant's nursery. There is a common room, art room, music and dance room, and large play equipment with slides, foam pit, climbing apparatus, all in a space themed environment.

- School, an education centre for primary and secondary school aged students onboard the Pandora.

Deck 6 - Medical Deck

Med Deck has a pristine, white concrete floor, glass panel walls up to the ceiling, bright lighting, and a wide main passageway between the different departments. Immediately to the right of the lift is the main Sickbay, and to the left is a research laboratory and Surgical bay.

Sickbay has 6 Biobeds, an Intensive Care pod, Chief Medical Officer and Medical Staff offices, and supply and storage facilities.

Down the very end of the main corridor, facing out to the bow of the ship, is the Counsellor's office, which is much more homely and sophisticated space. It has wood panelled walls, leather couches, and a bay view of the galaxy outside. Counsellor's Office is decorated to the Ship's Counsellor's personal preferences.

Deck 7 - Science Deck

Comprises of:
Stellar Cartography / Astrometrics
astronomical sciences
stellar cartography lab
planetary sciences
geological lab
physical sciences
quantum mechanics
Plant biology lab
cybernetics lab
cultural anthropology
archaeology lab

Deck 8

Warp Core, Transporter Room 2, Crew Quarters (Assistant Department Heads), Aft Tractor Emitter, Sensor Analysis Lab, Storage

Deck 9

Warp Core, Crew Quarters (Assistant Department Heads, Department Staff), Communications Array, Mid-Level Observation lounge, Auxiliary Supply Rooms

Deck 10

Warp Core, Environmental Control (Life Support, Gravity Control), Cryostorage.

Deck 11

Warp Core, Main Engineering (Upper), Navigational Deflector, Engineering Labs, CEO Office, Engineering Component Storage

Deck 12 - Main Engineering

Warp Core, Main Engineering (Lower), Navigational Deflector, Assistant CEO Office, Engineering Component Storage, Antimatter Storage

Deck 13 - Cargo Bay

Upper Cargo Bay (Bow), Upper Shuttle Bay (Stern), Armoury 2, Auxiliary Computer Core, Emergency Transporters.

Deck 14

Lower Cargo Bay (Aft), Middle Shuttle Bay (Stern), auxiliary computer core, storage

Deck 15 - Shuttle Bay

Main Shuttle Bay, Antimatter Generator, Antimatter Injection Assembly, Arboretum, Hydroponics Bay

Deck 16

Warp Core Ejection Mechanism, Torpedo Storage and Launcher System x2 (Fore), Main Tractor Beam Assembly

Deck 17

Brig and detainment Offices, Security Personnel, Security Training Rooms

Deck 18

Marine Offices, Marine County, Training Room, Probe Launchers, Loading mechanisms

Deck 19

Marine Supplies, Marine Quarters, Probe Storage, Maintenance Station

Deck 20

This is where we keep the Tribbles.