Lieutenant Ziara Rrareth


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Lieutenant Ziara Rrareth

Name Ziara Rrareth

Position Chief Tactical Officer

Second Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 147 cm
Weight 45.35 kg
Hair Color Her fur is white with black stripes
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description hort and thin, she has white hair with black stripes similar to a Earth White Tiger. She wears a Bajoran earring on her right ear indicating that she is a married member of the Mi'tino caste of rich traders. However, the name is not one that a Bajoran would recognize.


Spouse Riaan Rrareth
Father Mosien
Mother Lisarr
Brother(s) Kesh, Ra'jirr, Omkir, Shakir, Miraubi, Za'Kir, Ajjan, Risaad
Sister(s) Taahni, Zakhtar, Kiraya, Risrin, Tsavi, Khaya, Aahin, Kaasha
Other Family Ziara's parents are polyamorous. She has a large number of half-siblings, adopted sibling, cousins and other relations.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Her personality is very energetic and outgoing. She is curious about everything but lacks the attention to detail required of science officers.

Her biggest strength is her endless energy and excitement about seeing new things. Even in tough situations, she keeps a steady hand. She has an IQ of around 120.

She is also a first-rate pilot and navigator. She has been at the helm of a starship for most of her life. She became a combat pilot before the was a teenager. She entered Starfleet academy with more flying hours than some of her teachers. She joined Nova Squadron, becoming the first Freshman to qualify as the lead solo. Her performance was key to winning the Rigel Cup during her senior year. After the Academy, she has been assigned in rapid succession to a large number of ships, providing her with a wide skill base. During the Hobus Crisis, she plotted a new route for starships to take which resulted in thousands of lives being saved.

She is not qualified as an engineer, but due to growing up on a ship, she often performed maintenance and repairs. She is also an ardent believer in Star Fleet's 'Pair and a Spare' ideology when it comes to engineering.

She is a skilled trader. When she left for Starfleet Academy, she had less than a bar in her savings. As of the time that she joined the Venture, she had thirty bars, seventeen strips, and fifty-three slips. In addition to a chest of items for trade.

The biggest hindrance to her Starfleet career is that she is not a Command officer. Traditionally, the helm is a place to put potential Captains and officers. Ziara has never taken the Kobayashi Maru test.

Her biggest weakness is that she often fails to pay attention to the details, often distracted by something else that has grabbed her attention.

Dietary Information: Obligate Carnivore
Ambitions She's in Starfleet because she wants to fly the best ships in the Galaxy. She wants to see everything that the galaxy has to offer. She plans on getting out of Starfleet when she can own her own ship to go and see things with. She knows that eventually, she wants to have a large family. She wants to fly a Defiant class.
Hobbies & Interests She loves piloting and flew in Nova Squadron when she was in the Academy, winning the Rigel Cup. She enjoys hunting and tracking, using her keen sense of smell and low light vision. She enjoys eating raw meat like her ancestors did, but replicators don't taste like the real thing. She enjoys astrogation and keeps a holographic map of the Galaxy with all of the places she has visited on it. She is highly religious. Historical Holodeck simulations.

She has begun modifying a shuttle to become a racer. Currently, it is space-worthy, but not anywhere close to where she would like it to be.

Personal History Born on the SS Sundowner, her family was a group of traders who worked the spacelanes between various colony worlds. Born in the middle of her rather large family, she wants to have her own large family eventually.

She first took the Helm when she was seven. She frequently piloted the ship during the Dominion War, even on a couple of occasions when they were under fire. She entered several piloting and racing Competitions. Eventually becoming the youngest person to win all five Sabers of the Five Sabers piloting competition the year before she entered Starfleet Academy.