Veronica Kiley


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Veronica Kiley

Name Veronica Kiley

Position Passenger

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 8

Physical Appearance

Height 4'4"
Weight 64lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Looks like a miniature version of her mother. Otherwise, the cutest eight-year-old imaginable. ;)


Father Nathan Kiley
Mother Alexandra Alves

Personality & Traits

Ambitions To become the best soccer player in the galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Soccer, soccer, soccer, dancing, drawing, misbehaving, slowly turning her mother insane

Personal History Born in 2381 on board the USS Ranger. Raised solely by her mother since the age of 4. Hasn't seen her dad for two years. Now studying in the elementary school on board the USS Pandora.