Lieutenant JG Tyson Brookes


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Lieutenant JG Tyson Brookes

Name Tyson Brookes

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 179 Lbs
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Mr. Brookes stands 182 CM [6-0 Ft] tall and weighs 79 KG [179 Lb]. He has dark hair with hazel eyes. Strong confident shoulders help to carry his weight proportionately. At age 31 Tyson has never had an issue with remaining fit. He has strength capable of benching press 102.7 kg and squat 152.2 kg between 1-RM equally.

On average Tyson completes a vertical jump of 70 cm a 40-yard dash in 6.01 seconds and complete a Federation standard 1 Mile run within 5 min 23 seconds. His whole body to fat percentage is 13.4%

One large gash occurred while camping in his teenage years measuring 5 cm long on the outer right side of the large toe. Some freckle clustering is on both outer sides of his shoulder biceps down the length of his forearms.

Tyson likes to keep well shaven and rarely seen with stubble only if it is a 5’oclock shadow. In his off-duty hours, an everyday baseball styled tee-shirt and khaki cargo shorts is his usual comfort. Opting to wear minimal personal jewelry or personal possession’s Ty will only wear a classic stainless steel silver analog wristwatch to keep time on and off duty.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Michael Brookes [Deceased]
Mother Karen Brookes [Deceased]
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Distant relations. None contacted at this date.

Personality & Traits

General Overview There are times when Tyson becomes depressed. He can find his self-shutdown with a total loss of energy or awareness to the present. The experience of becoming a complete stranger to one's senses is terrifying. It is in these times Tyson prefers to shut his self down emotionally from everyone, immersing deep into a holodeck simulation. He finds the warmth of the California sun the sound of waves breaking, the gentle sea breezes flowing through his cotton t-shirt all entertaining to his senses long since robbed.

Old habits die hard. Tyson is a product of a forgotten relic of a decade led by such world leaders as Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, and Mikhail Gorbachev. His first motor vehicle license and car were a very pedestrian silver 1986 4-door Honda Accord LX.

When contemplating complex calculations, Tyson would sooner reach for a Sanyo calculator than consult the ship's computers. At times Tyson finds his self-retracing his steps searching for his replicated Sony Walkman cassette player. Tapes of Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister, U2 and Billy Idol strewn about his quarters.

Tyson has a quiet confidence in his mental abilities. Having lost a few hundred years of Earth history has not deterred him in his search for all things science and medicine technology. Tyson has excelled in the absence of familiarity. A frantic eagerness to learn, a necessity in the making.

Tyson has an outgoing personality deep down partly passionate, partly angry. He feels cheated by time though he would not admit it. He misses history as back on Earth in “the 80s”; Ty had his family, friends, and a steady job in the Mall at Sunrise Records. Tyson embodies the typical bellicose, modern, consumer-oriented, gentrified jock product of the 1980s teenager. He is a real Generation “X” with the annoying teen spirit to match.
Ambitions Tyson has the ambition to make a name for his self in the 24th century. He would like to do this through the only way he knows possible, which is his medical education. He remains committed to his medical and genealogical studies of time-transience neutrino molecular degeneration, soon to be published in a Federation peer-reviewed accredited medical journal.

Above his career, Tyson would like to be able to spend the time to connect to another human being on the personal level. He has felt that time has left him feeling listless and he needs to reconnect with another human. Perhaps in time, he would like to be a Dad and maybe marriage to someone he truly loves.
Hobbies & Interests As a descendant of the 1980s Tyson has fond memories of Television Series and Entertainment of the era that he remembers and can identify. He has reams of stored data shows that he has downloaded from the Federation Databases from this period. There will always be the viewer screen with video playing or the “television” on in his quarters. At other times, he will have music much like a ghetto blaster replicated for his quarters. He will keep the volume moderate when asked nicely.

- Miami Vice
- Married… With Children
- MacGyver
- Dallas
- The A Team
- Family Ties
- St. Elsewhere

In addition to music and entertainment Tyson is an advid enthusiast of Skateboarding. He has his usual beat up board kicking around his quarters, along with his mountain bike ready for a drop down in the holodeck.

Personal History On September 23, 1970, Tyson was born to parents Karen and Michael Brookes. He was born and raised in Silicon Valley, California in the United States of America. Tyson’s parents were influential Scientists in the early development and creation of the Cryogenic Industry. Karen and Michael Brookes both founded the first modern cryogenic business industrial complex Cryo-Core Industries [NYSE: CRYX] in 1976, applying subsequent patent rights and biological technologies.

Subsequently, the Brookes family had become wealthy over the course of a short decade; the cryogenic industry is flourishing in California, Silicon Valley.

Growing up a child of Karen and Michael Brookes was not a happy childhood for Tyson. His parents were often busy away in conferences across the country. Until age six, Tyson was left virtually parentless to the family Nanny. Of necessity, Tyson at an early age grew up fast becoming far mature early in his life over other school-age children.

Karen and Michael Brookes enrolled Tyson into one of the most prominent of charter schools in the California Silicon Valley district at the age of six. An education invested in preconscious theory and adaptive processes allowed for Tyson to grow and develop into an intelligent and confident young adult.

The Brookes ensured that Tyson had the best education possible. Tyson was enrolled in some of the best Private Schools with Science and Mathematics Professors at an early age. At 15, Tyson was completing State and National Mathematics and Sciences earning numerous awards and validations.

At 18 years Tyson was well on his way to Graduation at the Silicon Valley Mt. Pleasant High School in 1988. Flash forward what had seemed like an afternoon of Football and an unconscious accident led Tyson towards a transversed future.

Tragically June the 9th of 1988 became a horrific day for the Brookes family. Tyson was involved in a head-on hit in his High School Football game, instantly causing brain concussion and a subsequent coma. For months the Brookes family had Tyson hooked up to life-assisting technology, finally agreeing that it was unlikely he would ever regain consciousness again from his grave comatose state.

On September the 12th, 1988 Tyson Brookes was placed into Cryostasis in a secured underground laboratory at the Cryo-Core Industries facility in Everett, Washington. The facility was built as a long-term sarcophagus type of storage, complete with regenerative powering grids. A total of 300 cryogenic storage containers have been filled and housed in trust since the facility opened in 1987 and completed in 1993.

Cryocore Industries “…Legacy revenues and boards of trust oversee and will oversee the facilities operations well into the future…” – Len Aberholff, Board of Directors, Cryocore Industries [April 23, 2021; NYSE: CRYX]

Over the decades, turning into centuries passing, the facility was on lockdown and vaulted. The trust set for Cryo-Core Industries was subsequently transferred over the next few hundred years to the government of the United States, and finally into the United Federation and Starfleet governance. The United Federation of Planets has since viewed any Cryostasis humanoids to be kept in stasis until each individuals cause of death could be addressed upon revival if revived at all.

Multiple Federation levels of Court and Interstellar Laws Court challenges throughout the decades affirmed the right to maintain the Everett, Washington facility, subsequently moving the cryostasis units into Federation Storage in the year 2273.

In the year 2379, Starfleet medical and headquarters at San Francisco, Earth officially revived Tyson from Cryostasis due to containment failure of his biostasis unit.

Tyson has a vivid memory of being revived. He remembers bright, warm light encompassing his body. Tyson remembers a team of what seemed to be doctors surrounding him. He was in a room or facility that he had no recollection of entering. Tyson has memory playing High School Football as running short backer for the Eagles in 1988. He recalls being tackled, the pressure on him and dropping to the ground, his helmet grinding into the dirt grass and then nothing.

Federation surgical doctors used a multicellular neuro stasis regeneration apparatus placed on his forehead, efficiently repairing the trauma caused to his brain and the resulting coma. Tyson rarely shares his memory of his experience. He would rather spend his time studying and taking in the new era of life he was gifted.

Having excelled through Starfleet examinations in the year 2380, Tyson was confident when he arrived at Relva VII. At the training and assessment facility he completed various tests of dynamic and biologic relationships, hyperspace physics and the Caldrum IQ with notable success.

The medical field greatly influenced Tyson in his early years. At an early age, he could hardly keep his hands off microscopes and pond biology.

Tyson joined the Academy in 2381 studying the Federation basics of science, mathematics, biology, and medicines was a primer to advanced studies of medicine for Tyson. Lightyears beyond the classical theories of relativity and the laws of gravity led to the 23rd-century world. Tyson had become versed in the latest quantum field mechanics, computer science molecular, thermodynamics of transient medical properties, and differential geometries of study.

Today in 2389, if you were to ask Tyson specifics of Federation contemporary politics or regions of space-faring civilizations; you may receive a reserved and confused gaze from him. Despite Tyson is confident, reliable, conservative yet dynamic qualitative and quantitative thinking in mind, character, and body.

Service Record 2379 - Revived successfully and treated for comatose brain damages. Cryocore Industries stasis Unit 22-899
2381 - Joins the Academy, majoring in Medical
2386 - Graduates, joins the USS Santosa as Medical Officer, Crewman rank
2387- Promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Ensign rank
2389 - Promoted to Chief Medical Officer, USS Pandora, Lt. Junior grade rank