Chief Petty Officer James Frost


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Chief Petty Officer James Frost

Name James Ulysses Frost

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 11in
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Grey (right eye blue)
Physical Description James appears much older than his pers file suggests. His eyes are tired and have bags under them, his hair is blond but fading to white at the temples. His right eye is a blue implant due to his having lost the original eye in his early years. Despite all of this there is a twinkle in his left eye, laugh lines weathered nicely into his face and he's usually seen wearing a cheerful smirk.

On his left and right shoulders he has tattoos with the names of his parents on them and a tattoo of an Excalibur class ship with the word "Odin" written on the hull.

He's also in decent shape but has a slight pudge in his belly from a overdoing it a little during his retirement.


Father Jack - Dead
Mother Amanda - Dead
Other Family Service Dog - A black medium poodle puppy named Rosie.

Personality & Traits

General Overview James is a generally pleasant fellow but a slight sarcastic edge to the way he speaks. His time as a command officer gives him a bit of a professional buffer but every now and then his inner clown pokes its head out to say hello.

A history of violence and loss put James down for a while, even to the point of drinking for a while before eventually leaving Starfleet. Eventually frost became bored with retirement though and re-applied. When offered back his commission James decided to turn it down and come back as an NCO. He was tired of being an officer and making all the big decisions and decided his place was with the working stiffs. After retirement and with his new lease on life James is mostly able to keep a lid on his demons and focus on his tasks and relationships with his peers.

When he does have dark moments, bad dreams or moments of emotional exhaustion, his service Dog, Rosie (assigned to him by StarFleet medical) is usually there to calm him down.

James loves the people he works with. He will do everything to make sure that his crew is a happy crew. Unfortunately James can get very moody and more likely to make mistakes at any mention or sign of the Borg and he tends to get cranky when his late parents are mentioned.
Ambitions After being retired from Starfleet for a few years James' only ambition is to get back to exploring the unknown and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded people.
Hobbies & Interests James loves tinkering with new technology, acting on stage in community theatre and watching historical movies. He loves cooking and experimenting with different cultural foods, sushi being his favourite.\

He also loves playing spy thrillers on the holodeck and taking his service dog Rosie for walks along the ship corridors.

Personal History James Frost had a happy childhood. He was raised by two wonderful parents, Amanda and Jack. His father was a stand-up comedian and his mother was a famous stage actor. While his family wanted him to join the entertainment business, what he really wanted to do was work with computers and machines. So after school he Joined Starfleet academy.

His first year at the academy was chaotic at best. It didn't take long for the other students to realize who his parents were at the academy and he was mocked and pestered to the point where his grades were affected. At the end of the year, he was taken aside by his Instructor who was able to mentor him back to model student status. Eventually James passed his engineering course with honours, much to his teachers delight.

His first assignment was as an ensign on board the USS Halifax. He worked on the warp core and other various systems with his former instructor. After helping stop a warp core breach, while the engineering department was filled with coolant, he was promoted to lieutenant.

When it came time for shore leave, James decided it best to take his family out for a cruise in the delta quadrant. Unfortunately they stumbled upon a damaged Borg scout vessel in the area and were captured. James was forced to watch his family undergo assimilation before his eyes. The USS Achilles answered the distress call and found James in stasis, almost completely assimilated. He was beamed to safety and the Borg ship destroyed with all hands onboard, including his parents and the majority of the other guests on the cruise.

James’ rehabilitation was fairly quick, he still went to counselling every few weeks, but he kept his job, as an engineer. Because of his ingenuity and knowledge of Borg systems, he was promoted to lieutenant commander. He also opted on keeping his Borg eye as a reminder of what he lost.

He briefly served as first officer on board the USS Guinevere before her decommission.

Soon afterwards James was posted aboard the USS Odin, an Excalibur Class Starship, as XO and Chief Engineer. He was later promoted to Commander, bizarrely by his own request. As the new XO he was sarcastic and moody and in a heated argument between an Admiral and Commodore Jack Walker, made a joke about wanting a promotion and to his surprise was given it!!

A few months into their assignment, the Odin is recalled and was refit. The Odin is then launched a few months later. They are reassigned to patrol the Gamma Quadrant. During a mission to find missing supply ships James Frost was suddenly given command of the Odin with the rank of Captain as Jack Walker left for personal reasons.

James went on to Command the USS Odin for two years until the Odin encountered the Borg. Frost was abducted and the USS Odin was damaged beyond repair. (Details of this mission are still highly classified by order of Starfleet Intelligence.) The USS Odin was deemed missing in action and James Frost was MIA as well for a few years, the reasons for which are still classified and was temporarily put in charge of the USS Odin A to investigate the disappearance of her namesake. After the investigation he was posted aboard SB 911 for a year where he quickly succumbed to past trauma and retired.

Service Record ◾ 2371: Starfleet Academy | Cadet |
◾ 2372: Starfleet Academy | Cadet |
◾ 2373: Starfleet Academy | Cadet |
◾ 2374: USS Halifax | Cadet |
◾ Mid 2374: Promoted to Ensign and assigned to the USS Halifax as his first assignment. He worked on the warp core and other various systems.
◾ 2375: Meritoriously promoted to full Lieutenant in recognition of heroic actions. Against orders, he assisted in stopping a dangerous warp core breach even though the engineering department was filled with coolant.
◾ 2377 - 2378: Extended leave of absence for medical and psychiatric rehabilitation.
◾ 2378: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
◾ Late 2378-Early 2380: Briefly served as First Officer aboard the USS Guinevere until her decommission.
◾ 2380-Early 2382: Frost briefly takes a position as and Engineering instructor at Starfleet Academy.
◾ 2382:Reassigned as the Executive Officer and Chief Engineer to the newly commissioned U.S.S. Odin
◾ Mid 2382: Briefly promoted to Captain before taking an Admiralty job in Theta fleet.
◾ Late 2382: Due to some major restructuring, Theta Fleet merges with Starfleet Central Command. This leaves several positions vacant.
◾ Early 2383: The U.S.S. Odin is once reassigned by Starfleet, becoming a part of Bravofleet-Task Force 86, Task Group Paladin. Frost is demoted to Commodore to handle Task Group Paladins as the TGCO.
◾ Mid 2383: Frost steps down as TGCO to focus on his duties as a line officer and his command of the USS Odin.
◾ Sometime during 2383: The Odin undertakes a clandestine mission on behalf of Starfleet. During a mission where the USS Odin went rogue and disappeared into the Gamma quadrant after disabling a Federation ship in pursuit. ***MISSION CLASSIFIED BY ORDER OF STARFLEET INTELLIGENCE***
◾ 2384: Frost is demoted to Captain but retains command of the newly commissioned USS Odin-A due to classified reasons. The Odin is reassigned by Starfleet to Task Force 38, Task Group Sakar.
◾ 2386: Frost is promoted Commodore and put in charge of Task Force 38's Task Group Daystrom.
◾ Late 2386: Retired