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Ashshy Retol Ayan

Name Ashshy Retol Ayan

Position Passenger

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 7"
Weight 190 lbs.
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Smoke Blue/Gray
Physical Description He's emotive, often using physical gestures when speaking, smiling broadly, blushing profusely when embarrassed, and the like. His height and build can create the appearance of being underweight and slightly malnourished, but as frustrated notes in his medical record show, he's within the limits -- if only just. He has five of the classic Bajoran ridges on his nose, and wears his earring proudly.


Spouse Eiri Ashshy (Vulcan/Betazed)
Father Retol Shindar
Mother Retol Basra
Brother(s) Retol Andar
Retol Ainlen
Sister(s) Retol Aynara

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ayan is a relaxed, social, and chatty officer who tries to keep situations light through humor. He's quick with his work, and just as quick with his wit, which is sometimes bubbly, and sometimes biting. His chatter can be annoying to those who prefer quiet and serenity, although he's usually good about picking up on when it's time to quiet down. Usually.

His service record indicates a few notes from previous supervisors where his on duty chatter has resulted in "coachable" moments.

His belief in the Prophets is a part of his life, and he makes sure to take the time out of his schedule for prayer and reflection. He does his best to keep with the schedule of various holidays and festivals, but has come to the understanding that it's not always possible on a ship.
Ambitions Ayan has had difficulty figuring out his career path now that he's been switched to the operations track. He had built his career on climbing the ranks in flight control and moving to either a starbase or to a task force command office. The shift to operations has thrown that off, and he's listing a little now as he still tries to figure out where to go.

Personal History Ayan was born in 2360, on November 3rd by human reckoning, towards the tail end of the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. He lived for a time with his parents on DS9 once the Federation had it up and running again, and learned to fly small, sub-light craft during his late childhood. Under the instruction of his father, he showed an aptitude for complex (for a child) maneuvers.

He made the decision to apply for Starfleet Academy in order to travel beyond the B'hava'el system. During his time at the Academy and during his first posting, he excelled in piloting and in advanced Computer Programming. His piloting is confident and well executed, but he seems to feel no need to use overly risky maneuvers just to be flashy.

Ayan's record up to his time on the White Star was solid, but nothing exemplary. He was found to be a good worker, doing a good job with strong skills. He earned his promotion to Lt Jg through solid piloting and consistent completion of each mission and project assigned.

His actions at his last posting on the White Star are what earned him the punt sideways and downwards to the Wanderer. He followed his Captain's orders, and continued to defend the crew's actions. While he was not a pushover to the Captain's orders, and raised his objections when they came up, Starfleet Command's interpretation of his actions during a tribunal were that he "did not live up to the moral fiber expected of an officer." Alternatively, and perhaps frustratingly to Command, his service record shows a glowing review from the White Star's only-slightly discredited Captain and XO, including a strong statement of support for his ability as a pilot, and as a senior member of that crew.

In 2382, he was married to his long time partner Eiri Ashshy in a private ceremony on Bajor. After their marriage Ayan found it more and more difficult to be seperated for such long periods of time, as they were often stationed on seperate ships. In 2388, he resigned his commission to Starfleet and decided he would remain with Eiri wherever the Vulcan was stationed.
Service Record Dob: Nov 3 2360

Cardassian Occupation of Bajor Ends, Terok Nor becomes Deep Space 9

Dominion War, DS9 temporarily under Dominion/Cardassian control. Ayan begins seriously considering Starfleet.

2378-2382 (18-22 years of age)
Starfleet Academy

2382 - 2385 (22-24 years of age) Stationed USS Sabre, Flight Controller
Grade: Ensign, Lt Jg (late 2385)

2386-2387 (24 years of age)
Stationed USS White Star, Chief Flight Controller
Grades: Lt Jg

2388 - Leaves Starfleet

Service Marks:
2386 - Board of Inquiry Hearing regarding actions of USS White Star Crew
2386 - CO's Commendation