Lieutenant Eiri Ashshy


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Lieutenant Eiri Ashshy

Name Eiri Ashshy Dr.

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Betazoid
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 125 lbs.
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description Eiri has many of the physical attributes of both Betazoid and Vulcan parents. The variance is in his coloring and size. His frame is light, but he still carries himself with the dignity and grace of a Vulcan. He does not seem to possess the strength of a Vulcan, but his facial features are common of that race. He has the typical arched Vulcan eyebrows and the almond shaped eyes of a Betazoid. His skin tone, eye color and hair color are pale, uncharacteristic of either bloodline. Eiri does not use contractions in his speech, characteristic of his Vulcan schooling.


Spouse Ashshy Retol Ayan (Bajoran)
Children None
Father Surak of Vulcan
Mother Kestra Ashshy

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eiri has proven time and time again that he is capable of remaining calm under pressure and following orders. Because of his extensive knowledge of languages he also makes an excellent negotiator. He was born telepathic and empathic, which is reported to drive many Betazoids to insanity, but because of the stability of his Vulcan training, he seems to be able to handle the onslaught of others' emotional states with an excellent degree of success. He can become overwhelmed in large crowds and prefers to avoid them if possible. He is a personnel member that is not often seen in the crew lounge. Some tend to think of him as being aloof, even stoic at times, but these are far from the truth. He was simply raised in a structured environment that did not allow room of overreaction and emotion.
Ambitions Eiri's ambitions have, for the most part, been actualized. He has been a counselor and well respected writer and researcher. He does not seek to be in command of his own ship at any point, but instead is focused on making himself as useful as possible to Starfleet research and development.
Hobbies & Interests Eiri's hobbies and interests involve mostly reading and research. His personal concerns lie in species and the study of the constantly changing biology of evolving species. He spends many hours categorizing species by their genome, as well as, setting up genomes categories for planets that do not categorize their species in writing.

Personal History Born in 2351 in ShiKahr, Eiri was always on the fast-track for learning. He was an avid reader when he was a child and surpassed other students quickly. By the time he reached secondary school it was obvious to his parents that advanced learning classes would suit him better. He was 15 years of age when he entered the Vulcan Science Academy. His major was psychology, but he also excels at languages, with degrees in both the medical (genomics) and science (Terra-forming) fields.

Eiri's father is an instructor at the Vulcan Science Academy and his mother is a Betazoid Ambassador to Vulcan. His first assignment from Starfleet was planet-side in a Terra-forming expedition. He has logged very little time in space.

He is a published author. The subject matter consisting of studies of planets and terra-forming, atmosphere and transplanting species. He has also written several articles on the changes seen in species that have been transplanted as well as journals about the mental hardships of being with a small group of people, without outside contact, for several years.

Eiri graduated from both the Vulcan Science Academy and Starfleet Academy. He is the one of the youngest people to have done so in both histories. He had a reputation of being exceptional at problem solving and his advice is usually forthright and to the point. He is logical, but personable as well, understanding the drives and motivations of many species.

Six years ago, 2382, he was married to his long-time partner Retol Ayan in a private ceremony on Bajor. They met at the Academy and stayed in contact, even though they were often separated because of assignments. Ayan, at the time, served in Starfleet as an Operations Officer. Ayan is almost 10 years younger than Eiri, but the age difference has never compromised their strong bond.

Eiri was given a brief posting aboard the USS Noranda as their Chief Science Officer. He desperately wanted to step away from counseling and into another role. The posting however did not last and after several hearings to determine what should be done, he was reduced in rank and given marks on his record of “behavior unbecoming an officer” and “destruction of Starfleet property”. Ayan decided at this time that he would give up his career in Starfleet and remain a civilian.
Service Record 2366-2370 - Cadet 4 to Cadet 1
Vulcan Science Academy

2370-2374 - Ensign - Lt Jg
Starfleet Academy, Earth

2374-2384 - Lt Jg - Lieutenant
Theta Epsilon 4, Terraforming Station

2380 - Received his Psychology Doctorate

2384-2385 - Lieutenant
Ship's Counselor, USS White Star (Nova Class)

2386 - Lieutenant
Anthropologist/Xenologist, USS Wanderer, (Wallace Class)

2386 - Received his Medical Doctorate

2387 - Lieutenant
Second Officer/Ship's Counselor, USS Normandie, (Insignia Class)

2387-2388 - Lieutenant Commander
Chief Counselor, USS Rhode Island, (Nova Class)

2388 - Lieutenant Commander
Chief Science Officer, USS Noranda, (Sovereign Class)

2388 - Lieutenant
Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Pandora (Luna Class)

Service Marks:
* Board of Inquiry Hearing regarding actions of USS White Star Crew (2385)
* Exemplary Academic Achievement
* Achievement First Grade
* CO's Commendation
* Exemplary Service Badge
* Commendation for Significant Contributions to Mission Research
* Board of Inquiry Hearing, Demotion, Behavior unbecoming an officer and destruction of Starfleet property.