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Crewman Kyper T'voren

Name Kyper Cylr T'voren

Position Researcher

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 2.2m
Weight 74 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Taller than the average human, he usually towered over others. He usually held a cold countenance, his eyes piercing and calculating as he sought the logic and rationality behind everything. His black hair was kept generally short and somewhat messy.

His skin was lightly tanned, which stood in stark contrast to both his black hair and his black uniform. He kept his facial hair at a light stubble, and most times steadfastly refuses to shave it.

Injured during his training, he had a mixture of small and long thing scars going from his lower right abdomen down his right leg. A larger, disfigured scar sat around mid-thigh, which caused him to limp painfully when he walked.


Spouse None.
Children None.
Father Sellak T'voren
Mother Maellyk T'voren
Brother(s) Seto T'voren
Sister(s) None.
Other Family None.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Though he kept to most of the Vulcan teachings of suppressing his emotions and maintaining a focus on logic above all else, he tended to have a sarcastic personality, coupled with no desire to be polite or 'nice' to anyone.
Ambitions He wants to become an accomplished researcher, both through his findings in the Inconnu expanse, but also in the Delta Quadrant, as he plans to eventually transfer there in order to research Borg technology.

He realizes that his personality tends to put people off, and, as such, if they can't like him, then they should at least need him. This pushes him to become the best in his field. If a problem is too difficult for others, or seems unexplainable, then he takes it as a challenge to solve it.

He seeks the truth in all things and feels the need to always be right. Therefore he has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of any sort
Hobbies & Interests Reading scientific journals in his fields of interest, including Nuclear Physics, Warp Theory, Antimatter/Particle Physics. Playing the Terran piano and guitar. Playing 3D chess.

Also enjoys reading medical journals, as he likes to occasionally expand his interests.

Has knowledge of Vulcan, English, Klingonese, Talaxian, Romulan, Ferengi and even had an understanding of the alphanumeric Borg written 'language'.

Personal History Attended the Vulcan Science Academy and graduated with honors in Theoretical Physics with a focus in Nuclear Physics, Warp Theory and Antimatter/Particle Physics. Minored in linguistics studies.

Got a position at the Science Academy as a Research assistant for about five years before deciding that he'd be better off joining Starfleet if he wanted to get the chance to see the subjects of his research firsthand.

Joining as an enlisted Crewman, rather than an officer, caused a rift between him and his parents. However, he'd ever only really been 'close' with his mother, and never cared much for his father. His father had always been rather strict, and had been very against the idea of allowing him to have any say whatsoever in his choice of career.
Service Record Joined Starfleet as an Enlisted Crewman as Research Officer aboard the USS Pandora in the year 2388 after going through Basic Training late in the year 2386, then Starfleet Technical training Institute in 2387.