Mujal Junyx


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Mujal Junyx

Name Mujal Junyx

Position Salvaxe Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Mendazian
Age 78

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 80kg
Physical Description Mujal Junyx is a reasonably tall humanoid, with aged features but sharp and penetrating eyes. He is typically clad in bright-coloured robes, giving the man a look of a Vulcan scholar.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Mujal is one of the most celebrated academics that his people have produced in over a century. He has a sharp wit and a grandfather-like attitude, appearing kind and wise to those he interacts with beyond his years. Mujal is a renowned polymath among his people, particularly in the areas of architecture, quantum physics and power generation, but he does not seem to appear boastful of these accomplishments. Indeed, despite being one of the most prominent figures in his civilisation, Mujal tends to abhor serious matters and focuses his efforts on the tuition of young minds at the various universities on the planet. He is undeniably eccentric, but there is nevertheless a keen and ever-calculating mind behind his kindly demeanour..

Personal History In broad terms, Mujal is regarded as one of his world's greatest scientists and citizens. While the professor is not without his detractors, he is nevertheless quite popular with the Mendazian populace and the planetary government. It is his genius that has vastly improved Salvaxe's solar power industry in the last twenty years, dramatically increasing the energy available to the populace at large and thereby permitting the erection of the immense energy shields that now protect the planet's two main cities. The professor's quick thinking saved tens of thousands of citizens from a plague in 2365, while he is also credited with designing the tower where the Mendazian government meets.

There are those who argue that the man's many accomplishments are mere propaganda and exaggerations, meant to give the people a 'saviour' figure to make them feel safe. Whatever the truth is, it has been apparent that Mujal has shunned any government positions, instead focusing his efforts exclusively on scientific endeavours and the tuition of young minds at various schools or universities. The professor has said, however, that should the people of Sylvaxe face a crisis, he is prepared to rise up and face it.