Balek The Butcher


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Balek The Butcher

Name Balek The Butcher

Position Ravager Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Physical Description Those who have seen the Butcher and lived to tell the tale recall him as being a grotesque and frightening sight. He has been known to use crude industrial parts to enhance his body and repair damage from his many battles. His eyes are said to be red like the blood of his enemies, his face usually painted white or black. His body is covered in makeshift armour and plating, often scraps of metal or plastic he's stolen off vanquished ships. At last sighting, he was said to be connected to an oxygen tank through two pipes attached to a mouth piece. The reason for this is unknown.


Other Family The Butcher considers his crew to be his soldiers and his family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview The ferocious leader of a Ravager Fleet, The Butcher was known to be violent, destructive, and fearless. In his previous days, he was said to be an incredibly capable warrior, hence the nickname he received boasting about his skills as a fighter, a role he still relishes today. In more recent times, he has been known to be enjoying the spoils of war a little too much - firmly comfortable with his winnings and position within the Ravager command. Due to his reputation, which he still heavily trades upon to continue his lifestyle. He leaves the hard work to his army of sycophants and loyal soldiers, while he sits on his throne giving out orders. While growing in weight and laziness, he still remains particularly cruel and callous.
Ambitions To continue to enlarge his personal wealth and standing to live comfortably, with his fearsome reputation in tact. He wants to build his own army of personal soldiers who are less Ravagers, and more his own personal followers.
Hobbies & Interests Theft, destruction, violence.

Personal History Not much is clearly known about Balek, where he comes from, or how he came to join the Ravagers. His name suggests a Cardassian origin, but any telling racial features have been hidden or altered since. In some corners of the Expanse, it is alleged that he was born on a Breen slave planet, living under their cruel and oppressive command. At some point, he supposedly lead a revolt against his captors and escaped, then joined along with the local bandits who would later form the Ravagers. The legend of the Butcher began to circulate in the early 2370's, where it is alleged a Ravager warrior single-handled slaughtered the crew of a Breen ship, an act of revenge against those who once enslaved him. The number of crew and size of the ship varies wildly depending on who you speak to. Whether it was ten Breen or one hundred, a warship or a shuttle; the one element that every storyteller agrees upon is that the murdering act was committed using a Kar'takin from the Jem'Hadar. It is said that the weapon was covered in Breen blood once the slaughter was finished. Though there have been sightings of Breen tech and hull parts present on Ravager ships, the Confederacy has never confirmed the loss of any of their vessels to the Ravagers. Since then, he has become the captain of a notorious ship in a Ravager Fleet, known as "The Carnage". As the commander of the fleet and vessel, he has developed a cult-like following amongst the lower bandits - many of whom willingly compete and kill each other just to do Balek's bidding. He rarely socialises with the crew, instead opting to maintain a cold distance in order to cultivate his status as a God-like figure. In doing so, Balek leaves any of the hard work to his subordinates and never places himself in harm's way anymore. The crew are willing slaves, happy to die in the service of the Butcher, a fact he trades upon to cement his position. In reality, he is getting overweight and lazy, though his mind remains just as a sharp and cruel as before. Balek developed the practice of hauling any boarded ships to a single location so that the Ravagers may tear it apart for scrap, tech, and weaponry. It has often been said that the Butcher will leave crew alive in the ship while the bandits dismantle it, leaving them to a particularly cold and callous death. The practice has been known as a "killing field", with one such confirmed field encountered by the USS Pandora near the entry of the Inconnu Expanse from the Carnwennan Corridor in 2378.