Tisar Zemel


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Tisar Zemel

Name Tisar Zemel

Position Store Owner

Second Position Teacher

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 225 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tisar is tall and lean for a Cardassian. He still has the distinctively wide shoulders, but his body is slender. His hands are long and elegant, able to play a wide variety of musical instruments. His skin is an ash grey in color and his brown eyes are so dark they appear black much of the time.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Gul Kubot Zemel
Mother Sonaa Zemel
Brother(s) Kuvua Zemel (deceased)
Other Family Paternal Grandmother Tejoa Zemel Paternal Grandfather Kakor Zemel Paternal Uncle Rediml Zemel Paternal Aunt Ziriba Zemel Paternal Cousin Keral Zemel Maternal Grandmother Katea Laven Maternal Grandfather Tonon Laven

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tisar loves music and art. It is apparent in conversation. He loves to talk about music and musical instruments and the cultures that use them. He is polite and soft spoken for a Cardassian. Despite his military career and talents he is still not a violent person. He prefers to solve problems with communication rather than threats and fists. He is very clever and can be completely devious at times, but his deviousness is always very subtle and understated. He can seem rather cold and distant as well, but that is mostly leftover coping mechanisms from his military training. He likes company one on one, but can get overwhelmed by crowds. Some might even say that he’s a social introvert. He is sensitive, reserved and almost sweet for a Cardassian. He treats his customers with respect and it is obvious to them that he is passionate about music and culture. His mind, however is very disciplined and he hides much of what he feels and thinks from everyone.
Ambitions Tisar feels that he has fulfilled a lot of his ambitions. He was a successful soldier and he reached the highest rank he wanted. His family was proud of him and he felt he had served Cardassia well. He wants to be a successful businessman now, doing something that he is passionate about.
Hobbies & Interests Tisar loves music, as if that wasn’t obvious. He also loves to build and repair instruments. He likes to learn about other cultures and their love of music, what their music means and how they use it. He also loves fighting and knows several different sorts of combat techniques. Most of them involve small concealed weapons.

Personal History Tisar was born in Lakarian City on Cardassia Prime. He was schooled in the Paldar Sector in Cardassia City. His father was involved in politics (Obsidian Order). He grew up wealthy and spoiled. His brother was much older and had already been sent to school by the time he would have developed any sort of relationship with him. He never felt close to his brother. He was also never quite sure how he had been killed. In school, Tisar was always attracted to art and music. He seemed to have a natural musical ear. It was something that he wished to study further, but his father wouldn’t allow it, saying he could never make a life for himself with music and that he should take a more realistic path and go into the military, even though Tisar would return the argument with their heritage and how the Bajoran occupation had eroded their culture, which was once rich and strong. He never really got along with his father, but he respected him. When he dreamed of “getting out” it was often planned around getting away from his father. Being into art and music made Tisar a little more sensitive than other boys his own age, but it made him very popular with the ladies which the other boys didn’t understand. He was picked on and bullied for being creative and he was often the smallest boy as well. His father would use these incidents to prove his point, breaking down Tisar’s resolve even more. Tisar was 16 years old when the Dominion War began, old enough to join the war effort the minute he could. He was a good soldier. He advanced quickly in ranks because he also quickly became a trusted officer. He was smart and quick witted and always ready with a solution, even if it sounded crazy at the time. He was a very talented pilot and invented several maneuvers during the war that quickly became standard practice. Because of his musical ear he also had a gift for learning languages quickly. His first ship was the Lusota, where he served as pilot and navigator. The ship was attacked by a group of Klingon ships and badly damaged. The Klingons left the ship for dead and Tisar suggested they play along. He convinced the remaining crew to “play possum” until the Klingons went away. Then Tisar managed, amazingly, to pilot the severely damaged ship somewhere where they could reach help, saving the surviving crew members as well. In 2375, when the war had ended, Cardassia was devastated, but Tisar still returned home a hero, but with 900 million Cardassians dead there was a lot of rebuilding to be done. During his time helping rebuild he renewed his love of music and musical instruments. He learned everything he could about any and all that he could find. It still presented conflict with his father who was very much a Cardassia for Cardassians sort and didn’t like his son dabbling in other cultures, as well as his past attitude of thinking music a waste of time. His father has learned to tolerate his son’s passion, but will still be rather insulting in person and does not mince words about how he feels. Tisar quickly found that he liked learning about other cultures. Most Cardassians gave him a lot of leeway because of his status as a war hero and his musical talent was undeniable. In 2380 Tisar finally managed to get enough money together of his own to buy merchandise for a shop. He had spoken of it for many years during the time he spent among his own people. He didn’t want to run a shop on Cardassia though, he wanted to be located somewhere where he could interact with more than just his own people. Over the next eight years he opened several shops, eventually landing himself on Earth in a district near Starfleet academy. Because this all took place during the reconstruction period of Cardassia, and the Federation and Starfleet were helping rebuild Cardassia after the war, as a sign of good faith and an olive branch of peace Starfleet was more than willing to welcome Cardassian shop owners on stations and ships. When Tisar discovered this he put in his application to be one. Before he could become a shop owner on a ship, Tisar often ran between planets to gather strange instruments and music from all over the galaxy, as well as merchandise to stock his shop with. The ship that he was travelling on, unfortunately encountered Ravagers, in a section of space called The Expanse. The ship was boarded, the crew captured. Tisar and the crew's fate was unknown and they were eventually presumed dead. Tisar was rescued from the Ravagers by the crew of the USS Pandora. After the defeat of Balak The Butcher, with Tisar's help, he was allowed to open his shop on the Recreational Deck of the Pandora.
Service Record 2357 - Born in Lakarian City on Cardassia Prime 2363 - Schooled in Cardassia City, Paldar Sector 2373-2375 - Dominion War Served aboard the Lusota, Keldon Class Served aboard the Gutan, Galor Class 2375 - Returned to Cardassia to help rebuild 2380 - Purchased his first shop 2383 - Purchased a shop on Earth 2386 - Put in an application to Starfleet to have a shop on a ship 2388 - Disappears