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Janet Glyndar

Name Janet Glyndar

Position Special Agent

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Xenexian
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Naturally Dark, usually colored
Eye Color Purple
Physical Description Janet Glyndara stands at 5'5'' tall with black hair and purple irises. She has some weight on her but mostly in muscle. She tends to wear makeup whenever possible, to the extent that it might seem a bit prissy or extravagant at times.


Spouse None
Children Soren - New Born Xenexian/Orion child. Janet has recently given birth to her first child which she plans on raising by herself with the assistance of friends and any child care facilities aboard. The child's father, Riku is the former Chief Flight Controller of the USS Pandora while it was under the command of Captain Merith. Riku was a biological sperm donor as has given sole custody and parenting rights over to Lieutenant Commander Glyndar willingly.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A strong independent woman who does not shy from attraction nor attention, or causing attention to be drawn to her. She is a dedicated Starfleet Officer, willing to go above and beyond in order to protect the ship and crew. She is a tactician and natural born leader, a capable technician if or when the time comes.


Physically fit: Janet Glyndar is a very physically fit individual who maintains a strict diet to which she is obedient to. There is seldom room to deviate from her diet.

Battle Tactician: From being a warrior since her teen years, to being a Starfleet Security & Tactical Officer, Janet Glyndar has a tactical mind to compliment her fit body.

Leadership Quality: Janet does have a natural instinct to lead, and she has been a leader to her people on Xenex. However, Starfleet has taught her a chain of command, and she abides by it unless situations call otherwise.


Diplomacy: Janet like many cadets, had to take a variety of courses at the Academy. However, her warrior nature did not help her excel in diplomacy. It would be ill-advised to place her in a situation that calls for Diplomacy.

Temper Control: Janet Glyndar has learned to keep her emotional outbursts in check. For the most part in least. She has a limit to what she can take, and if anger is sparked, things may get broken.
Ambitions Lieutenant Commander Janet Glyndar is a highly ambitious individual. She was relentless in reaching her goals of becoming a Starfleet Officer. However, her end goal is still out there for her to actively pursue. Presently, one of her greatest ambitions is to be a good parent to her newborn son.
Hobbies & Interests - Roller Derby
- Weapons collecting
- Archery
- Horseback Riding
- Dabo & Tongo.

Personal History (Name Changed to Janet Glyndar) was born on the planet Xenex in space once disputed by the Thallonian Empire, and the Danteri. Named after the Xenexian, three headed Goddess of lightening, Janet was born during the lightening season of 2354 on the planet. Being named after the Goddess, her name is one of strength, power, and destruction, but also that of rebirth. She was born into the clan, daughter of the tribe's High Priestess and the Tribe's Chieftan. The tribe and the Calhoun tribe, historical adversaries continued their brutal conflicts on Xenex as Janet matured. She was a natural born leader, with charisma and a talent of boosting morale, even early on before her teenage years.

In 2367, it was a brutal attack on her people, by the Calhoun people, one that ended in complete blood shed with the death of their Chieftan and dozen of Janet's people which brought forth her innermost fierceness. Her people lay on the fields bleeding to death, trampled by the Calhoun people. The tribe was without leadership and without hope. She knew it was her calling to fight, her calling to lead, and so she did. She lead them in battle after battle until she was finally recognized as Chieftan to her people. However, her appearance on the battle fields of Xenex caused more of stir at first, not because of her ruthlessness, but because of her sex. A few Xenexian women had fought on the battle fields, but it was mostly unheard of for one to lead her people into battle. Soon, however, it was not her sex that garnered attention from rival clans or tribes, but rather her ability to not only lead, but to lead well. She was fierce, commanding, and often times relentless in battle. She did not shy away from sheading blood neither her own or the blood of the opposition.

It was difficult of course, to be a Xenexian leader, regardless of your clan or tribe, to not be compared so some of the greats. Perhaps the greatest known Xenexian, M'k'n'zy of Calhoun, who was the liberator of the Xenexians, a man who lead a rebellion against the Danteri. He, the Xenexian who had left Xenex to achieve greater with his career in Starfleet, something that Janet admired albeit begrudgingly so. Against the wishes of her mother, the High Priestess, and many of her people, Janet at age 14 undertook the rite of passion in the inhospitable terrain of the pit where nearly died. Twice. Well, twice that she will admit to as the first of the three times was due to her own stupidity. Had she been smarter, she would have checked her boots before reaching for them. She was lucky that the serpent's venom only briefly stopped her heart. Needless to say, she checked her boots from thereon.

The visions she experienced when dehydrated were confusing. Flashes, glimpses, voices calling out to her. None of it made much sense except the flashes of a Starfleet uniform, of Federation starships. She knew her future was to leave Xenex, to join Starfleet and to make something of her life, something different than being the leader of the G'l'y'n'd'r. However, she would have to wait a few years until an opportunity presented itself when a private cargo ship made an emergency landing on Xenex to make repairs to the vessel. They left without knowing they had a stowaway aboard. It was a few days before the cargo vessel's crew realized they had a stowaway. When they, did, they left their undesired passenger off at the nearest class-M planet.

At age sixteen, Janet found herself hitching rides across the galaxy, funding her travel by any means necessary. She eventually found her self in the Sol system on the Luna colony. She hitched her next ride on a transport from the Luna colony to Earth, the door steps of her destiny. She began work at a cafe in San Francisco, keeping herself as close to Starfleet Academy as possible. It was difficult to arrange, but Janet managed to arrange for subspace communique with the last person she would ever want help from, M'k'n'zy of Calhoun, Commander on the USS Grissom. They communicated back and forth for the next few weeks, sometimes hostile. However, Janet stated her intentions to apply to Starfleet Academy, and finally managed to get Commander Calhoun to write a gleaming letter of support of her application.

With Calhoun backing her application, Janet applied to Starfleet Academy. She took the entrance exams and did passed, but not with scored high enough to merit her acceptance. She was asked to retake the exams and reapply to the Academy in the future. Commander Calhoun left Starfleet. Janet began to lose hope that she would ever be a Starfleet Officer. Sure, she could have enlisted in Starfleet, but there was something about being an actual officer that meant something to her. She continued to work in San Francisco serving coffee and cleaning tables for the next few years until 2373. She was nineteen years of age by then, figuring that she had lose her chance at destiny when she received a communique from an unexpected source. M’k’n’zy Calhoun was back in Starfleet, reinstated and holding the rank of Captain, serving as Commanding Officer of a starship of his own. He told her to reapply to Starfleet to take the entrance examination again. She did so, again with his backing. This time, she passed with a much more admirable performance on her examination. She was accepted to Starfleet Academy and was set to begin in 2374.

The first few days at Starfleet Academy were tarnished with fist fights and verbal altercations. She was making a name for herself at the Academy, but not for the reasons she had intended. In danger of being kicked out of the Academy, Janet knew she had to pull her act together. She knew she had to learn to play by the rules if she was going to last the four years ahead of her. This meant restraining herself. She turned herself around, got herself on track and focused on academics. She took her and frustration out on shaping her body, and becoming stronger, faster, smarter. She avoided fights whenever possible and her grades began to improve. Her behavior as well. By the end of her fourth year, she an above average student with a few blemishes on her record for early altercations, and the occasional disruption in class, challenging an instructor or two. However, she graduated. She got through it.

Graduating and earning the commissioned rank of Ensign, Janet Glyndar was assigned to the USS Gibraltar (NCC-75689) in 2378 as a Security Officer and relief Tactical Officer. The Gibraltar was a Sovereign-class starship, Ensign Janet Glyndar found herself fitting in quite well with her fellow security and tactical officers aboard the starship. She caught the attention of her superiors quite a few times as she showed expert skill with her type II hand phaser accuracy exercises. No disciplinary problems were reported for her first few years of service on the Gibraltar. She was a proficient tactical officer and competent security officer. She was assigned as the Night watch tactical officer three days a week in 2380. However, the Gibraltar was destroyed in 2381, a lot of the crew lost.

Ensign Glyndar and the survivors of the Gibraltar were all reassigned elsewhere, scattered across the galaxy. Janet found herself reassigned to the USS Gedara (NCC-80109), Luna-class. Aboard the Gedara, a much smaller vessel than the Gibraltar, Ensign Glyndar was assigned as Beta Shift Tactical Officer. She held the position from 2381 to 2382. She was promoted to the rank of junior grade Lieutenant and named Assistant Chief Tactical Officer & Assistant Security Chief. The Lieutenant continued to serve in said capacity until her reassignment in 2385.

The year 2385 marked Janet's first posting as the head of her department. She had been reassigned to the USS Narcissus (NCC-74354), Defiant-class starship as the Chief of Security and Chief Tactical Officer. Again, a down size in starship, but a boost in position. However, Janet was feeling as though her career and Starfleet was reaching a plateau. She was 31 years of age with nothing remarkable going on. She held the rank of junior grade Lieutenant, and was on a starship that was tasked strictly as an escort vessel. Worse yet, the starship's Commanding Officer was a 20-something year old Lieutenant. So much for a destiny of science and exploration.

However, Lieutenant Glyndar found herself tossed into a command situation in 2387, when two Nausicaan pirate vessels opened an attack on a cargo convoy that the Narcissus was tasked to escort to a Federation colony. The convoy had food and medical supplies that the colony was in dire need of. The Commanding Officer of the Narcissus was seriously injured in the attack, his First Officer killed shortly after assuming command in battle. Command fell on Lieutenant Glyndar who was able to take one of the Nausicaan vessels out of the battle. Having targeted the shields on the remaining Nausicaan vessel, Lieutenant Glyndar assembled a security team and boarded the Nausicaan vessel, leading the boarding party herself. The small strike force stormed the ships engineering room and disabled the warp drive. Glyndar and her boarding party then transported back onto the Narcissus and left the Nausicaan vessel dead in space, continuing her duty of protecting and escorting the convoy. For her valiant action, Janet Glyndar was awarded the Grankite Order of Tactics and Starfleet Medal of Commendation. All of which she gladly accepted. However, when asked by the Narcissus’ Commanding Officer to serve as his First Officer, Lieutenant Janet Glyndar turned the offer down.

Lieutenant Janet Glyndar requested to transfer from the USS Narcissus to the USS Pandora, a new Luna-class starship that had no established history. The Starship was to be commanded by Lieutenant Commander Merith, a woman that Janet did not know, nor had ever heard of. She knew of nobody assigned to the starship, no reason for requesting transfer except for one, destiny. Recalling upon the spiritual rite of passage she took as a teenager, a name resurfaced to her memory. Pandora. It had been a starship she had seen in her visions when she lay dehydrated in the pit on Xenex. She knew as soon as she saw the starship's name that she had to put in for immediate transfer, to turn down the position of First Officer on Narcissus. In hindsight, however, transferring to the USS Pandora also resulted in promotion to full Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Glyndar had served aboard the USS Pandora for several months as the starship and her crew undergone changes. Merith had quickly been promoted to Commander upon Janet's first day aboard Pandora. The two women became friends, and their friendship soon continued to develop, deepen and involve to the point where Janet felt comfortable coming to Merith for advice and guidance. In a way they had a close sisterly relationship, but Merith at times was like a wise mother to Janet. However, on Away Missions and in situation when Merith left Pandora, Janet became to highly protective motherly type. This was partially due to her duties but also because Merith meant a hell of a lot to Janet.

Feeling as though something was missing her life, having continued to struggle with the miscarriage of her first child, Janet decided to pursue medical intervention. She and Chief Flight Controller, Riku agreed that he would assist her and the Chief Medical Officer becoming a sperm donor for Lieutenant Glyndar. The in vitro fertilization was successful and Janet was impregnated. Weeks later, it was confirmed that Janet was carrying a happy and healthy little Xenexian-Orion, certainly the first of such a uniquely bred child. Dr. Selin promised Janet that she would monitor the baby regularly and at any sign of issue, let Janet know.

Janet decided to step down from her Department Head position with Security, and assumed the lesser duties as Assistant Chief of Security. She held this position for over a month but things were changing in the galaxy. The Romulans and Cardassians were seeing increased tension that evolved over a short period of time, leading to the Romulan attack on Senok Nor, a Cardassian space station. By this time, Merith had been promoted to the rank of Captain and quickly was named acting Task Force Executive Officer for the 47th Task Force. Janet knew that the Gavarian Corrdior was about to become more dangerous, but that only caused her to want to stay on Pandora and keep Merith safe.

However, Merith had other plans. She promoted Janet to Lieutenant Commander and effectively 'pulled strings' to have Janet reassigned to as position that Janet had not intention to ever serve as. She was assigned to the USS Challenger to be Captain Alexandra Wolf's First Officer. Janet was furious and her departure from Pandora was rather loud. However, she eventually forgave Merith for what she had done. Janet realized that it was not out of disrespect for Janet's abilities to keep the crew safe, but rather a parting gift in order to keep Janet's unborn child out of harms way.

Her time aboard the USS Challenger was very short. However, quite strange. Lieutenant Commander Glyndar was immediately put in command of the USS Challenger when Captain Wolf was called away on a Task Force 93 matter requiring her attention. Janet and the crew of Challenger had carried out their first mission together as a crew with her. They helped evacuate a colony of Klingons from a world that was geologically unstable. This earned Janet a small but cherished citation for exceptional service to Starfleet in a humanitarian nature. However, the First Officer life was simply not for Janet and she sought out an immediate transfer to the USS Adelaide upon an opening in the Security/Tactical department.

A few months aboard the Adelaide was all Janet could do before the physical demands were too much for a pregnant woman, even one as emotionally and physically defiant as her. Captain Hart had her taken off Bridge Duties and Away Missions at first, having her run the Department from the Brig. Only Janet did not like her cushy desk job all that much and opted to step down as Chief Tactical Officer and Security Chief and take maternity leave.

She was slated for a return after giving birth to her son and being medically cleared. However, shortly thereafter Captain Hart had taken a different Command and a new Commanding Officer was going to be assigned to the Adelaide. Not a fan of the new transition and the changes being made with the crew, Janet requested a transfer to the USS Hammersely as Chief Strategic Operations/Intelligence Officer. This also placed her as Second Officer due to her high rank. After about a month on the Hammersely though, she found the Delta Quadrant to be a bit much for a single parent to handle with a child. Her maternal instincts were kicking in and she saw it a too dangerous of an environment. She did not want to leave the child orphaned.

Service Record 2378-2380: USS Gibraltar (NCC-75689), Security Officer/Relief Tactical Officer, Ensign.

2380-2381: USS Gibraltar (NCC-75689), Night Watch Tactical Officer, Ensign.

2381-2382: USS Gedara (NCC-80109), Beta Shift Tactical Officer, Ensign.

2382-2385: USS Gedara (NCC-80109), Assistant Chief Tactical Officer/Assistant Security Chief, Lieutenant (jg).

2385-2387: USS Narcissus (NCC-74354), Chief Tactical Officer/Security Chief/Second Officer, Lieutenant (jg).

2387: USS Narcissus (NCC-74354), Chief Tactical Officer/Security Chief/Second Officer, Lieutenant (jg)

2387-2388: USS Pandora, Chief Tactical Officer/Security Chief, Lieutenant

2388: Stepped down from Head of the Security/Tactical Department

2388-2388: USS Pandora, Assistant Chief Tactical Officer/Deputy Security Chief, Lieutenant

2388: USS Challenger, Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander

2388: USS Adelaide, Chief Tactical Officer/Security Chief, Lieutenant Commander

Maternity Leave

2388: USS Hammersely, Chief Strategic Operations Officer/Second Officer, Lieutenant Commander

2388: USS Pandora