Sergeant Zaraht

Sergeant Zaraht

Name Zaraht

Position Deck Chief

Rank Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male (approximate: Type II-A Orthomale)
Species Horta
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Height 89cm
Weight 130kg
Physical Description In simple terms, Zaraht is a living rock. His body is a half-sphere with the rounded half pointed upwards, with the outer surface being an unusual crystalline carapace that has a tendency of sparkling. He has no arms or legs, nor indeed limbs of any description. Zaraht instead has a limited ability to move the crystalline plates around his body which provides limited mobility, albeit much more slowly than humanoids.

Zaraht's external shell is virtually immune to conventional energy and ballistic weaponry, although by the same token, he is also unable to use any of Starfleet's anti-personnel weaponry. Zaraht can secrete acid and crush his targets, but the extreme and lethal nature of such measures means that he and his fellow Horta are rarely used in an offensive role by Starfleet.

With the use of a sophisticated neural badge attached to his carapace, Zaraht is furthermore capable of accessing compatible Federation technology, ranging from consoles to advanced tools.


Father Unknown
Mother Ammier
Brother(s) Several thousand.
Sister(s) Several dozen.
Other Family Owing to a population crisis in the mid-23rd century, all Horta consider each other family.

Personality & Traits