Lieutenant Francesca Merchant


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Lieutenant Francesca Merchant

Name Francesca Lark Merchant

Position Chief Morale Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 145lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Physical Description This woman is tall. Or rather, she's tall for a human female. Susannah stands roughly 5'10" barefoot, but, should she wear something with a heel this medical professional would find herself even taller. Her physique seems to match up quite well with her height, as she has a fit and toned build.

Her hair is a dark somber brown with only the occasional highlight of blonde woven throughout the wavy locks. Her features could be considered pretty enough; with light brown eyes set in an angular face, a long straight nose and a full-lipped smile.

Her typical mode of dress when on-duty is her StarFleet uniform. Her uniform holds the standard pips denoting her rank, as well as the silver combadge upon the left breast of her uniform.

When out of uniform, Frannie often wears simple clothing, pants, boots and tunic-like tops.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Gerold Merchant
Mother Kathryn Merchant
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Gabrielle Merchant
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Francesca's personality can be summed up in a few ways.

Sensitive and helpful.

As a young child Francesca always had a high level of empathy when it came to people. If someone was hurt or sad, she would find herself sad with them, and because of that she found herself always trying to help. Whether it was to get them to laugh, or find something that would cheer them up. This childhood trait only continued to grow from adolescents to adulthood and because of this, Francesca found herself entering the medical field. This also allows her to have a very intuned bedside manner when it comes to her patients.

Determined and hard working.

While Francesca was such a sensitive soul, that didn't stop her parents from raising her to be determined and hard working. In fact, her mother instilled in her a habit (both good and bad) to always complete everything close to perfect as possible. While now she understands that perfection isn't possible in the literal sense, when she was younger, she often found herself under immense personal pressure to always get /everything/ right. This still crops up occasionally in both her private life and work life, when she feels the results/or task at hand will impact another greatly. Some might even still call her a work-a-holic as she's known to burn the midnight oil.

Sense of humor.

While there is definitely a core of doctors that take everything /very/ seriously and never /ever/ crack a smile, Francesca isn't necessarily like that. She grew up in a family that laughed, a lot, and that sense of humor is still with her today. She likes to smile, she likes to laugh, and her wit has always sharpened for the amusing one-liner or quip, when needed.

That doesn't mean to say she doesn't have her faults. She does. She has high expectations; both for herself and those people around her. This means she can easily become disappointed with herself, or another, should they not live up to her internal expectations. She is aware of this flaw and is definitely working upon it, but it's really still a work in progress.

Like anyone, she has her bad days. Where it feels nothing goes right or she's being pulled in a hundred different directions. This can sometimes cause her to lash out at those around her that she trusts.
Ambitions To continue to grow and excel within her field. To make certain her skills and actions impact the ship in a helpful way. To always to the best job she's capable of, even when under pressure.

Hobbies & Interests Being a sensitive sort, Francesca found her hobbies lining up with the arts.

She often sketches and draws to help relieve the stress of the day. She also finds herself working with other artistic mediums; such as clay, wood to whittle with and even some very basic metal work for basic jewelry creation.

Reading is also a huge hobby for Francesca too.

Personal History Francesca was born and raised upon Earth with her mother, father and older sister Gabrielle. The family lived in San Francisco and was part of the hustle and bustle of that large city.

The two girls were only a year apart and because of this they grew up very close. Often times, her mother would call them her 'twins', because of how much they loved one another.

Her mother was a teacher, whereas her Father was a scientist.

Their life was fairly normal for their time. School time, play time, family time and getting into adventures and possibly a few misdeeds (youth!). It was only as the two girls grew into teenagers that their true aspirations would shine through.

Gabrielle was the logical sister between the two. She took after their father, with the analytical mind and ease of learning. Francesca was the more emotional and artistic of the two. She was the one that often reached out to those people who needed a shoulder, or an ear, and she could often be found drawing, sketching and even dabbling in painting.

Both girls worked hard in school and both earned good grades; albeit Gabrielle earned top grades.

Eventually they progressed through school and both joined the StarFleet Acadmey.

Gabrielle went to the Sciences, whereas Francesca gravitated towards Medical.

The Academy was rough (for Francesca) as it was a level of pressure and work that she hadn't seen before. While Gabrielle flourished, Francesca faltered. Thankfully, with the support from her sister and parents, eventually that falter turned into surety and the courses within the Academy felt less hectic and stressed, and more manageable.

Like everything, the Academy soon ended and both Gabrielle and Francesca moved onto their perspective careers.

Gabrielle went to her first assignment, a star ship, but for Francesca, she stayed home. She wanted to stay near their parents and so, she looked for a posting within Starfleet Medical. While the beginning of her career was stressful, because it was all new, that stress was nothing compared to the many things that threatened the Universe; specifically the Borg and the Dominion War.

At this point, Francesca's life became a world wind. There was an influx of patients, influx of planning, influx of emergency drills and with the Dominion War, there was an influx of feeling like everyone and everything was a threat.

It was only after the War had ended and life began to return somewhat to normal, that Francesca decided she wanted a change. Instead of staying on Earth, she wanted to become more active within Starfleet - specifically the space exploration part of it. Before she requested a transfer, however, the Doctor decided to expand upon her skillset. Or rather, specialize within it.

Taking several advanced courses, Francesca earned a specialization within her medical field as Counselor along with her medical training. Once her further education was completed the woman soon requested a transfer out. It didn't take long for her name to be pulled for the U.S.S. Pandora and Francesca jumped at the opportunity to go. Now she's off to a new career with the Pandora as Chief Morale Officer to the crew.

And so, that is what has now brought Doctor Merchant off of Earth and into the conflict that still can be found within the stars.
Service Record Cadet - Medical - Starfleet Academy

Ensign - Medic - Starfleet Medical upon Earth
LT. Junior Grade - Medic/Assistant Doctor - Starfleet Medical
Lieutenant - Medic/Doctor - Starfleet Medical

Lieutenant - Medic/Chief Morale Officer - USS Pandora