Lieutenant Galileo Hart

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Lieutenant Galileo Hart

Name Galileo Matthew Hart

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 163 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Leo has a slim body with bright, inquisitive eyes and hair that often does its own thing. His adam's apple is a bit prominent and his fingers often find ways to stay busy, either entwining with one another or against nearby surfaces. His gaze may seem far off at times but he is in fact listening closely, and will sometimes hold his head at odd angles when he speaks.


Father Matthew Hart
Mother Samantha Hart
Other Family Lucille Hart (grandmother)
Lorena Murray (grandmother)
David Murray (grandfather)
Charlotte Sommers (aunt)
Danny Sommers (uncle)
Tara Sommers (cousin)
Tyler Sommers (cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Galileo Hart certainly has his quirks, but he is a kind, intelligent and capable officer. Always open to learning something new, helping others learn something new, or reviewing what he already knows to learn something he's missed before. He alternates between periods of silence and explosively fast speech. Leo is slow to build friendships but open to the possibility. He leads by example, knowing how to effectively delegate tasks but shouldering his own fair share of any 'grunt' work. Possessing a lifelong familiarity with Federation technology, Leo is proud that his work enables Starfleet's mission of discovery. For all his growth and success, Leo has yet to face a true setback, and it will be telling to see how he handles such an event when it inevitably occurs.
Ambitions Leo has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and tremendous pride in his profession. He driving goal is to be the best Chief Engineer he can be, and he is open to wherever the path pursing this goal might lead.
Hobbies & Interests Velocity, Cooking, Playing Piano, Learning Something New

Personal History Galileo Hart was born on February 15, 2360 in the sickbay of the Galaxy Class USS Challenger. His parents were Ensign Samantha Hart, a science officer assigned to Stellar Cartography, and Matthew Hart, a civilian teacher. Leo, as he came to be called, was named in honor of one of his mother’s favorite scientists with whom he shared a birthday. He became a welcome addition to the ship’s community.

At first, Leo appeared to be a quiet and cautious child. He was very alert and seemed to be taking in the world around him, but rarely spoke. In fact, he was three years old before he said his first word, ‘tricorder’. The word was accompanied by an emphatic gesture towards his mother’s tricorder, and when she handed it over he said ‘thanks’. No scans or diagnostics were initiated that morning, but it became an amusing anecdote his parents told their friends, always accompanied by the prediction that they had a budding officer on their hands.

The casual silence continued for most of his childhood, but his parents came to realize it was because he was processing every new experience and idea, usually only asking questions to clarify his understanding. This changed when Leo turned 10, and he suddenly became a chatterbox. The internal thought process became external, and he would talk to anyone or anything as he worked out his thinking. This included often talking to himself, which led to difficulties in his school work. He eventually learned to mumble quietly in order to not disturb the other students, and went on to excel at his course work.

The Challenger provided a caring and accepting environment, so in spite of his mildly odd behavior, Leo made friends with children and adults alike. He would alternate between zoning out while listening and then babbling away his responses, speaking quickly but with great detail. By the time he was a teenager, his mother had been promoted to Chief Science Officer and his father continued to teach. While the ship occasionally encountered a hostile threat or a mysterious anomaly, Leo enjoyed a relatively safe and completely happy childhood.

One highlight of living on an active starship was being witness to the return of the USS Voyager from the Delta Quadrant. Challenger was one of the ship’s on hand to dispatch the Borg Sphere that had pursued the ship through a trans-warp conduit, and Leo had a front row seat from the family’s quarters as Captain Janeway and her crew soared past on their long awaited final approach to Earth. From that moment on he became fascinated by Voyager, and spent all of his free time studying schematics of the Intrepid Class. This interest soon expanded to learning everything he could about his own ship, and his decision to pursue a career in Engineering was solidified.

Later that year, he applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. It was exciting to be starting out on his own journey, but leaving his family and the Challenger behind proved to be more difficult than he expected. During his first year, he reverted to the quiet, withdraw persona of his youth. He was friendly but made few friends, and focused exclusively on his studies. However, by the beginning of his second year he had opened up and developed a handful of close relationships.

His budding friendships led him to try new things, and Leo found himself joining one of the Academy’s Velocity teams. He hadn’t been much for sports before, but the young cadet discovered an affinity for the game and developed into a skilled player. Velocity matches in turn led to his first romance, with the captain of a rival team. Though it didn’t last long, Leo gained a level of personal confidence and enjoyed experiencing a side of life that wasn't centered on academics.

Another interest that developed during this time was a love for cooking. Leo had grown up completely accustomed to replicated food, but a benefit of living on earth was the amazing variety of on-reconstituted food. He made a point of seeking out new restaurants and learning how to cook himself. Soon he was preparing meals on special occasions for his circle of friends and even for his parents when they took personal leave to visit him.

After spending his first three years in San Francisco, Leo applied to complete his fourth year on a starship. In 2381 he was assigned to the USS Hamilton as a 4th Year Cadet, and served with distinction in the ship’s Engineering department. Cadet Hart was given the opportunity to work in a variety of departmental positions, and was even permitted to train on the bridge during downtime. Upon graduation, he was promoted to Ensign and invited to remain aboard the Hamilton.

Ensign Hart served aboard the Hamilton for two years, first as an Engineering Officer and then as a Damage Control Specialist. His skills were put to the test as the crew often found itself in battle with Orion pirates. He gained invaluable experience in repairing the ship’s systems. When a similar position became available on the USS Mariner, an Intrepid Class ship like Voyager, Leo put in for a transfer.

Once aboard the Mariner, his engineering knowledge and work ethic quickly led to a promotion to Assistant Chief Engineer. His department head, Lieutenant B’lbor, began the next stage of Leo’s education: how to effectively manage others. Under her guidance, he began to hone his administrative skills and this in turn led to a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Leo still maintained his personality quirks, but had developed into a competent leader. With B’lbor’s approval and support, he had begun applying for open Chief Engineer positions within the fleet.
Service Record 2378 - 2380: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Cadet
2381: USS Hamilton, 4th Year Cadet
2381 - 2382: USS Hamilton, Engineering Officer, Ensign
2383: USS Hamilton, Damage Control Specialist
2383 - 2386: USS Mariner, Damage Control Specialist
2386 - 2388: USS Mariner, Assistant Chief Engineer