Lieutenant Katniss Wakefield


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Lieutenant Katniss Wakefield

Name Katniss Jane Wakefield

Position Chief Research Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 170cm
Weight 63.5 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Katniss has long brown shoulder length hair that is normally tied up into a messy but stylish bun, she has piercing green eyes and is slim but physically fit. She has a naturally pale complexion and looks younger than her actual age.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Wilfred James Wakefield
Mother Janet Wakefield
Brother(s) Dylan Wakefield, Kieran Wakefield, Geoffrey Wakefield, Ryan Wakefield
Sister(s) Sharon Wakefield, Levi Wakefield, Kayleigh Wakefield, Hayleigh Wakefield
Other Family None alive

Personality & Traits

General Overview Katniss is very independent and can cope on her own. She is not the centre of attention or the life of a party, in fact, you would probably find her standing in a corner reading some latest research paper than mingling with the crew. She likes her own company and can go without interaction for days upon end, something that is reported in her personnel files after her previous supervisor found out that she had spent a whole week working in her lab on some important research without returning to her quarters or interacting with anyone. She is highly competent in her work and has her work published in several journals.

Because she likes her own company, people would mistakenly think she is socially awkward, however, they would be wrong. Katniss is quite vocal and loves nothing more than a good debate, especially if it is on a topic that she is enthusiastic about. She is easy to get along and has a gentle soft voice, on the other hand when she needs to be stern she can be stern and her tone completely changes. She also wouldn't expect anyone to do anything that she wouldn't do herself and is always willing to help out where she can.


Medical and Scientific background


Can often throw herself into research, often at the expensive of social and physical interaction.
Ambitions One day Katniss would like to command her own science vessel, or every perhaps go back into the medical field and go towards a CMO position, she is extremely versatile and has a wide range of skills that are often called upon. Although she is young, she is defiantly seen as a person of interest and one to keep an eye one.
Hobbies & Interests - Katniss has a great fondness of medicine and science, to this end she likes to read...a lot. In fact, she always has a book or padd in her hand most of the time. She also likes to cook with fresh ingredients and often has friends and colleagues over for dinner.

- Keeping fit

- Poker

- Holo programs, especially adventure ones

Personal History Katniss is from a large family and the majority of them are in Starfleet, from a young age she always showed an interest in science and the medical field. She was always seen as a bit of a geek when others were out enjoying themselves or partying, Katniss would have her head in a book or a report, she liked to concentrate on her studies rather than enjoying herself, this meant she really didn't have that many friends, but people always found her approachable or would ask her advice when needed. When she was finally old enough she signed up with Starfleet Medical, however after going through medical school and becoming a doctor much to her parent's annoyance she had a chance of heart and went into the scientific field, spending a few more years at Starfleet instead of taking up a posting. She kept up her medical training and helped out in clinics and sickbay for the required amount of hours to keep her medical registration up to date.

As she is from a large family, this has often caused her problems. She likes to try and please everyone, however even with the best intentions, this is not always feasible, especially not from a big family. This has caused tension and fallings out in the family, but she always stays in contact with them all, after all, she would do anything for anyone of them, as they saying goes, blood is thicker than water.

Katniss likes to keep her emotions in check, she is well respected by people and shows leadership skills, she is fair and compassionate but can come down on someone like a tonne of bricks if needed. She is a stickler for the rules and always follows them to the letter, however, she will also voice her concern if she has any doubts and will still follow orders even if she disagrees with them. For this, she has earned respect and has always been a valuable council to many of her colleagues and superiors.

She is highly independent but can tolerate social withdrawal extremely well, when she throws herself into her work, she has been known to spent days on end in her lab, even sleeping in their and not returning to her quarters, this has posed problems in the past and is noted on her official record, as concerns were raised at the time and she was ordered to see a counsellor, but she was declared fit and competent and was put down to her dedication to her work and research, This does not mean she does not know how to socialise, she gets on very well with people and likes to entertain by cooking when she can, she would also give her shoulder to anyone in need, she hates to see people suffer and would gladly help out in any way she can, she can hold her own in debates and conversations, she just does not like to be the centre of attention.
Service Record - Starfleet Medical
- Starfleet Academy
- USS Sutherland - Science officer
- USS Hawking - Doctor
- USS Pandora - Chief Research Officer