Lieutenant Van Kolbeck


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Lieutenant Van Kolbeck

Name Van Lars Kolbeck

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6-2 Ft. (188 CM)
Weight 192 Lb. (87 KG)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Mr. Kolbeck stands 188 CM (6-2 Ft) tall and weighs 87 KG (192 Lb). He has dark brown hair with blue eyes. Strong, broad shoulders help to carry his weight proportionately. At age 32 Van has never had an issue with remaining fit. He has strength capable of benching press 102.7 kg and squat 152.2 kg between 1-RM equally.

On average Van completes a vertical jump of 71.4 cm a 40-yard dash in 5.31 seconds and complete a Federation standard 1 Mile run within 5 min 40 seconds. His whole body to fat percentage is 13.4%

One large gash occurred while camping in his teenage years measuring 5 cm long on the outer right side of the large toe. Some freckle clustering is on both outer sides of his shoulder biceps down the length of his forearms.

Van likes to keep well shaven and rarely seen with stubble only if it is a 5’oclock shadow. In his off-duty hours, an everyday baseball styled tee-shirt and khaki cargo shorts is his usual comfort. Opting to wear minimal personal jewelry or personal possession’s Van will only wear a classic stainless steel silver analog wristwatch to keep time on and off duty.


Spouse Karen Juliana Kolbeck (Deceased)
Children Karen Juliana Kolbeck is born May 23, 2359. Karen Juliana Norman is born to parents’ Thomas Everett Norman and Elise Crenshaw Norman. At the age of 27, Karen deceased in a shuttle accident. The Federation Shuttle Ramos had an uncontrolled orbital descent into New Paris Colony on June 15, 2386, 1320 hrs.

The loss of Karen had broken Van's heart. Karen Kolbeck was about to begin a new career as Chief Science Officer on the Federation Colony. Starboard thruster control was the primary contributing factor to the shuttle loss. A total of 5 crew were on board. A dark time enshrouded Van’s life as he had fallen into a deep depression for two months, before seeking psychiatric help from the ships main Counselor.
Father Erickson Lars Kolbeck
Mother Jan-Holgersen Kolbeck
Sister(s) Silje Jan-Holgersen Kolbeck

Personality & Traits

General Overview With a keen sense of adventure, Van lives in the present enjoying whatever life brings him. Serving Starfleet has always been his career goal. His relaxed attitude helps in the stressful work environment of a starship.

He is flexible when it comes to work and social life. He confronts issues and problems head-on. Not liking to beat around the bush in a non-blunt manner assures that he gets the maximum time allowed to complete his work. Efficiency is a core aspect of his character and personality. Van is by no means perfect as rare occasions he may be found stressing over medical matters. He is talented in spatial cognitive reasoning for problems applying his medical theories both linguistically and visually to a logical solution. The value in his intuition and senses are paramount to understanding his inner workings.

Van enjoys a little competition and on occasion can take things a bit too far. His mind tends to worry when others are enduring difficult situations, and he cannot lend help. Often he may need to be told to lay off and mind his own business which is fine.

If he can help otherwise, Van never lets his coworkers or friends fend for themselves. He insists on being part of a team work environment not tolerating a go it alone mentality.

Ambitions Discovering new medical techniques or adjunctive therapies that can be vital to Starfleet and human kind. To be able to have a family passing on his lineage becoming a father teaching his experience to his own son or daughter some day.
Hobbies & Interests Van can be found studying in his quarters or the crew mess hall reading medical peer reviewed journals. In the ships gymnasium taking part in exercise classes or on the holodeck in such programs; hockey, mountain biking or downhill skiing. He enjoys reconnecting with nature and its Norwegian forest surrounding.

Personal History Van Lars Kolbeck was born in the year 2356 to parents Erickson Lars Kolbeck and Jan-Holgersen Kolbeck. Mr. Erickson is retired living along with his wife, Mrs. Jan-Holgersen Kolbeck on Earth. Both live in the Scandinavian nation-state of Norway. The Kolbecks both worked in asteroid mining, purifying rare metals for Starship and warp core dilithium development.

Van is the eldest of two children. Born in the City of Oslo along with his sister Silje Jan-Holgersen Kolbeck in 2357. Early on the Kolbeck children were raised by the Family Nanny Anneliese Sanna Blomqvist who was 61. The Kolbeck children were raised by the Family Nanny as their parents were often away on assignment at Hanolan Colony in the Alpha Quadrant. Trying at times for Anneliese, the Kolbeck children were energetic. Anneliese helped the Children spend their seemingly limitless energy on competitive sports.

Education and study were the foremost constant within the Family. The Kolbeck taught their children that success and achievement were a prerequisite to receiving their fondness and love. While some Families may view this dynamic as being cruel, Van excelled in the tough love environment provided. Mathematics, Spatial field physics, and bio sciences all interconnected into Van's love for medical theory.

Sport is a major force in Van's life. Having put on ice skates at the young age of four years, he quickly excelled at winter sport such as Hockey, Skiing, Triathlons and Mountain Biking. While it's hard to escape the technological encroachment of living life in the 24th century, Van remains grounded. Reconnecting with nature and his home, the many natural surrounding fjords, and Norwegian forests help relax him.

Early on in life Van decided he had wanted to live and work aboard a starship. His parents both became an inspiration to him, having worked at an orbital mining facility at the Federation Hanolan Colony from 2351 to 2373. The constant challenges and adventure energized his thirst for space travel. Above all the Kolbecks knack for ingenuity as a family fueled Van’s desire to leave Earth, seeking career challenges for sciences of the medical kind.

Having spent his early teenage years preparing for his Star Fleet entrance exam, Van was confident when he arrived at Relva VII. At the training and assessment facility, he completed various tests including dynamic relationships, hyperspace physics and the Caldrum IQ with notable success.

Service Record After having completed his first year of Star Fleet Academy in 2373, Van was assigned active duty onboard the USS Rabin registry NCC-63574. In the year 2374, Ensign Van Lars Kolbeck officially became an officer within the Medical Department at age 18.

The time had flown by for Mr. Kolbeck as he was awarded promotional opportunities along the way in incremental positions. Gaining confidence his medical career allowed him to delve into the clinical side of Federation Medical Journals of Bio Sciences and peer research forums across sectors.

His service record has included the USS Rabin NCC-63574 Akira Class as Ensign. Serving aboard the USS Musashi NCC-71809 in 2377 promoted to Lt. Junior Grade in 2379 as Medic Officer. Mr. Kolbeck was transferred to the USS Bellerophon NCC-74705 in 2381 as Lt. JG Assistant Surgeon. After serving aboard the USS Bellerophon for four years, Mr. Kolbeck was transferred to the USS Kincaid in 2385 as Assistant to the Chief of Medical. At 32 years of age, Van was transferred to the position of Chief of Medical onboard the USS Pandora NCC – 80114 in the year 2388.

USS Rabin NCC-63574 - 2374 - Ensign - Medic
USS Musashi NCC-71809 - 2377 - 2379 - Lieutenant JG - Medic
USS Bellerophon NCC-74705 - 2381 - Lieutenant JG – Assistant Surgeon
USS Kincaid NCC-74507 - 2385 - Lieutenant - Assistant Chief of Medical
USS Pandora NCC - 80114 - Chief of Medical