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Sim Update and CO's Appreciation

Posted on Sun Jan 1st, 2017 @ 4:36am by Captain Nycolas Temple

Greetings Pandorans,

As it is the start of the new month, I'm due to write my monthly CO report and this will be my first for the newly relaunched USS Pandora. I will also use this time to post updates on sim progress, new ideas, any changes, etc.

Crew Awards

In future, I hope to implement a monthly Crew Awards to recognise the hard work, creative writing, and invaluable contributions of our crew. They'll be different categories and a way in which you can be involved in the process too. We're only just getting started and I know folks are still busy with the holiday season so we won't be introducing that just yet.

Instead, I wanted to take some time to thank you guys for coming onboard and highlighting just a couple of crew members whom deserve individual recognition from our first month.

A Captain's Thanks

Firstly, to all of you. Whether you were here from the start of the relaunch or just joined a couple of days ago, I cannot express enough my deepest appreciation for you joining the Pandora. I do not take it for granted for one second that out of all the sims and ships out there, you chose to make this your home. And you've all graciously dived into writing and contributing to the sim so effortlessly, and for that I want to thank you.

As I keep saying, we're only just getting started but already I'm seeing personal storylines, comradery, and now a secondary objective to our service. I hope we maintain that enthusiasm and really build a new legacy for the relaunched Pandora.

To my XO

Ray, I really can't thank you enough for your support and guidance, both before taking on this project and for coming onboard as Executive Officer. Obviously many of the crew feel the same way, and hence followed you here as well; a very clear sign of a good player and friend. I don't know where the Pandora would be without you. I hope we have many more adventures together.

Favorite Posts

I want to give a shoutout to Shae and Calius for their series of back-posts detailing their shore leave on Earth. As I say, I love when players really delve into their characters and create a real life for them. These two have brought a nuanced, original, and compelling story arc to the Pandora that I've enjoyed reading. I especially liked the "Just another day on Mars" post, both for it's realism and poignancy.

Please keep them coming!

Ground control to Major Tom

Tom aka the Major, you've come on board with such enthusiasm and ideas, and we've already created a new plot point for the sim as a result. I look forward to seeing what the Marines will bring to the Pandora.

Looking ahead, we'll probably spend the next week or so finalising all our crew arrival, welcome aboard posts. The next step is sailing the Pandora to Corridor, during which we'll have individual and group briefings and starting work in our respective departments. The third stage is entering the Expanse, which will be a whole-sim post, and will conclude the "New Moon Rises" mission.

Feedback and Help
I encourage everyone to contribute to the Mission Discussion thread, to give ideas, discuss issues, and what you think your character would do during the upcoming events. Please give any and all feedback, it is unreservedly welcomed.

If you have any concerns, queries, or questions, PM me at any time. I am here for you, I work for you, my job is to make this the best simming experience possible. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need something.

Looking forward to 2017!


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