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The Pandora Receives High Recognition

Posted on Sat Apr 6th, 2019 @ 5:37pm by Captain Nycolas Temple

Greetings everyone!

I come today with two bits of very exciting news.

The first, which isn't quite new news to be honest but still wonderful nonetheless. Our gracious Task Force Commanding Officer has awarded the Pandora with the Task Force Participation Medal, due to our contributions to the Inconnu Expanse theatre of operations, and our long-running exploration of the region. This is our second Medal of this title, after previously being awarded in August 2018.

To quote Admiral O'Connell:

"The USS Pandora, one of 72’s longest-standing sims, is our trailblazer in the Inconnu Expanse. Though many ships have entered, none have explored as much as this Luna-class vessel, from settling a border dispute between the Talarians and Tzenkethi, introducing the Ravagers, and now exploring the alien Paradise Outpost."

I am so proud of this sim for the creative energy and strong storytelling that we produce week after week, and you are all so deserving of this recognition from our Task Force leaders. This mission idea that we're running right now, I know, is very different and unique in online RPGs so I am especially grateful that you're all contributing and following this wild ride. I couldn't be prouder to be your CO and all I can say is just keep doing the amazing work that you folks do.


SECOND news is also super amazing. The Pandora has been selected to join the ranks of Bravo Fleet's Notable Sims status. Essentially, this recognition is for long-running sims who have made significant contributions to Bravo Fleet or their Task Force canon. Of the thousands of sims that have ever started in Bravo Fleet's history, only 75 of them have ever achieved this status. It means we belong to an elite group of simulations who are etched in the history books of this Fleet for the remainder of time, and that our work has been recognised with the highest honour.

The USS Pandora is now immortalised in Bravo Fleet canon. You can view our Notable Sims page here for a history of our missions, background of the ship, previously received awards, and a section listing our long-serving crew members too. The page is still a slight work in progress, as there's a bit more updating to do.

Once again, my deepest congratulations and thanks to you all. It is the players who make this sim what it is, it is the players who keep it going and invest their time and energy into making it work, it is the players who deserve the recognition. Pat yourselves on the back for helping to elevate the Pandora to this status and let's look forward to our continuing journey. We may be a Notable Sim already, but we've got so many more stories to tell.



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