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Posted on Sat Dec 10th, 2016 @ 5:36pm by Captain Nycolas Temple

Welcome aboard the USS Pandora.

When I began the process to re-launch the Pandora, it always felt like a dream that I would one day get to manage my very own sim. Sure, I've held leadership roles in RPG's before, even once many moons ago in a Star Trek sim. But getting back to here felt like a fantasy. It took a false start and a lot of preparation and thought to arrive here again. I wanted to say that first so that all crew can understand that this is no time-filler for me, or just something I'm doing out of ego. It is absolutely a passion of mine and I hope we get to live this dream together.

We are just beginning this journey at the moment. The ship has only just began to be brought back to life after a long period sitting amongst the mothballs. It is my hope that as the lights come back on and the warp engines power up again, we start a long voyage into the unknown and begin a legacy of being a fun, creative, active sim. I hope that we can not only bring new stories to the USS Pandora, but a new life as well.

Please look around the website, there's plenty of information written into her pages.

"PADD" will give you an overview of the sim, ship specifications, deck listing, department details, and even a Tour. This is your one-stop resource for how to write on the sim and how to imagine the environment of the ship. Please use this as your guide and follow the locations, deck numbers, and proper names given to the different facilities onboard the Pandora.

"Subspace" is your link to the Bravo Fleet wikipedia. This is your main resource for all Trek information. Anything you need to know about the Inconnu expanse, different races we'll encounter, and especially the scientific investigations we'll complete, can be found here. If you're not up to date with all your Trek Technobabble, this is your perfect resource.

"The Rules" are especially important as they not only lay down the law, but gives you an overview of the kind of ship we hope to become. There's a passage at the bottom that especially shows how YOU the players are the history-makers, audience, and writers of this sim.

And importantly, don't forget to check out the "Personnel" of the Pandora. Get to know your crew and find the best way to interact with them. Whether you think your characters will be best friends, lovers, or frenemies, it is always necessary to know who you're writing with.

Welcome once again and I hope to see you posting soon!



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