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The Pandora receives more recognition!

Posted on Sat Jul 8th, 2017 @ 8:20am by Captain Nycolas Temple


Bravo Fleet has revealed it's new list of recipients into the Hall of Honor and I am extremely proud to announce that the Pandora has been awarded the Medal of Collaboration. This award has actually been given to the whole crew for our collective contributions to Task Force canon involving the Tzenkethi, Talarians, and the Inconnu Expanse; in addition to our excellent story telling.

We took a significant detour during our first mission to involve two of the major powers in this region, the Tzenkethi and the Talarians - two species who had very little actual screentime during the Trek series - and this provided a marvellous opportunity for us to create our own unique mission and actually advance the canon of the Task Force. Everyone on the ship stepped up to meet that challenge, and the mission posts of "New Moon Rising" speak for themselves.

In addition, we are starting to create new scenarios and information on the Inconnu Expanse, especially with our current situation with the Dark Matter. We will continue to grow and build on this foundation to blaze our own path through the Expanse and once again, create new canon for the Task Force and Fleet. This is an awesome opportunity and responsibility on our shoulders but I know we have the talent and capability to pull it off.

When designing this sim, I wanted to create a platform for us as writers to not only delve into new storylines and situations, but to establish an exciting new path into the Star Trek universe - much in the same way that Voyager was able to explore an entirely different quadrant of the galaxy. But at the same time, maintaining the outlook of pioneers and discovery that made ToS and TNG so good. I believe this award shows we are not only pursuing that goal, but exceeding it.

However, great story telling isn't just about missions. It's about characters and personal posts as well.

I have been amazed by the fantastic individual and relationship based stories we've had. The ever-complicated romance of Griffin and Brennan - with the unexpected intervention of Mindo - has been intriguing, funny, touching, and real in every post. I always look forward to reading the next installment and I'm so impressed with the very authentic and fearless narrative they have developed. The way in which you also intertwine your distinct character's storylines around and within your relationship storyline, as two complicated officers with difficult histories trying to come together, has been fantastic. I enjoy interacting with both characters seperately and together. I hope there's more drama and romance to come.

And we have great moments of individual development and contributions.

Odin came on board recently and his introductory posts have been detailed and researched, with fragrant touches of the personal sacrifice Torres has made for a life of service. Wakefield has been an impressively unique character, so far from a Mary Sue, and her on-going progress to cope with the loss of her child has been heartbreaking and tense. Smith is also on a path to recovery and healing, and you always get the sense of his tragedies informing his character's motives. Mindo has been a colourful and honest addition as well, his posts are always filled with a little bit of mirth and a whole lot of individuality.

Meanwhile, Nash continues to provide some of the best Trek techno-babble I've seen, and he's always handled our various curve balls with aptitude and intelligence, bringing a level of savvy starship knowledge that is absolutely on-par with the Trek series and movies. Machwen has received both a rank and title promotion in the last few months and that has been entirely down to his ability to deal with our various crisis with skill and professionalism, his character's growth has been remarkable. Finally, Major Halliwell has brought some moments of the tense yet cunning Marine CO, and I look forward to seeing more from him and everyone else in the future.

We've been sailing now for over 7 months and I am only ever impressed and awed by the talents contained within this sim. You have continued to contribute, forge, and create a very special journey into the Trek universe and I am thankful every day for your presence here. Thank you for joining the Pandora and thank you for staying with us. You all deserve this award so much and I am so pleased that Bravo Fleet has seen fit to recognise your contributions.

One final note, I want to give a special thanks to Ray, aka Janet Glyndar. Without his tutelage, advice, encouragement, and support there would not be a USS Pandora. I know he's been busy in real life lately and hasn't had the time to write, but I am so darn grateful for his presence regardless, and I'm confident we'll find a way to keep him as part of the family for as long as I can. :D :D :D

Cheers everybody.

You can view the award announcement here.


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by Janet Glyndar on Sat Jul 8th, 2017 @ 8:48am

I am glad that the Pandora and the talented writers aboard are receiving the recognition they deserve. You all are doing a great job. Though my schedule is definitely no longer letting me be involved in the simming community as I'd like. I cannot take any credit as an XO and I have not contributed much as a writer. But I am happy for everyone involved.